Caption Contest: Delta Wants You To “Have It All” In Comfort+

You’ve already seen on this blog that Delta is an extraordinarily gay-friendly airline. Delta’s clearly got a marketing team focused on reaching out to the LGBT community, and it shows in the airline’s inclusive, equality-minded advertising and branding.

However, my friend posted a screenshot of Delta’s very gay-friendly (targeted) landing page he saw this afternoon. Someone in the marketing department is thirsty.

It’s OK to want it all.

Find all the perks you need, indeed, Delta.

We’ve touched on (no pun intended) the mile high club on this blog before, but this might be the first time an airline has seemingly encouraged it, in Comfort+, no less.

Without even so much as a signature Delta red blanket for modesty’s sake!

The funny thing is, if only the bottom of the photo weren’t cropped just so, the image might be just a bit more PG-rated. But then again, it wouldn’t be nearly as saucy and fun.

Caption contest time! Funniest caption in the comments below gets a $100 Delta gift card. Winners announced Monday, so get your comments in by midnight (West Coast time) on Sunday, August 9.

(Tip of the hat to Bill H.!)


  1. “*Asian/hispanic lesbian couple not shown. This picture has been modified to fit your screen.”

  2. Economy Comfort +. Though there are those times you regretting having more space.(Just say you thought it was your lap belt.)

  3. Delta Comfort +, where a helping hand is there whenever you need it. For anything…sky’s the limit.

  4. And I thought a bj was the gay hello. In any case, looks like Delta just got a free LGBT focus group outta this. Apparently gay-friendly advertising really does work. Who cares about the devaluation of Sky Pesos, I’m flying Delta!

  5. 1) Delta Comfort +, extra width, more length

    2) Delta Comfort +, extra room to be neighbourly

    3) Delta Comfort +, where you can fit more in

    4) Delta Comfort +, so relaxing that anything is possible!

    5) Detla Comfort +, from top to bottom we’ve got everything you need

  6. “Shaniqua flew Alaskan Airlines. Lets meet in the sky klub after the flight. I’ll show you what it feels like to really fly.”

  7. “Now bookable on EWE-CAN-SUK-HIS-DIC, all in spacious Comfort+!”

    Those are ALL airports!

  8. Bringing ‘in-flight entertainment’ and a bit more pitch to new heights. Introductory offer – Flight-deck and cockpit tours FREE! Try Delta Cumfort + Now!

  9. Left guy: “I’ve never had a black one before.”

    Right guy: “Ima take good care of you.”

  10. Do you find it difficult to assume the brace-for-impact position?

    Find all the room you need in Delta Comfort+

  11. Did you hear that Delta is opening an all gay version of the Sky Club? It will be called The Cockpit.

  12. @tim: Sort of! No less so than when, say, Ben posts about inflight safety videos or hotel toiletries!

  13. “When you sit on it, it feels almost like first class. – Obviously, we are talking about the seat here. Or are we?”

  14. Four extra inches. Just what I wanted.

    [I got this one, too! But I’m straight, so I guess it was just up there. I did laugh, though.]

  15. For the few moaning about this somewhat non-core OMAAT article (it is about an airline after all), take a deep breath. This is far from the silliest thing ever posted on OMAAT (at least it’s funny, whether you are gay or straight, unlike some of those other articles), and as far as innuendo goes, there’s been plenty elsewhere in articles here on OMAAT (so it’s not like anybody who regularly reads OMAAT is going to be surprised). Lucky even posted a picture of his underwear using a superfluous topic, just this week lol.

    You don’t have to read OMAAT articles from top to bottom, including comments, if it is clear from the first few paragraphs that the article won’t interest you (and it’s all spelt out pretty well in those first few paragraphs of this article here). The rest of us are enjoying making as many jokes as we can 🙂

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