Only Days Left To Redeem US Airways Companion Certificates

One of the nice perks of the former US Airways Mastercard was an annual companion certificate, whereby you could have up to two companions fly with you for $99 each, plus taxes and fees.

This credit card is no longer being issued (only Citi is allowed to issue credit cards for the “new American”), and as of the second quarter of this year the US Airways Mastercard has been converted into the AAdvantage Aviator Card.


That being said, a lot of people who had the US Airways Mastercard still have companion certificates, which on paper are valid for bookings made through September 30, 2015, and for travel through December 31, 2015. The good news is that because US Airways officially ceases to exist on October 17, 2015 (due to the integration of the two airlines’ reservations systems on that date), you can actually use this certificate for travel on American flights as well.


Anyway, under the published rules, these certificates would expire in a few hours, though as it turns out the expiration date of US Airways companion certificates has been extended through Monday, October 5, 2015. That’s the book by date, and as before, the certificates are valid for travel through December 31, 2015.

These companion certificates can be redeemed by calling (800) 433-1790, though expect substantial hold times, given the number of people presumably trying to redeem these certificates last minute.

I’m happy about the extension, given that I actually still have a certificate that I really should redeem. Now if only I could figure out where and when I want to go, and who I want to take.

The certificates do indeed come with quite a few restrictions, including:

  • Only valid for economy fares within the lower 48 US & Canada
  • 14-day advance purchase
  • 2-day minimum stay and 30-day maximum stay
  • Blackout dates apply


All that being said, when redeeming certificates you can still upgrade, and all passengers earn miles. So if you have one of these certificates and haven’t redeemed it yet, you have until early next week to do so.

Do you still have a US Airways companion certificate you plan on redeeming? If so, what for?

(Tip of the hat to The Trip Sherpa)


  1. Ugh! I’m in the same boat. Need to use it but have no reason/desire to travel within the lower 48. And it seems foolish to fly somewhere just to take advantage of the certificate. I don’t even need a positioning flight anywhere since I’m less than 20 minutes from an international hub. It’s kind of an embarrassment of riches. I’m hoping someone else in the comments has less whining to do than I, and has better ideas instead.

  2. I got the card for the 50,000 miles for $95 and the free bags. The companion certificate is gravy. If I don’t get to use it, no big deal.

  3. Customer Service Rep also told me that the redemption has been extended to October 5th but there is absolutely no notice on either the US Airways / American websites or social media accounts.

  4. Can I use my companion certificate to purchase tickets for two people if I (the certificate holder) am not traveling?

  5. After waiting on hold for 50 minutes (and hanging up) I was relived that AA was giving us another 5 days. I’m taking the opportunity to use the certificate to travel with my father and brother for a guys trip. Including Canada, you have a lot of choices with this certificate.

    Already used another one earlier in the year. The process was easy and no fuss.

  6. Had two of them (my wife and I) and used them on the weekend to book Christmas flights back home to Canada, saved about $2000 or so for our family of 6 and, apparently, avoided the rush, because I was on hold for less than 10 minutes.

  7. The US Mastercard also issued US airport club passes – I have two valid until March 31, 2016. Do you know if these are expiring early, or will be valid until that date (at all AA clubs, including those operated by AA pre-merger?).


  8. Does anyone have the address of were we have to mail certificate. I was able to get ticket issued but if I recall correctly I have to mail certificate but I don’t have the address

  9. After waiting for 60 minutes, I just an agent, told her I wanted to use a US Airways companion certificate, and she transferred to Meeting and Sales Services… now on hold again.

    I don’t have a good feeling about this.

    @Carlos, the address is printed on the front of the certificate itself, about 1/3 of the way down.

  10. Just to update: Indeed, if travel is for October 17 and beyond (after the merger), then AA’s Group and Meeting Travel desk will be handling the bookings. Calling the US Airways number and telling them date of travel will have you forwarded to that number anyway, and you’ll have wanted for nothing.

    So for travel beyond October 17, call (800) 433-1790 directly.

    Also, deadline has been extended to October 12.

  11. “Also, deadline has been extended to October 12.”

    If true, that’s great, as I’m having trouble getting my companions to agree on a date to fly. Where was this announced? TIA

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