Fly Finnair’s New A350 Business Class Intra-Europe

I first wrote about Finnair’s new A350 in August of last year. This plane signifies a refresh for Finnair’s longhaul fleet, as they have 11 firm A350 orders, with options for another eight. Not only will this presumably fuel growth in their route network, but perhaps most exciting is that the A350 will also feature a new business class product.

Specifically, Finnair has gone with a reverse herringbone seat for their A350, which is my favorite business class hard product out there.



Finnair is part of oneworld, so flying with them is a great use of American AAdvantage miles.

As pointed out by a reader in the “Ask Lucky” forum, Finnair is currently taking delivery of their first A350, and regularly scheduled longhaul service on the plane will begin in late October, with the launch route being Helsinki to Shanghai.

However, as is the norm when airlines take delivery of a new plane, Finnair will first be “testing” the A350 on some shorter routes. This is so that they can familiarize their crews with the plane, and work out any kinks before it starts longhaul service. Finnair’s dedicated A350 website has the schedule for the test flights for the new plane, as it’ll be flying all over Europe. As usual, the schedule is subject to change, so I wouldn’t 100% count on it sticking.

But in the meantime, here are the routes that the A350 is scheduled to fly prior to the October 25 Helsinki to Shanghai launch:

Helsinki–Rovaniemi 05 Oct 2015 AY421
Rovaniemi–Helsinki 05 Oct 2015 AY428
Helsinki–Oulu 05 Oct 2015 AY369
Oulu–Helsinki 05 Oct 2015 AY370
Helsinki–London 06 Oct 2015 AY831
London–Helsinki 06 Oct 2015 AY840
Helsinki–Frankfurt 07 Oct 2015 AY821
Frankfurt–Helsinki 07 Oct 2015 AY822
Helsinki–Stockholm (Arlanda) 07 Oct 2015 AY645
Stockholm (Arlanda)–Helsinki 07 Oct 2015 AY650
Helsinki–Paris 08 Oct 2015 AY871
Paris–Helsinki 08 Oct 2015 AY890
Helsinki–Copenhagen 08 Oct 2015 AY667
Copenhagen–Helsinki 08 Oct 2015 AY668
Helsinki–Amsterdam 09 Oct 2015 AY841
Amsterdam–Helsinki 09 Oct 2015 AY842
Helsinki–Oslo 09 Oct 2015 AY659
Oslo–Helsinki 09 Oct 2015 AY660
Helsinki–Barcelona 10 Oct 2015 AY3271
Barcelona–Helsinki 10 Oct 2015 AY3270
Helsinki–Málaga 10 Oct 2015 AY737
Málaga–Helsinki 11 Oct 2015 AY738
Helsinki–Hamburg 11 Oct 2015 AY851
Hamburg–Helsinki 11 Oct 2015 AY852
Helsinki–Barcelona 11 Oct 2015 AY3269
Barcelona–Helsinki 11 Oct 2015 AY3272
Helsinki–Brussels 12 Oct 2015 AY811
Brussels–Helsinki 12 Oct 2015 AY812
Helsinki–Málaga 12 Oct 2015 AY737
Málaga–Helsinki 12 Oct 2015 AY738
Helsinki–Berlin 13 Oct 2015 AY911
Berlin–Helsinki 13 Oct 2015 AY912
Helsinki–Gothenburg 13 Oct 2015 AY677
Gothenburg–Helsinki 13 Oct 2015 AY674
Helsinki–Düsseldorf 14 Oct 2015 AY703
Düsseldorf–Helsinki 14 Oct 2015 AY704
Helsinki–Vienna 14 Oct 2015 AY767
Vienna–Helsinki 14 Oct 2015 AY768
Helsinki–Munich 15 Oct 2015 AY803
Munich–Helsinki 15 Oct 2015 AY804
Helsinki–London 15 Oct 2015 AY995
London–Helsinki 15 Oct 2015 AY996
Helsinki–Brussels 16 Oct 2015 AY811
Brussels–Helsinki 16 Oct 2015 AY812
Helsinki–London 16 Oct 2015 AY995
London–Helsinki 16 Oct 2015 AY996
Helsinki–Barcelona 17 Oct 2015 AY3271
Barcelona–Helsinki 17 Oct 2015 AY3270
Helsinki–Málaga 17 Oct 2015 AY737
Málaga–Helsinki 17 Oct 2015 AY738
Helsinki–Copenhagen 18 Oct 2015 AY661
Copenhagen–Helsinki 18 Oct 2015 AY666
Helsinki–Barcelona 18 Oct 2015 AY3269
Barcelona–Helsinki 18 Oct 2015 AY3272

For the most part award availability is wide open on these flights, so this is an awesome opportunity to get a sneak peek at Finnair’s new business class. Ordinarily intra-Europe business class is simply economy with a blocked middle seat and better service, so getting a reverse herringbone seat will be a huge upgrade.

If I’m in Europe in October I’ll certainly go out of my way to try and get on one of these flights.


Do you plan on taking one of Finnair’s intra-Europe A350 flights?


  1. Hi Ben, sure, booked months ago, cant wait to try the first “European” A350 after taking the very first QR one.

  2. Booked AY660 (OSL-HEL) in C on October 9th back in April. Lots of Norwegian “aviation enthusiasts” booked on that flight. 🙂

  3. After flying the first A350, Qatar’s, from Doha to Singapore a few months ago, I was not comfortable sitting in this BC configuration. The seats are narrow and you are “confined” in this narrow space by the high-rising headset/power supply,/shelf console. It was nearly claustrophobic and detracted from the enjoyment of Qatar’s service and the BC experience.

  4. Cannot get to allow me to select either of the LHR rotations and go to book – keep getting an error message & advising me to phone.
    Anyone else with similar experience?

  5. @Lucky

    Is the ask Lucky section of the site down?
    Gets this message “An unexpected database error occurred. Please try again later. ”

    SK is cancelling Stavanger Houston 25 OCT, plane being reconfigured to 20J 66Y for CPH-EWR run.
    Fresh trip report on Flyertalk about Stavanger Houston route.

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