Amazing Deal: ~$335 Tickets To Europe On American!

In general airfare has been extremely high the past couple of years, given the number of capacity cuts we’ve seen in the airline industry. That’s a bit puzzling to consumers given how low the price of oil has been. Ultimately the cost of airfare isn’t tied to the cost of providing the service, but rather is simply a function of supply and demand.

The good news is that demand is dropping at the moment, in particular for international travel. With the weak Euro and strong Dollar, I expect we’ll see some great fares between the US and Europe this fall (the same is true for travel to China, and other areas around the globe).

In terms of disproportionately good fares, American has some amazing fares between the US and Europe at the moment, which certainly won’t last.

The very best fare is for travel between New York and Dublin, where we’re seeing fares as low as ~$335 roundtrip:


If you look at the fare basis, you’ll see that the fare is 50 cents each way, plus taxes and fuel surcharges (admittedly fuel surcharges are a BS “fee,” but still, it’s funny to see a $1 roundtrip base fare):


There are similar 50 cent base fares published in other markets, though the fuel surcharges are a bit higher. For example, there are sub-$700 fares between Los Angeles and London:


And then there are ~$640 fares between New York and Paris:


These fares seem to be valid for outbound travel between September and March, and a 14 day advance purchase is required. There are tons of valid city pairs, and certainly not just the cities above. Basically if you want to fly between the US and Europe between now and next March on American, take a look at fares now.

The best thing about cheap fares on American is that all paid fares can be upgraded using systemwide upgrades, which Executive Platinum members get eight of per year (and often even more). Flying to Europe in business class for under $350 is an incredible value.


These fares won’t last, so if you’re interested I’d recommend booking as soon as possible. You’re best off booking the fares directly on, though you can use ITA Matrix to search space, as it’s a bit easier to use and allows you to search space for about a month at a time.

Do you plan on taking advantage of one of these cheap fares to Europe on American?

(Tip of the hat to The Flight Deal)


  1. Do you think the factors driving somewhat lower fares will also ripple through paid business class? Or do the airlines figure that business people will travel based on the needs of their business, rather than the cost of travel, so no sense in discounting?

  2. They will try to claim they are mistake fares because they are unrealistic at $0.50. Another loophole they can take advantage of with fuel surcharges.

  3. On August 16, I was able to purchase LAX-LHR-CPH return economy on AA for $692. If you keep an eye out for them on Flyertalk they come up quite regular. Fare was $2 and taxes/fees at $690.

  4. Those who hesitant on buying these deals when they come miss on the opportunity. Fares like this don’t last very long and this one seemed to last from morning to mid afternoon which is shocking. I was able to score multiple flights and starting in October with a LAX-MIA-BCN (Round Trip fare for $600). Taking my mom with me and what I paid is equal to one ticket when it’s normally priced. What a bargain to Europe 😉

  5. Just an FYI. I booked one of the cheap JFK-DUB fares, via LHR, so the JFK-LHR and LHR-JFK legs would be on AA metal and I could take advantage of the SWUs. The AA website showed systemwide availability, however, when I called today, I was informed that the availability was not available for economy to biz, only biz to first….so I was waitlisted. Also, to note, if the upgrades clears for the LHR-JFK return leg, there is a luxury tax of approx. $200/225 for the upgraded fare. Still a heck of a deal even with that, but just a word of warning.

    Ben or someone familiar with the SWU process, is it normal to have the aa website show swu availability, but then only have it for biz to first, not economy to biz? First time trying to use a SWU.


  6. Shoot! Seems a few other carriers matched, too, and it’s all gone. :/ Of course, the day my internet goes out!
    I will say, though, that I have a hard time justifying this on AA when I don’t have status and would wind up in Y for 10+ hours coming from LAX…

  7. Maybe that’s why they weren’t making any money on th PHL – TLV route, and had to discontinue it. They were selling their tickets too cheap.

  8. Being a travel agent, I was just able to check. Fare expired midnight HST August 26th. However there are still $85 base fares around for NYC-LON r/t

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