Great Deal: Cheap American Fares To Europe!

Earlier in the week I wrote about the amazingly good fares that American published between the US and Europe for travel through next March. As usual, the low fares didn’t last for long.

The good news is that via The Flight Deal, American is back with some really great fares between the US and Europe. Fares seem to range between ~$420 and ~$750 all-in roundtrip. The general terms of these fares are as follows:

  • 14 day advance purchase required
  • Valid for outbound travel between September 2015 and May 2016

While the good fares aren’t valid in all markets, they are valid from many US markets to many European markets. So if you search a few city pairs you should easily be able to find a pair which is participating in the sale.

For example, Washington to Dublin is ~$420 roundtrip:


Meanwhile Seattle to Dublin is ~$630 roundtrip:


San Francisco to Zurich is ~$730 roundtrip:


You’re best off booking the fares directly on or, though you can use ITA Matrix to search space, as it’s a bit easier to use and allows you to search space for about a month at a time.

The best thing about cheap fares on American is that all paid fares can be upgraded using systemwide upgrades, which Executive Platinum members get eight of per year (and often even more). Flying to Europe in business class for these fares is an incredible value.


Airfare has been outrageously high the past couple of years, so it has been very rare to see transatlantic fares this low. That being said, I suspect we’ll see more of these fares as oil prices continue to decline, especially as international demand is down due to the strong US Dollar.

If you’re interested I’d recommend booking now, because these fares won’t last.

Anyone planning on jumping on one of these amazing fares?


  1. Of course DFW isn’t a market on sale. Silly I can drive to OKC, and then fly back to DFW and save ~$300 roundtrip. I will be thinking this over.

  2. I saw a lot of options from Atlanta, Detroit and Minneapolis in the $500-$700 range. These attack fares and retaliation fares have been really good this year! I put on hold a $715 deal from Minneapolis to Barcelona in May. The lowest price option appears to be Dublin across the board.

  3. As a Canadian I find these $1000 canadian typical of what we have seen the padt decade.

    Last year it was often $850 CDN or $639 USD in today’s value to go Seattle to Frankfurt.

    Also finding it hard to find upgradable space west of NYC Especially on the 777. I miss the old days of the angle flat business class seats but conformable upgrade space even from Dallas.

  4. Strongly agree on everyone booking these fares ASAP. They won’t last much longer, I was able to snag several LAX-MIA-BCN fares for $600. An incredible value, glad to see this fares from American and getting with the game.

  5. Can’t seem to get anything from WAS to anywhere worth going to price correctly. I’m even down with driving to BWI!

  6. Do you think the factors driving somewhat lower fares will also ripple through paid business class? Or do the airlines figure that business people will travel based on the needs of their business, rather than the cost of travel, so no sense in discounting?

  7. It’s 1:28am on Aug. 30th, 2015 in Rochester, NY, and I put in the DCA to Dublin ticket Oct. 3-13, and I got $757 as the lowest fare….

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