Applying For SPG AmEx Personal & Business Cards Same Day?

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UPDATE: This offer is expired. You can find the best current offers here.


Since August 11, American Express has been offering increased sign-up bonuses on both the SPG AmEx Personal Card and SPG AmEx Business Card. This is a promotion American Express seems to offer once per year, whereby the sign-up bonus is increased from 25,000 Starpoints to 30,000 Starpoints. The details of these increased sign-up bonuses are as follows:

  • For the SPG Personal AmEx, receive 30,000 bonus Starpoints upon spending $3,000 on purchases within the first three months of card membership
  • For the SPG Business AmEx, receive 30,000 bonus Starpoints upon spending $5,000 on purchases within the first three months of card membership

The increased offer is especially exciting this year, as the timing coincides with both cards undergoing a refresh. Specifically, the changes on these cards are as follows:


Anyway, with great offers on both of these cards, one question I’ve often been asked is whether one can get approved for both the SPG Personal & Business Cards on the same day.

With American Express, keep in mind that in general you can’t have more than four charge cards and four credit cards at a given time (spread across business and personal cards), which is the first restriction to be aware of. There are people who report being approved for more cards than that, but that’s the general rule.

As far as being approved for both the SPG AmEx Personal Card and SPG AmEx Business Card in one day goes, you can absolutely apply for both cards in one day, and shouldn’t get an immediate denial for either card on account of having applied for two cards in one day. If you apply for both cards, there are two scenarios that are most likely to happen:

  • You could get approved for both cards same day, given that one is a business card and one is a personal card
  • You could have one application delayed a bit, in which case one card could be approved almost instantly, while the other one would automatically be processed a few days later

The point is, generally speaking there’s no issue with applying for both the SPG AmEx Personal Card and SPG AmEx Business Card in one day. They’re great offers, and there’s a chance you could get approved for both cards in a day. But if you don’t, the other application will just automatically be delayed a bit, and will then go through the standard approval process.

What has been your experience with getting approved for multiple American Express cards in a day?

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  1. You deleted my previous comment, still no reply on the current 100,000 bonus points for $3000 spend on the AMEX Personal Platinum thats available for the public. Probably deal of the year, yet no mention on this blog, while you are encourage readers to recklessly sign up for two cards with a combined $8000 mininum spend.

    I’m going to do your readers a favor, whether you choose to censor is up to you:

    Call AMEX: 1-800-243-3888
    Card: AMEX Personal Platinum
    Mention POID BUIU :0001
    Bonus Offer: 100,000 Points
    Minimum Spend: $3000 in 3 months

  2. @Joe Totally agree. If you are going to do one personal and one business, you could have done the Platinum and the Business Gold the other day for 175,000MR points instead of a measly 60,000 SPG points!

  3. Is the is the 4 card limit a total limit of 4 or 8 total ( 4 charge and 4 personal/business)? I’m assuming the limit does not include authorized users? Thanks

  4. @Joe & @Tom

    So people usually get mad at bloggers when they allegedly “kill” a deal by posting it, so you’re mad at Lucky for not posting this?

  5. I applied for both SPG in the same day. The personal card was approved instantly and the business card was “in progress” for a week or so, but was approved. I also applied for the gold (50K/1K spend) a few days before it was approved instantly.

  6. Just FYI, the club access did not work for me using a free night. I was told in order for this benefit to be applied, I must book and pay with the SPG Business card. Another commenter on the linked article noted that it wouldn’t work on cash/points either.

  7. Is Amex doing once in a life time offers? Aka I you have had a specific card before your are not eligible for the bonus even if you apply for the same card again years later?

  8. Lola- not true. Club access works on any SPG eligible rate, which includes points, cash & points, corporate, AAA, AARP, etc- basically any rate that can be booked on has nothing to do with which card is used for payment.
    The only rates that don’t count are third-party sites.

  9. @Lola – That’s really disappointing to hear. I hope that was an isolated incident and not an actual policy, otherwise, that new benefit is not nearly as attractive as we thought.

  10. Question. I want to Apply for a SPG Business card and cancel my Gold Business card. Should I apply first and then cancel? Or cancel first and then apply? I’m doing the “sole proprietor” type of business and not a full fledge one. Thanks.

  11. @M: according to whom? Here is the relevant part of the email I received when I emailed SPG because I was told I was not eligible for club access (and I am the primary cardholder):

    Per your request, I have located and reviewed your reservation at the Sheraton Seattle Hotel on August 21st to August 22nd, and noticed it was booked on Starpoints to receive free nights. This benefit is for Basic Card Members only on Starpoint Eligible Rate reservations who paid for the room with the card. Exclusions of Starpoint Eligible Rate reservations might include rooms booked through a group rate as part of an event, SPG Free Nights, or if the SPG Member does not directly pay the SPG Participating Hotel for such room; tour operator; or online travel channel or third party channel, such as,,,,,,, or A full description of Starpoint Eligible Rates can be found at Sheraton Club lounge access is limited to the eligible Card Member and a guest staying in the same room for the duration of the stay, regardless of how many rooms have been reserved.

  12. I applied for both cards on the same day. I received immediate approval on the personal card and the business card was approved s week later. I currently hold Amex platinum business, premier rewards gold, delta reserve and delta business platinum. There were no issues.

  13. @ Leo — Shouldn’t matter either way. Approval shouldn’t be contingent upon whether or not you cancel the other card first.

  14. @ No Name — It depends on the specific card. For example, the terms on the business version of the card state the following:
    “Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have or have had this product within the last 12 months.”

  15. @ Ang — Four charge cards and four credit cards, for a total of eight. It doesn’t matter if they’re personal or business. That being said, some report being able to get more than that. And being an authorized user on a card wouldn’t count towards that limit.

  16. Ben – Will you please address Lola’s comments regarding the club access benefit associated with the SPG Business Card? The landing page states this,

    Exclusions of Starpoint Eligible Rate reservations might include rooms booked through a group rate as part of an event and the SPG Member does not directly pay the SPG Participating Hotel for such room…

    but not what Lola states.

    Exclusions of Starpoint Eligible Rate reservations might include rooms booked through a group rate as part of an event, SPG Free Nights, or if the SPG Member does not directly pay the SPG Participating Hotel for such room…

  17. I had these SPG Amex, personal and biz, cards a couple of years ago and canceled about 1 year ago, could I get approved and received the points again? That would be tremendous.

    Thanks for anyone who can answer.

  18. Yes, I would also like to know what the deal is with the lounge benefit is for stays booked on points or cash and points.

  19. We will be spending a week the the Sheraton Maui and thought getting the lounge upgrade at Sheraton properties along with the SPG Amex Business card would be a terrific deal. Readers should be aware this works at “selected properties” only, and the Sheraton Maui does NOT honor the card for lounge access.

  20. @Joe, I am sure that you were deleted because the code you gave is a personalized code that is assigned for specific individuals and all codes are one time use only. AMEX is being flooded with calls thanks to your BOGUS post.
    IF you want to be of any value at all maybe you can post how people got their codes and what the criteria is for the 100,000 point bonus.
    As it stands your post is of NO value and is only causing people to wait needlessly on hold at AMEX with the avalanche of calls trying to use the fraudulent code you posted.

  21. @Todd

    Just checked out of Sheraton Maui and they honor the SPG business card. You’re allowed as a card holder and 1 guest but I’ve seen family walking in without any problems (with the card holder of course, and they do check your name and room number and that you indeed have access)

  22. @Doug:

    I’m pretty sure the 900 comment thread at r/churning and the many posts about it by other bloggers drove way more traffic to Amex for the 100K Plat offer than Joe’s post. Looks like it was still active through Saturday, by the way.

  23. While it’s certainly possible to get approved for 2 credit cards in one day, it’s quite rare.

    Amex has some anti-fraud (read churning) function that autoholds the second credit application for 5 days. EX will then be pulled (again) and the HPs obviously won’t consolidate. This rule only applies to credit cards, not charge.

  24. My request for Biz card was rejected 3 weeks after I had applied for personal. Amex said I had reached the maximum number of cards they’ll issue( I also applied and got the Delta Sky Miles card). I’m doing a home renovation so I have lots of charges to make and am trying to maximize rewards during a free first-year award program. Any other suggestions?

  25. Before applying, I paid off my two other Amex cards a Platinum and an airline card. I am not sure if there business rules take that in to consideration, but I figured it couldn’t hurt. I completed my applications once I saw that the payments posted to my two existing Amex cards.

    On one day, I first applied for the SPG business card, because I consider that a better offer with Amex Open and access to Sheraton Club lounges. The application was instantly approved with about a $3,000 credit line. I imagine they pulled Experian but I have not confirmed that yet.

    I then applied for the SPG personal card, and the application went in to pending. I called the reconsideration line, and they told me that the application had been put on hold for 5 days. I have read that this 5 day hold is a standard procedure for when you apply for two Amex cards in the same day or near term period.

    I then asked about getting the 30,000 bonus points, because the agent said the app would not be processed until 5 days later, while the offer for the bonus expires 9/14.

    Incidentally I’ve seen a case where you got an Amex bonus if you applied before the offer end date, but were approved afterwards. However, this is not how the policy is written. The policy states that you must be approved prior to the end date of the offer.

    The reconsideration agent was concerned that I would not get the 30,000 bonus points if the application waited the standard 5 days and hypothetically was approved after 9/14. The agent said he was going to try to get it over-ridden by “upper management. 🙂

    I was on hold and the agent came back, said they were talking to people, but not getting the answer they wanted, and they would keep trying. I was a little pesemistic.

    Then the agent came back on the line, and said I had been approved and that they would expedite the card to me.

    I got a credit line of about $5,000, and it was kind of funny the agent said this was just to get me started, and if I wanted, I could call right when I got the card to ask for a higher credit line. 🙂

    The agent also saw that I had applied for and been approved for the SPG business card earlier that day.

    I am also hopeful that since this was completeley processed in 1 day that it will be only 1 hard poll on my report.

  26. Applied for Gold Delta Skymiles Amex Personal and Business today. Personal was instantly approved. Business card went to “In Progress” status. I called the recon line for application status. I told the guy on the phone that I had applied for both at the same time to start a relationship with Amex (first Amex cards for me), and I explained my personal was instantly approved but the Business was still in progress and that I was calling to check if they needed some additional information or verification. He explained to me that it was automatic to stop the second application for fraud prevention. I asked if there was anything I could do to verify it was actually me, and he said “of course, we appreciate you taking the time to call in.” After verifying the details of my application, he not only approved my second application but told me that he was overnighting my new card so that I could use it right away. I suggest calling in right after doing the second app in the same day because it has hopefully saved me a second hard pull.

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