Video Of Virgin Atlantic 747 Being Passed By UFO?!

In terms of things which make you go “hmmmm,” a video has surfaced of a Virgin Atlantic 747 taking off from New York and being overtaken by a UFO. I use the term “UFO” in the literal sense — an unidentified flying object — and not to suggest it’s some sort of spacecraft from another planet.

The Daily Mail — the pinnacle of reputable, investigative journalism — published the story yesterday:

This is the moment a plane enthusiast captured a UFO overtaking a flight during take-off from New York JFK airport.

The footage, from July 7, appears to show the object flying past the Virgin Atlantic plane at high speed.

The peculiar object has led to speculation that it may be an extraterrestrial craft.

Here’s the video:

So what is the footage actually of? I’m guessing there’s some optical illusion involved here, given the distance between the object and the Virgin Atlantic 747. I suspect it’s not a bird, given the speed at which it’s moving and the distance in relation to the plane.

That being said, it looks to me like it could almost be a plane climbing out of JFK from a perpendicular runway. It does seem to be flying in a pretty straight path. Or heck, it does seem to be quite a ways in the distance, so it could also be a military aircraft.

So yeah, while I do believe in intelligent life on other planets, I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess it was from Planet Earth.

What do you make of the “UFO” visible in the video?


  1. @Lucky,
    Couldn’t it have been some aircraft conducting routine training for the military, after all aircrafst like the F-15E can fly up to Mach 2.5?

  2. Or it could have been some plain old editing from Conspiracy Theorists waiting spark off a debate.

  3. @Chandan Bhat – I can’t imagine the US military conducting exercises like that so close to JFK or NYC without announcing it in advance.

  4. Damn! This means nothing at all… we see this all so often – its just a function of how far the 2 moving objects are from the camera…

    Here – I can move my finger faster from one corner to another within the field of view of a camera, than the plane which is going so slow in some distance… does my finger qualify to be termed as actually moving faster than that plane? Or is it also a UFO ???

  5. 1) Record drone flyby with lousy camera.
    2) Use video editing software to erase drone when it passes in front of tail and wing.
    3) ???
    4) Profit

  6. Calling occupants of inter-stellar craft
    Calling occupants of inter-stellar craft, most extra-ordinary craft

    You’ve been observing our Earth
    And we’d like to make contact with you

    Please interstellar policeman
    Oh won’t you give us a sign
    Give us a sign that we’ve reached you – Ooooo woooo a-wooo a-wooo oooo

    Lol 🙂
    (apologies to the Carpenters)

  7. Thank you for recognizing the definition of UFO – so often the term is used interchangeably with flying saucers.

    After all, if it’s unidentified, how could one identify it as extraterrestrial?

  8. “The Daily Mail — the pinnacle of reputable, investigative journalism —”

    Bahahahahahaha!!! That’s right, narrowly beating Fox News to the accolade!

  9. It looks like a bird, in the foreground. It looks to me like it flaps once as it passes the cockpit.

    The apparent speed relative to the 747 implies it’s a lot closer to the camera, it can’t possibly be in the background (unless it’s reaaallly fast, like a flying saucer, wooo!) So it must be something small moving quite slowly. And I swear it looks like it’s flapping towards the end of the flight.

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