Has The British Airways AARP Discount Finally Been Discontinued?

The past couple of years we’ve seen more and more discounted premium cabin tickets, which overall is a fantastic trend. Airlines would rather sell premium seats than upgrade people, and in many cases this has lead to some great transatlantic business class fares. Over the past 12 months we’ve seen more sub-$2,000 transatlantic business class fares than I can otherwise ever recall seeing.

One thing which has made those fares even more attractive is that British Airways has offered AARP members a $400 discount on paid first & business class tickets.


The thing is that anyone can join AARP for $16 per year — there’s no requirement to actually be a senior.


I wrote about the promo last year when it was originally supposed to expire, but it was extended into 2015. This $400 discount code has lead to some outrageously good business class fares, as the code worked even on discounted business class tickets, like sub-$1,200 business class fares to Europe this past summer.


Anyway, the current version of the AARP discount was supposed to be valid through October 31, 2015, and I certainly wouldn’t count on the promotion being renewed beyond that (though I wasn’t expecting it to be renewed last time either, so…!).

That being said, it looks like the British Airways AARP discount may have been pulled early. When trying to access the offer now, I’m brought to the following page after logging in, which indicates “We regret that the special discount offer is currently unavailable.” And that’s before I select a specific date, class of service, etc.


Unfortunately I wouldn’t be surprised if the offer is dead.

Bottom line

This promotion had a good run. Clearly when they designed the promotion they weren’t thinking it would primarily be used by people already booking substantially discounted business class tickets. But it has lasted for a long time, and I know thousands of people have saved money on business class tickets with this promo.

Of course I hope the promotion returns and it being “currently unavailable” is temporary, but I’m not counting on it.

Were you able to take advantage of the $400 British Airways AARP discount offer at some point? Do you think the promotion will return?


(Tip of the hat to View from the Wing)


  1. I used it this summer to do that NY-Paris deal on BA, which was great. Was hoping to try it again for a cheap biz flight this winter, but the AARP site won’t work. Hopefully BA finds out how bad it is to p1ss off senior citizens. We like to complain!

  2. I used it for a family of four to fly from NYC to Paris in May.

    1) We went on BA (which we otherwise would not have done without the discount and
    2) We flew paid J class which we also would not have done without the discount.

    Seems to be me like it was a good deal for both us and BA!

  3. I managed to grab one J ticket from the west coast to CPH over Thanksgiving weekend for just under $1500 thanks to the AARP discount. It was nice while it lasted…

  4. Maybe one day we can have a glass of expensive champagne and decide whether we drop the gloves or become friends. I was gutted when I found this yesterday. Your initial post on the NYC>PAR deal lead to some happy flights for us and the AARP has been the golden ticket. Cheers Lucky.

  5. Bloody Awful Business, er ‘Club’, class is a very uncomfortable ride and pretty bad in virtually every respect, except their pilots are supposed to be good. So the loss of AARP discounts does not matter one iota because I would not pay for a Bloody Awful product. As regards bloggers, the less said the better…

  6. The comments above re telling every man and his dog about the special AARP deal with BA are valid! It’s one thing to inform the target market, that is AAPR members who will be largely retired from the workforce, and going on air to spread the news in ‘on the couch’ interviews etc. Trumpeting how clever and on top of the game you are is really immature~ sorry!
    Your readers here appreciate this type of information, but you should realize you are dealing with a niche audience. Let’s keep it that way.
    When these things go viral, the service providers retreat and close down the offer.
    Remember CathayPacific ? You and your competitors blah-blah-blah’d loudly and widely about how easy it was to get very close-in premium cabin awards. The result? They have largely evaporated/been withdrawn, as it interfered with the long-term CX marketing and sales strategy!
    A bit of restraint will ultimately earn you the respect and recognition of the savvy travelers; you can do without the 3 minutes of fame TV and radio provides.

  7. Lucky – It would seem that your star has started to fall and the masses have begun to turn on you. Your new found mainstream fame sure has brought out the daggers here in recent times! Who would have guessed only a couple of years ago at the number of jaded audience replies evident on your blog posts these days. I thought only Gary had to deal with that! The tone here certainly seems to be changing…

  8. Funny how many seem to read this blog (and therefore seem to get a value out of it) but still like to criticize everything in such a rude tone. None of you really know why this discount was discontinued so why would you just claim to know and blame Lucky?

  9. If you hate this blog so much, it’s easy. STOP READING IT. But you can’t because you probably have so little to look forward to each day except reading travel blogs just to complain about the links, etc. etc. I’d say get a life, but reading the nonsense posted by trolls is half the fun of this site.

  10. It’s rather sad that British Airways doesn’t seem so keen to give similar discounts to British Pensioners.

  11. While it’s certainly not nice to be rude, I find it incredibly hard to believe those people have nothing in their lives so can only look forward to writing a rude comment on this blog.

    Either way, never heard of “two wrongs don’t make a right”? I think your anti-rudeness stance would be more effective if you weren’t rude yourself!

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