100 Free Marriott Points In Less Than A Minute

Via Points, Miles & Martinis, Marriott is offering 100 Marriott Rewards points for completing a really quick survey.

The survey has six multiple choice questions which you can complete in seconds, and then you just have to enter your Marriott Rewards number.


The 100 Marriott Rewards points should be credited to your account within two weeks.


Personally I value Marriott Rewards points at ~0.8 cents each, so to me that’s less than a dollar of value. That being said, the main benefit of getting 100 points is that it extends the life of your Marriott Rewards points. Marriott Rewards points expire after 24 months of inactivity, so this is a great way to extend the expiration of those points.

This is great for someone like me who has some Marriott points, but only rarely stays at Marriott properties. This just extended the expiration of my Marriott points by several months.

So I’d recommend taking less than a minute to complete the quick survey.


  1. Hasn’t Marriott changed their program so that you must stay at a Marriott hotel now every 18 or 24 months to keep your points from expiring? Getting 100 points, does it really extend the expiration life of anyone’s Marriott points?

  2. @Mike – no, they state “qualifying activity” which includes paid or award stays, any redemption of points (stays, goods, etc.), Marriott credit card activity, partner point earnings (e.g. rental car, diners club), points purchases, and events (conferences, weddings, etc.).

    Social media related points earnings don’t count, and this probably falls under that category, so this survey likely would NOT extend your account expiration.

  3. @Mike: Easiest way to keep the Marriott points alive is to buy some. I believe $12 USD is the cheapest way to do so. Figure 24 months of inactivity is when they expire, so that’s $6/year to keep them alive, and you’re gaining points in the process. Not ideal, but at least it’s better than the points outright expiring.

  4. Anyone know if Ritz Carlton are running a similar survey? I need some activity in my Ritz Carlton Rewards account to stop 2,000 points from expiring in January.

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