Amex Small Business Saturday Won’t Offer Statement Credits in 2015

American Express has been championing Small Business Saturday for the past several years, which is intended to promote small businesses the Saturday after Thanksgiving (given that there’s also Black Friday and Cyber Monday around those dates).

It’s a great concept, and in past years American Express has made it especially lucrative by offering cardmembers statement credits when they shop at small businesses on those dates. After all, nothing gets people shopping that time of year quite like saving money!

As I wrote about in August, American Express confirmed that Small Business Saturday will be returning this year, on Saturday, November 28, 2015.


That being said, they haven’t unveiled all the details yet, as they typically only do that within about a month of Small Business Saturday. As mentioned above, in past years Amex has incentivized consumers by offering statement credits for shopping at small businesses on that date. Just for some context:

  • In 2014, Amex offered a $10 statement credit after spending $10 at a small business, up to 3x per card
  • In 2013, Amex offered a $10 statement credit after spending $10 at a small business, up to 1x per card
  • In 2012, Amex offered a $25 statement credit after spending $25 at a small business, up to 1x per card


Unfortunately it looks like that will be changing this year, and American Express won’t offer statement credits for Small Business Saturday this year. Via the FAQs:

Is there an American Express Statement Credit Offer for Card Members for Small Business Saturday this year?

As in years past, American Express will continue to drive awareness of Small Business Saturday and encourage consumers to shop small through local and national advertising.

This year we are not offering a statement credit offer for Card Members on Small Business Saturday, but are instead increasing the support and resources we provide to help small business owners market the day within their communities and truly make it their own. Learn about the materials we make available at

We are also significantly expanding our grassroots advocacy efforts, such as the Neighborhood Champion program, to facilitate more community events and activities to engage local communities to shop small on Small Business Saturday.

I’m sure this will disappoint a lot of members, though at the same time I figured this would happen sooner or later, given how much in statement credits many people were getting out of this. At the same time, without the statement credits, I’m not sure how engaged consumers will be. Customizable marketing materials, online ads, merchandise kits, and educational event guides can only go so far in getting people into stores.

How do you feel about Amex not offering statement credits for Small Business Saturday this year?

(Tip of the hat to Frequent Miler)


  1. Damn. That sucks. Last year, I loaded up a gift cards that paid for my coffee this whole year. Oh well. Now I won’t feel bad about booking trips over Thanksgiving and being out of the country.

  2. I don’t like this at all. Last year I was able to do almost all of Christmas shopping on small business Saturday. Now no incentive to do it at those businesses

  3. No statement credit from American Express? That really SUCKS and becomes another reason to ween myself off using my American Express Platinum card.

    American Express lost millions of dollars when they lost the exclusive credit card business of Costco, so now they’re offering less to cardholders.

    Their Membership Rewards program has become a pitiful pool of airline partners frequent flyer programs that do absolutely nothing for a majority of us travelers. Since they lost American Airlines, the value of the card continues to diminish….

  4. It always sucks when you can’t get something for free that you used to get for free, but in the end buying gift cards in one small business to use someplace else brings precious little revenue in to the small business. I love gaming the system myself, but I can’t cry foul when service providers sew up the loop holes that are exploited by people like me.

  5. Now my credit card stockpile can get a little smaller as all those authorized user card for family members that are only used once a year can be cancelled.

  6. Wow. Blow after blow to the benefits of Amex cards. I was already near the tipping point of dumping a few of my cards (including Plat) and this seals it.

  7. This is wonderful news for small businesses. AMEX charges huge fees to small businesses, especially single store ones, and anything that incentivizes their customers to use an AMEX card instead of a Visa or MC costs them a considerable portion of the profit from the sale. My local wine store begs me not to use an AMEX card, as the fees AMEX charges them are thru the roof.

  8. Timely post. It was the only reason I was keeping my Amex Business Delta card (I have another business card that gives me open benefits).

  9. Rather than killing it, they really should have just moved away from being completely free. They could do $25 credit for a $50 purchase or $10 credit for a $25 purchase. I bet that would weed out some people who are only interested in free, but otherwise generate some buzz. Bad decision on AMEX’s part.

  10. Like Tom said, modification, not cancellation, would have been beneficial to both AmEx, Small Business Owners and the cardholders.

    They could have created a minimum purchase requirements to get the credit and just making it to the primary card holders only would have been beneficial for everyone.

  11. Ah well…. no more juggling with my merchants in town to get this accomplished over Thanksgiving when I am usually out of town anyway. I’ll continue to do business with them… just not on Thanksgiving weekend.

  12. I didn’t game the system. I actually went in and shopped at several small businesses and typically spent significantly more than the simple credit I got. And, I’ve continued shopping at several of them because the small business day gave me an incentive to visit some I really didn’t know much about. Such a shame, Amex.

  13. Or one credit per person, regardless oh how many cards you have. Some people with had 22 cards -OTT .

  14. Are you kidding me? Well, that ends that. I knew it was too good to be true, when they did that big promotion last year. Seriously, I was really looking forward to it when I heard they were doing it again. Was expecting it would back to a 1X $10 credit.

    Well, good luck small businesses. We won’t be coming to your store this November 28th. Guess I’ll have to be satisfied with the “Offers” during the year. There were a few whoppers in 2015.

  15. I think we will have similar offer that AMEX had offered last year. It looks like they haven’t released yet. If they don’t offer anything this year, then why would they say small business saturday??????

  16. No incentive…then the businesses I visited each of the years there were incentives will NOT see me and, in fact, no business will. It simply isn’t worth going out that weekend anyway.

  17. Well, I guess the bean counters won out this year, especially after they lost the Costco account.
    Maximize shareholder value is the argument, we’ll see in the upcoming earnings.
    As a shareholder and customer I did like to participate in that Saturday event.

  18. Very sad about this – had so much fun last year !! Amex has also stopped offering free prime for a year to their first time card holders – don’t know where to go to get free prime –

  19. This was bound to happen. I was noticing how the credits became less and less and now nothing. Don’t promote a program with credits and then still try to promote it without any. It’s like starting a campaign and taking away the person you were suppose to vote for. AMEX would have been better off revising the Small Business Shopping Day. I really didn’t think giving AMEX cardholders $10 back a year would break their bank. I felt it was something nice they were doing for us and giving us a little something back for all the times we try to use their card. Granted, many businesses have begged me not to use my AMEX card when shopping at their businesses. So, it seems strange AMEX is even promoting “Shop Small Businesses” when the businesses can’t even afford to have us use the card, as well as big businesses. Maybe AMEX ought to think about the charges to these businesses and revamp their programs. It used to be when we were AMEX card holders, we were treated like VIP’s. Now, noone hardly takes the card and those that do, don’t want us to use it. I’m almost embarassed to take it out of my wallet as I feel like I’m going to be rejected again and again. So, it looks like AMEX better do something soon or they won’t be around too much longer. I want to be proud to use my AMEX card again. Will that ever happen?

  20. disappointing to say the least–my loyalty to AMEX and Deltais floundering..try getting that companion ticket on Delta–its nearly impossible. More restrictions on Sky Club or $650/ visitors 🙁

  21. That’s a darn shame – it was the only thing I looked forward to on that particular day. It will definitely impact my choices.

  22. This is a bummer. Between my husband and I, we’ve got 8 Amex accounts. With the loss of their Costco account, the discontinuation of Shop Small Saturday, and their disappointing rewards program, we’ll be closing our Amex accounts. The incentives to keep Amex are dwindling, and a lot of businesses don’t even accept their cards anymore. Why continue being a ‘member’?

  23. Check AmEx offers on your account. They are offering Shop Small in November. $10 statement credit 1x per card during the entire month of November. I don’t see a sign-up page on the website like in years past, so Amex-branded cards offered by other banks likely not eligible.
    Quite frankly, it seems like a smart move by Amex. They still promote small businesses but prevents abuse…like those whose 20 AU cards are used only one day a year.

  24. I got an email from Amex today letting me know I could enroll my card to get a one time $10 statement credit for shopping at a small business by 11/28.

    I had to log into my Amex Account Online and go to the Offers section in order to enroll.

    So looks like I can go shopping anytime up through Small Business Saturday (nice), but only one $10 credit (not nice).

  25. Pathetic. What a joke. Amex has just gotten worse and worse every year. Their Customer Service has gotten worse, and their deals have as well. Considering they charge merchants more, time to use another card.

  26. I think that SUCKS, big time! It was such a fun event, but in my town, a lot of small businesses don’t participate. I’m only guessing it’s because there is some kind of negative catch for the business. AMX already has such high fees that many small businesses won’t even take their card to start with. Bad decision!

  27. I just got an “offer” for $10 on one of my Amex for Small Business Saturday.. So it’s still available to those THEY target. Only one of my Amex got the offer.

  28. A statement credit is indeed available for 2015 but you need to add it to your card as an ‘AMEX Offer’. Log into your account and look for the ‘Shop Small in November’ offer and add it to your card. It’s a one time $10 credit. One enhancement is that it doesn’t appear that one can only use it on 11/28/2015 but can use it anytime through 11/28/2015. Below are the details and terms:

    Get a one-time $10 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to make a single purchase of $10 or more in-store at a qualifying small business on the Shop Small Map by 11/28/2015.

    Enrollment is limited. Valid in-store only. Valid at any qualifying small business location that appears on the Shop Small® Map, available at Offer is non-transferable. Limit 1 statement credit per American Express® Card across all American Express offer channels. Must add offer to Card and use same Card to make the qualifying purchase. Statement credit will appear on your billing statement within 90 days after 11/28/2015. Note that American Express may not receive information about your qualifying purchase from merchant until all items from your qualifying purchase have been provided/shipped by merchant. If you order an item during the offer period but it is not sent/provided to you until after 11/28/15, it may not qualify for the offer. Statement credit may be reversed if qualifying purchase is returned/cancelled. If American Express does not receive information that identifies your transaction as a qualifying purchase or if there is a delay in merchants submitting transactions to us, you will not receive the statement credit. For example, your transaction will not qualify if it is not made directly with the merchant. In addition, in most cases, you will not receive the statement credit if your transaction is made with an electronic wallet or through a third party or if the merchant uses a mobile or wireless card reader to process it. By adding an offer to a Card, you agree that American Express may send you communications about the offer.

    Please note that the businesses listed on the Shop Small® Map may change. In addition, business location and other information provided on the Shop Small Map may contain inaccuracies or errors as a result of information provided by third parties. Transactions with political campaigns or political action committees as well as purchases at gas or service stations do not qualify for the statement credit, regardless of whether they appear on the Shop Small Map. POID: BWNP:0001

  29. Amex is much more fun in Australia, where every November they have Shop Small MONTH where you get $10 back on any small business transaction of $20 or more. You can get up to $100 back per card, and you can enrol as many Amex cards as you’ve got – INCLUDING bank-issued American Express cards!

  30. Looks like AmEx will soon be out of my credit card pile. Without the partnership with Costco and now it has lost the Small Business incentive, I see no reason to use it anymore. Most merchants don’t take it as it is as widely as they do Visa’s.
    It was good while it lasted. RIP AmEx

  31. Well that’s too bad for the small businesses I supported last year (and planned to support again), as I will not be participating this year. In the past I have taken advantage of the offers and made purchases not related to the holiday season… they will miss that business opportunity this year as a result of no statement credits. After big box black Friday, this was a terrific concept to keep shoppers shopping…Bad call AMEX.

  32. Bad business marketing call for AMEX to stop the Small Business Day credit Cardholders Statement Incentive to spend money. It was nice to shop on a non hectic day and get some rewards. Guess the AMEX card has become less of a value with losing it’s partnership from Costco and now the discontinue of rewarding Small Business Day statements. More merchants accept Discover card and they give back better cardholders rewards.

  33. Thank you for posting this article and readers’ comments. I was on my AmEx account and saw the Small Bus. advert and was curious why there was no link to sign up for credits like in years past. I clicked on FAQs but didn’t find the text that’s included in bottom of article (it is a little buried under “General” near bottom of the list that’s mixed with merchant FAQs), hence I googled and found this post. I checked my “special offers” and was not included in the group who received the November offer. I’ve been a member for 15+ years! I would have appreciated if AmEx had been more transparent on their website; an email to those who’ve used the credits consistently the past 3 years would have been nice too. I hope someone from AmEx reads our comments and takes our feedback seriously, otherwise I’ll start asking questions on Visa forums. 🙂

  34. This is crazy. The world is not coming to an end, trust me. American Express is here today and will most likely be here tomorrow. Small businesses come and go and I feel pretty certain that small businesses will be with us tomorrow. I don’t think the success of small businesses are dependent on American Express.
    Here are some quotes from the above post’s. “This is frustrating, wow, blow after blow, this is horrible, American Express sucks, good bye small businesses, pathetic, bummer, darn shame, very sad. etc.
    This is like a person standing on the corner passing out money each year to people passing by. Free money, no strings attached. Then one year this person doesn’t show up on the corner and now people are shouting this is horrible, pathetic, how could this person be so mean, so dumb not to be giving out free money this year.
    Hey, I am grateful for the free money American Express passed out my wife and me using 16 credit cards each year for a nice Christmas bonus. Life is good, American Express is good, God is good. End of sermon, Amen!

  35. It was nice while it lasted. I have 5 AMEX cards and was able to exploit them all the past few years.

    Free money is always nice and welcome, but as they say, all good things must come to an end. I received an email that I would get a $20 statement credit for spending $100.on my small business AMEX by 11/28/15. Not sure if this replaces or is in addition to small business Saturday, but IMHO falls far short.

    But lets face it. Amex is a business and is in business to MAKE MONEY for it’s shareholders. How much can they make by giving the farm away? I’ll miss it, but understand it was a concept whose life span was doomed from the onset.

    R.I.P. AMEX Small Business Saturday “Free Cash” We hardly knew you but you’ll be sorely missed…

  36. Bummed- glad I got to use it for every year. It was honestly the only incentive I had to get out and shop on that day with those businesses, rain or shine. Two American Express cards and no incentive to use them. Sorry for the two businesses I frequented every year, I still go to them, but I always spent more on these days kicking off my new year of Christmas shopping.

  37. I signed onto my Amex gold account, couldn’t find the statement credit offer, so I “chatted” with a customer service rep. She said there was no credit this year.

  38. I feel sorry for the small minded people who only shopped small because of a statement credit. I shop small all year round. I’ve actually spent more money on Small Business Saturday last year than on Black Friday. The small businesses really need us and our dollars. The products and customer service are almost always better at small businesses anyway!

  39. Well of course a disappointment, it was nice while it lasted. I think more upsetting is that their general information states there is no statement credit this year, but they have chosen to target select cardmembers and provide them with some kind of offer. I checked, and none of the amex cards I hold have that offer. They list small business saturday, but there is no statement credit attached.

    Clearly, some card members are more valued than others.

    I shop small, love to shop small and will continue to do so, but why pull out my amex and have that merchant spend more in fees? I have an Amex primarily for Costco and my understanding is that Amex will be closing that account sometime in 2016. I know Costco has a replacement lined up, but have not heard what plans Amex has for these accounts, seems like a lost business opportunity if they just close these accounts!

  40. American Express (“Amex”) has morphed over the decades from a full-service financial and international travel company focused on customer service to a mass-marketing machine whose only purpose is to maximize profits by manipulating its customers. When I googled “Sign up for Small Business Saturday,” I was tricked by Amex saying they were redirecting me to a 3rd Party thinking I would be signing up for the statement credits offered in the past. As I now know, there’s nothing being offered by Amex and signing into Facebook may have let this mystery marketer capture my friends addresses. So, instead of customers getting any benefit from “SBS,” it appears Amex has pimped all their card holders (raking in fees for everyone captured by the outside marketer). This kind of bait and switch maneuver stinks. Consumers can fight back by cutting back, or eliminating, purchases with their Amex cards. The U.S. Bank Cash card has a great 5% refund program where you get to choose your quarterly bonus categories. After that, the Discover card is the best card out there because when you convert rewards into gift cards, many retailer offer an extra 10% – 20% bonus. Check them out!

  41. A couple of people have said they received an offer from American Express of a $10 statement credit for this year’s Small Business Saturday (“SBS”). I have 2 Amex Business Cards (Gold and Platinum) and 2 Amex Consumer Cards (Blue Cash Preferred and Blue Cash Everyday). I received my monthly offer for my “Consumer” Blue Cash Cards. Nothing about Small Business Saturday. Only an offer of two $10 credits if I pay a couple of cable bills of $50+ by 1.31.16. At best, this means Amex is providing favors to some customers and discriminating against others. At worst, these posts may be plants by Amex staff or marketing agents. Corporations are capable of doing anything to maintain their image (and contributes to their bottom line). Just think of the many people who may be dying of lung cancer from those 11 million polluting diesel vehicles Volkswagen put on the road! So a little disinformation is not beyond question. I would like to know the truth so I ask one of those “chosen few” to step up and provide proof — like a screen shot or link to the Amex page — of the offer of a $10 credit for SBS.

  42. BTW — I did check my Gold Card offers (3). Nothing except incentives to upgrade to another Platinum card or a $50 credit for referring a friend to Amex. NOT!

  43. I’ve loved this for years, and it was an incentive for me to go try new shops and to shop at favorite local stores, as many can’t afford to hold sales themselves. Even more support for the small shops doesn’t equate to a benefit to me. May sound rather selfish, but in the end I’m not sure I’ll bother.

    I agree with others above. Offer $25 off a purchase of $50. Right or wrong, I’m not compelled to deal with parking and the crowds at local shops. And often pay higher prices for that privilege.

  44. The people on this site and others who claim to have signed up for a $10 statement credit to their American Express cards for Small Business Saturday 2015 are liars and may have been paid by Amex to spread disinformation on the net. I suspect this is being done in order to blunt the widespread outrage of consumers over this year’s bait and switch tactics by trying to make it appear the reason you won’t get a credit is because you’re too stupid to follow the directions on how to sign up.

    Go to:

    And this is what you will find: “This year we are not offering a statement credit offer for Card Members on Small Business Saturday. In past years, the consumer offer was one of the ways to encourage our customers to make a habit of shopping at small businesses as they begin the holiday season. Six years later, we’re pleased to say they have – last year, thousands of communities and 88 million consumers shopped small on Small Business Saturday.”

  45. I am no shill and I loved the Amex SMS credit from the past three years. I was able to load it (like a typical amex offer) onto just one of my cards (an amex gold non-preferred that I rarely use). It didnt appear on my Blue or my Costco Business Amex.

    Sad days…Ill probably use the credit to get some dessert to complement the gobs of leftovers from the holiday, but for the most part, I expected little good to come from Amex in 2015 ever since the Costco partnership severing…

  46. Sorry that AX is backing away from credits on their cards this year. I look forward to shopping the small local shops on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Having a late breakfast at a local eatery and an afternoon drink at the nearby pub. I will continue enjoying this day of seeing what the little stores have and buying those special gifts for family and friends but this year I will be using my Visa card.

  47. Sams club has picked up Amex. So for someone that doesn’t shop at Costco because it’s a 45 min drive, I’m glad that Sam’s let’s me use it.
    I still get rewards with using the card and rewards at Sams with ahopping. So for me it’s a win.
    Bummed no credit to small biz though.

  48. The credit got me into many shops I had never shopped before, so I am thankful for that. However, I will not go out of my way to shop on small business saturday now that there is no statement credit. This is disappointing for sure, I was looking forward to it. Seems Amex could get more business into the small shops by the statement credit than promotional material 🙁

  49. Since the beginning, 2010, we have been a big fan of Small Business Saturday. It started out as a $25 credit then went to $10 and now nothing. Part of AMEX’s rational for getting out is all the marketing help they are giving us to promote SBS. We tried to use the marketing materials and links but it is a mess and mostly does not work.

    We are abandoning SBS and starting our own promotion called Neighborhood Business Satire. As part of the promotion we are taking donations for AMEX and matching whatever our customers contribute. It is the season to be generous to the less fortunate and evidently AMEX is having hard times so we thought we would try to help them out.

  50. This is total bulls***. I have cancelled a dozen American Express cards with unpaid balances in retaliation. They will feel my wrath. I am now going “off the grid”. They haven’t heard the last from me.

  51. I got a reminder about AMX Small Business Saturday through a local small shop I frequent and then just discovered there is no longer an incentive to go shopping that day. Well what’s the point? I like to shop small businesses but I’m not going to go out that particular day now. Between this and Costco I’m about to cancel AMX.

  52. Shop Small Saturday was a grassroots effort solely promoted by AMEX in the beginning and it’ has become a staple of the holiday weekend kick off to shopping. This is year 6, so 5 years of credits was rather generous. AMEX is a strong brand that gave Small Businesses some much needed help in difficult economic times. Go out and shop small as you usually would and keep the candle burning for those in our community who rely on this weekend to still be in business next year!

  53. Too bad. 🙁

    Frankly, it’s people like Tom (first comment on this post) who shat in the pool and screwed this up for everyone. Amex did a good thing for the entire small biz community, and some people had to milk it with every greedy fiber in their being.

    Now it’s gone, and small businesses suffer.

  54. Seems like the program could have been better managed..restricted to one card only and charge must be spent on merchandise, not gift cards. I shop small businesses….most of them take AMX reluctantly because of the cost. Guess this is another reason to let my AMX card expire in March when COSTCO stops honoring them.

  55. Well, I guess I will be canceling my Amex. One of the reasons I had it was for small business Saturday. Its benefits were not that great. Oh, well I have too many credit cards anyway. It will not be missed.

  56. It’s a bummer, but I’m certainly not angry about it. With the credit I made special trips to small businesses to make purchases, without the credit I will still shop the same stores but I won’t make a special trip out on small business Saturday.

  57. It was a nice incentive to get out and shop that day. Since Costco dropped their business, I have no reason to keep the card after it expires.

  58. Well, might as well remove the “Small Business Saturday” event altogether. RIP! Not a partner with COSTCO either. Bad moves!

  59. Bottom line is that this will hurt the participating merchants. Knowing that I would receive a statement credit, I patronized several small businesses last year. Probably won’t bother this year.

  60. Well, now there’s no real reason for me to race out on an insanely busy weekend to shop. I will continue to patronize my small businesses, however, there’s no need to do so this weekend, & I don’t need to use American Express to do so – clearly. The $30 I got from the statement credits might seem small to some, but it was very nice for me. I’m sad to see it go. Also, bummer about Costco.

  61. I don’t think the loss of this AMEX incentive will hurt small businesses. It will, however, hurt AMEX, which is where the pain should be felt. The whole point was that people use their AMEX card at these businesses. Without the AMEX incentive, people can shop and use the cards that give them more benefits. Voila! Suck on that, AMEX.

  62. AMEX has forever tarnished its reputation with this ‘Rope-A-Dope’ change regarding statement credits (just wait until how many AMEX card carriers get pissed-off when they find they made an erroneous assumption after they get their statements.) It’s probably NO ‘accident’ that AMEX has chosen NOT to make it clear on their Small Biz Saturday website that the statement credit policy has changed. Before reading this, I called AMEX, and it took 10 minutes of hold-time for their representative to ascertain that there would be NO statement credits this year as in years past. ‘The ‘Rope-A-Dope’ is in, folks – SHAME on Amex for not letting this change be clearly stated. How many small shops will I visit this Saturday? ZERO. How many times will I use my AMEX cards this Holiday season??? ZERO!

  63. That’s too bad. Small Business Saturday had become a nice tradition in our family involving lunch at a participating restaurant and toy or book shopping at a small local toy store or bookstore. Now there is no incentive to do it, so we probably won’t. Amex has been sending us offers to continue after the break with Costco … now there is even less of a reason to continue.

  64. Seems like Amex is rolling back everything I have the card for(Member since 89′). I Can use rewards on Amazon which is cool but the exchange rate points vs. dollar is so low I’m much better off just getting my straight up 1%-1.33% cash back on my Wells Fargo Visa Signature or my TJX Mastercard(1%), wife loves those monthly reward coupons+10% rewards on TJ maxX purchases! Besides these cards are FREE! not $125 a year…

  65. As the owner of a small business, I am saddened to read that so many of you will only shop at a small business if you get a statement credit from Amex. We [small, locally owned businesses] have a lot to offer, but if you prefer to support the big box, large chain stores just because of Amex then I guess I can see where this country is headed. Does Amex give a statement credit for shopping at Wal-Mart? Hmmmmm!

  66. I’m sad to see this go, but not surprised. I enjoyed it while it lasted and made sure my Saturday shopping included at least one small business so I’d get my credit. It was a nice perk. I still love small businesses and they’ll still see plenty of my money…it will just be on my Mastercard instead. They’ll probably be happier to see that one anyway!

  67. Had planned on going out and using the statement credit today, now I’ll be staying in. I guess AMEX doesn’t realize how a lot of us are on the fringe of poverty and how this gives us that extra bit of incentive to shop small.

  68. Great free money while it lasted. Thanks for the previous years AMEX. RIP.

    From here on out, regarding Small Business Saturday…”No money, no spendy.”

    There is zero incentive to purchase anything now.

  69. I am always glad to see AMX promote the merchants that accept its cards. I know that AMX charges a premium for its transactions and small business especially struggle to justify the additional expense. I am also please to see AMX promote local businesses in general.
    It is a disappointment that I will not be receiving a statement credit this year.I would like to remind AMX that the more you take away from your members the less special you make what is promoted as a premium experience.

  70. Some of you people are horrible! Because AMEX isn’t giving you a statement credit, you have no reason to support a local business? How about to support local jobs and the local economy. Or would you rather do all your shopping at Walmart?

  71. Well I will definitely not be using my American Express credit card this year, but we will still shop small business Saturday. We always support small brick-and-mortar businesses, because without those we will be a nation of Walmart. The local businesses are what make towns unique. I saw that when I first visited large scale shopping malls as a teen, and realized that they were all starting to look exactly the same.

    Support your local businesses. Pledge to spend $50 a month, spread across three local businesses, and you’ll do a world of good for this economy.

    Check out the 3/50 project for more information.

  72. It’s true that they are selectively giving $10 offers for shopping small in the month of November. My husband got the offer, I didn’t. I have no clue how they picked people. Also, while he has 2 cards, he was only allowed to apply that $10 offer to one card.

  73. Of course I’ll still support local, independent, small businesses — there are so many good ones here in Albuquerque, including our favorite indy bookstore, Bookworks! And jas someone above said, I’ll simply hand them a different credit card than my American Express, to save that store a little bit on the credit card charges. But still, you’ve gotta give AmEx credit for starting the concept and getting the word out about “Shop Small Saturday” — it’s been a great campaign for directing awareness and attention to our local independent favorites.

  74. As a cardholder AND as a small biz Amex retailer I can tell you I got zero marketing to me as a cardholder but multiple emails as a retailer about SBSat.

  75. This is a win for small businesses since many Amex cardholders will choose another form of payment that costs the business less money. It may also inspire the business to stop accepting Amex.

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