Another Star Alliance Airline Is Status Matching

Avianca joined the Star Alliance in mid-2012, which was an exciting development. Most points hobbyists have heard of them, even if they haven’t flown them yet. That’s because their LifeMiles frequent flyer program has frequently been selling miles at a discount, making them a great way to book Star Alliance airlines in premium cabins at a discount.

What many don’t realize is that Avianca Brazil joined the Star Alliance over the summer. They’re a separate airline with a separate frequent flyer program. While their Amigo frequent flyer program isn’t as lucrative as LifeMiles, it is worth noting that Avianca Brazil is presently offering status matches.


Between October 1 and November 30, 2015, Avianca Brazil is offering those with status in another program a status match. The status match page is only in Portuguese, though using Google Translate, here’s what it says:

If you own one of the highest categories of loyalty programs of other airlines, you can now have the unique benefits of the Program PAL and Star Alliance.

To take advantage of this opportunity, please send an email to with a copy of your loyalty program card from another airline, with your full name and FRIEND number.


Based on their status match chart, it seems they’ll match all the way up to their top tier Diamond status, and status will be valid through March 31, 2017:


That being said, unless you plan on flying Avianca Brasil, it doesn’t really matter whether you get Gold or Diamond status, since both get you Star Alliance Gold status:


It seems like it could take up to 30 days from the end of the promotion for status matches to be processed, though in practice it could also be quite a bit faster than that:

Offer valid 10/01/2015 to 11/30/2015. Only cards within the validity and ownership of the same will be valid for promotion. The category upgrade will be granted within 30 (thirty) days from the end of the promotion. The PAL Program reserves the right to request further proof of the category of other loyalty programs, to assess the granting of category equivalence. Any requests that do not contain the required data or accompanied by readable documentation will not be considered for participation in this promotion.

Do keep in mind that Copa ConnectMiles is also status matching at the moment, though they have some restrictions as to which airlines they’ll match. I took advantage of the opportunity to status match to ConnectMiles Platinum, and also love that it comes with three upgrade certificates.

Bottom line

Ultimately I think the Copa ConnectMiles status match is a bit more straightforward, though it’s nice to have options. I’m not sure how long the Avianca Brasil status match opportunity will remain available, so if you’re interested I’d recommend status matching sooner rather than later.

Star Alliance Gold status with a non-US airline is a great way to access United Clubs, even when on domestic itineraries (meanwhile if you have status with United, you only get lounge access when traveling internationally).

Do you plan on taking advantage of either the Avianca Brasil or Copa status match opportunities?

(Tip of the hat to LoyaltyLobby)


  1. Should I try a match from Air Canada Altitude 50 to Copa for this year, and then next year try a match from Copa to Avianca? Or should I go for Avianca this year, and next year try to go for Copa?

  2. Any idea how to circumvent the need for CPF number? I tried entering a bunch of 1’s and 0’s – still didn’t work

  3. Does anyone know if you can status match within star alliance? Does it impact your UA MP at all?

    Thinking about this mainly for the United Club access to save the $450 next year

  4. Has anyone tried matching from UA Gold? This is United’s 3rd highest status, but it’s *A Gold. Wondering if it matches to their Silver or to their Gold.

  5. FRIEND number is their own loyalty program. In translation from AMIGOS. Just sent them an email. Will see if it goes through. Would be nice to have at least free entrance into the star alliance lounges.

  6. Do you have to have their FF number on your boarding pass if you’re going to use their card to get in? Or can you keep your United (or other) FF number on it?

    I suppose one could always get into the lounge with the needed number on the reservation and then change it once inside, but that seems like a pain.

  7. Hello, I lost my paperwork. Is there a way to recover my status by Manufacturing An Elite on computer. I know it is wrong. Just being curious.

  8. If you get the Star Alliance status match with Avianca (or Copa), do you have to be on a United flight to get access to the United lounges? Or can you fly any airline and still get in via the status match?

  9. Will the match actually literally match the expiry date of the FF card being offered up for the promo? With the expiry of my QF Gold being 01/30/16 it hardly seems worth the effort, esp. since I will fly no Star Alliance airlines before then. 2016 is a different story though, as a number of SA flights are planned, and a match with a full year from now would be great!

  10. @glenn t

    As Lucky wrote
    “Based on their status match chart, it seems they’ll match all the way up to their top tier Diamond status, and status will be valid through March 31, 2017:”

    So you status would expire April 1 2017 if matched.

  11. Lucky: Although I have TK Gold, I have been denied Lounge access by United on several occasions – once was because I was not flying United. The other time, I was on United but she would not give me access because I was not flying TK or flying internationally.

    On the other hand, I have been able to successfully use my Star Gold card at a lounge in Europe.

    Not sure how it is supposed to work.

  12. Hi and thanks for the informative post. Was wondering if anyone was asked for a CPF number when trying to sign up for the Amigo program ? (Since they ask for your FRIEND number here in order to process the status match)

  13. CPF is a bit like a U.S. Social Security number, furthermore it will have a check digit so only genuine entries are going to work.

    From the website
    “You can get a temporary or permanent CPF depending on if you are:

    A tourist in Brazil (1 day)
    A resident in Brazil (1 or more days)
    A non-domiciled tourist*

    *To get one as a non-domiciled tourist, you will have to do it through your local Brazilian consulate, which is more time consuming and very expensive compared to getting one in Brazil.”

    So it seems you can only join if you have a CPF, and that is a challenge for non-residents or if you’re visiting Brazil this month.

  14. Someone needs to figure out the CPF number thing. You can’t register for the Amigo program without it. Oh, and if you want to use their online form to contact them to ask how to get around it, guess what? — You need to include your CPF number in the email form. Crazy. Anybody have an answer?

  15. So, no one has actually done this then? Without a CPF number work around it’s kinda a waste of time writing about it, no? That should be made more clear.

  16. Ablny idea how to apply for Amigo FF
    It seems that CPF number (brasilian tax number) is required?

  17. I was able to register for a AMIGO number by simply changing my resident location. Then upon selecting another country other than Brazil, the CPF number is no longer a mandatory field.

  18. @Pascal – Please explain how you did this because the CPF number field is not optional when registering for Amigo

  19. I had no trouble registering without a CPF number. It is not required. Just don’t touch that field. I used the United States as my address. It is painful because it gives you an error for many things that could be incorrect with the form, but it isn’t specific. I had to make up a fake phone in a Brasilian style for example. but I can confirm I registered successfully with NO CPF number entered.

  20. What does “Screen Name ever hesitant” mean? I cannot create an account due to this. Can somone explain what it means and how to “correct” it? HELP!!

  21. This UA Gold was “matched” today to an Avianca Bronze = no status. Not even silver. I sent in my AA Exec. Platinum to see how they respond.

  22. I get “Screen Name ever hesitant” when I try to create an account. I realize it’s some kind of error message…but have no idea what it means or how to correct it. Help!!!

  23. It may have taken a while but it worked! I am now now Amigo Diamond. I am not sure if they will send the card to my UK address until I credit the scheme (somehow) but I will wait and see.

  24. Hooray! It just worked for me, too! I received an e-mail (process took about a month). I’m now a Diamond, which I notice has free business class upgrades for you and a guest if seats are available 48 hours before departure! Very cool. Avianca apparently doesn’t send you a physical card until after you’ve flown “your first 5 flights” – you just log into your account and there it is for printing. The actual colour of the card is black/silver (so I was worried it wasn’t actually equivalent to *AG, but it does say “Star Alliance Gold” on it). Plus, the perks chart shows Diamond as being at the top.

    Another perk: Apparently there are lounges, and then there are DIAMOND lounges, where you can bring a guest for free. I’ll be curious to see what the difference is with the Diamond lounge – perhaps an idea for a future post hmmm?

    However, this new status may be of limited use for me, as I am already *AG via Aegean (Digression: ah, the easy glory days of Aegean M&B Gold are over – I now ‘have’ to fly to Greece & zip around on 4 short flights every year to re-qualify. Although, I suppose I could fly nearly twice the number of miles on any metal, but I kind of like the excuse…). I could already access UA lounges b/c of Aegean. But in my opinion, United lounges are horrible – overpriced alcoholic drinks! Beats mingling with the great unwashed masses, I suppose.

    I see some commenters above talking about a CPF number. That is irrelevant. When you switch your country to Canada (in my case), the form says (in similar words) you don’t need this number. I think the CPF is only applicable for Brazilians. I presume the same would happen for the US as for Canada. Also, you can change the language from Portuguese to English by clicking on the tiny Brazilian flag at the top right (it’s not intuitive). I filled in my actual details in English and all seems fine.

    For anyone hoping to get on this Status Match, it is apparently good until the end of this month (as is noted in the article). Also, mine is good until 03/17. Cool.

    Thanks again for letting the community know about this, Lucky Ben. Your blog is excellent. This is my first time posting substantively in the comments, although I am a frequent reader and there’s much value in the information you present.

  25. Got confirmation today (after a month or so) that I’m now Star Gold thanks to the status match. No idea when I’ll use it, given Star’s hugely limited service to my local airport though. Nice to have – and you never know when it’ll come in handy.

  26. Trying to register with the amigo program the last days. Getting an error: “error creating account”. Already changed nationality so I don’t need the CPF number. Nothing worked. Any neews that they cancled the program or do not take new members?

  27. I was status matched from American Platinum to Star Alliance Gold. valid until March 2017. Have sent heaps of unacknowledged requests to have a physical card sent out in the mail but finally got an email advising today that it is on it’s way – YAY!

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