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SPG AmEx card refresh

The Starwood American Express cards underwent a refresh yesterday, whereby several changes were made to the cards, including the following:

  • The elimination of foreign transaction fees
  • Complimentary unlimited Boingo wifi
  • Complimentary in-room premium internet access
  • Sheraton club lounge access (for those with the Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express)
  • The annual fee being raised by $30 per year, from $65 to $95 (the first year’s annual fee is $0, though)

Most of the new benefits of the card are automatic — foreign transaction fees are now waived, you’ll automatically receive complimentary in-room premium internet access, business cardmembers will automatically receive Sheraton club lounge access, etc.


The one benefit which requires activation is the complimentary unlimited Boingo wifi membership.

How to register for SPG AmEx Boingo Preferred Plan

Now that the new benefits are live, you can register for the Boingo American Express Preferred Plan.


To register go to, where you’ll be prompted to enter your SPG Personal AmEx or SPG Business AmEx account number. For what it’s worth, both primary cardmembers and authorized users are eligible for this benefit.


Once your eligibility is confirmed, you’ll be prompted to create a Boingo account, which should only take a minute. You’ll be brought to a confirmation page, and then within a few minutes will receive an email confirmation with your account details.


Once enrolled, cardmembers will have simultaneous internet access for up to four devices with connection speeds three times faster than 3G. A similar plan would cost $39 per month. It’s worth noting that while you can use Boingo to sign into GoGo inflight internet, this plan doesn’t cover inflight internet, so you’d have to pay for that separately. The extent of that relationship is making it easier to log-in once onboard, as opposed to actually getting you free inflight wifi.


Bottom line

This is a nice benefit American Express seems to be adding to more cards. Last year American Express introduced this benefit for The Platinum Card® from American Express, which is a $550 per year annual fee card (though it has lots of great benefits). It’s nice to see this benefit expanded to more cards, especially ones with lower annual fees.

When I first registered for the benefit on that card last year I figured it wouldn’t provide much value, though I’ve found myself using it a ton. A vast majority of airports offer wifi through Boingo, so it has gotten me free wifi at airports, malls, etc.

Keep in mind that even if the wifi network doesn’t show as being from Boingo, they still often are a wifi partner. So you log onto the network, and then often towards the bottom or side of the page you’ll see the option to log into a network through a partner, and Boingo is often among them.

Do you plan on signing up for the Boingo American Express Preferred Plan?

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  1. Lucky, is Boingo offered overseas and if so, what’s your experience as far as connectivity, reliability, etc? Thanks.

  2. I broke my phone so I brought my tablet to work to keep in touch with friends. So I needed wifi. I found a bunch or Boingo spots in NYC. But none worked. You’d go there and find that you can’t even find that network name. Most of times wifi routers don’t have a large range, so I still am not sure how this works in practicality. Like if you’re on the 20th floor, how would a wifi signal reach there if the router was on the 1st floor and vice versa.

    Anyone with a better success story? This would be useful for international travels to bigger cities.

  3. Lucky,

    Just to clarify, when you say that SPG Business Card holders “automatically” receive lounge access, does that mean that Sheratons will know that I am a cardholder and offer me lounge access without requesting to see the actual card.

    I ask because I have a few stays at Sheratons next month and I can’t seem to find my credit card. I may have shredded it after I hit the spend on it a few years back.

    Will I need to order a new card to show to the lounge attendant, or will they just know that I am a cardholder?

  4. I also have same question as Matt.
    Have award stay booked for a night at Milan Sheraton airport….they didn’t ask anything about my spg biz card ….. should I tell the receptionist when I check in? How about if they not aware of the new benefits? Being it’s in europe chain, etc…

  5. @ David — It should be automatic in the computer, based on your SPG number being linked to your SPG Biz Card. It’s possible not all hotels have been trained on the new benefit properly, so there might be some confusion. But if you’re denied I’d just ask for the front office manager and show them the email with the new benefit. Can’t imagine it will be an issue, though.

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