Fall 2015 IHG Rewards Club PointBreaks Hotels Now Bookable For Just 5,000 Points

A few days ago I wrote about the upcoming PointBreaks deals for fall, which is one of the most lucrative promotions in the hotel industry, whereby select hotels are bookable for just 5,000 points per night.

Well, while the PointBreaks list hasn’t yet been updated, the hotels participating in the promotion are now bookable for 5,000 points per night! Simply go to the individual hotel’s website in order to book a stay at the PointBreaks rate.


As a reminder, IHG Rewards Club’s PointBreaks promotion is traditionally one of the best promotions in the hotel industry. Through this promotion, select hotels are available for just 5,000 points per night. Since IHG Rewards Club points can be indirectly purchased for 0.7 cents each, that’s like booking stays at certain hotels for just $35 per night.

Also keep in mind that last year IHG Rewards Club updated the terms of PointBreaks bookings, and you can only book two stays per hotel per promotion:

Due to the limited availability, each member may only book two PointBreaks® Reward Nights reservations per hotel during the special offer time period.

Beyond that, those with the the IHG® Rewards Club Select Credit Card, also receive 10% off award redemptions, reducing the cost even further. You’d get a refund of 500 IHG Rewards Club points for each PointBreaks night you book.

Here’s a map IHG put together of the participating PointBreaks properties:

And then here’s the full list of participating hotels:

Hotels in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East:

Hotels in Europe:

Hotels in the Americas:

Bottom line

With over 160 properties participating in this round of PointBreaks, it’s one of the more extensive lists out there, and there are potentially some very good deals if these properties fit with your travel plans. Paying less than $40 a night is a solid deal for all of these hotels, so if you’re interested I’d act fast!

Will you be booking any of these hotels for just 5,000 points?


  1. The system allowed me to book 3 rooms (3 separate bookings at the same hotel)… Would they cancel one??

  2. IHG seems to be up to their old tricks. While trying to burn through the last of my PC points I tried to book a points break hotel minutes after the listing went live. Only to figure out the Saturday of my intended stay was ‘sold out’. I was offered a promo $ rate several times while speaking with customer service. This is the type of thing that drove me into the loving arms of SPG.

  3. @BC Traveler–does IHG have a stated policy that a room for sale must also be available for reward redemption? I ran into the same thing although I was able to book a couple of nights in VT during peak foliage season on alternate dates.

  4. @Gaurav
    I could be wrong but I think the IHG policy is that each hotel has to make at least 5% of the inventory available for redemption. Any inventory more than 5% is up to each hotel to decide.

  5. @Jason–that is good to know. Of course in New England this is peak foliage season so it’s hard to tell if people already booked award rooms before the Points Break list was released. Very annoying.

  6. This is a marketing gimmick now. Last 2 cycles of “points breaks” I tried to book a hotel the day the list is live and it was sold out. They have inventory so low and restrictions are so high for this “gimmick” that it has turned into a joke. Of course the outdated ratty hotels in the middle of nowhere no one wants to stay at you might still be able to book if you hurry!…don’t let the bed bugs bite! LOL 🙂

  7. Oh another funny thing I got a sense of false hope when I saw a nice hotel in a major city that I needed still had the month of august open as my hand shook in shock and unbelievable anxiety that I might actually get a deal after all I see that the rewards nights are available as I look at the calander in disbelief could it be true?? am I dreaming?? is this a drug induced hallucination?……..I slowly click the page and get ready to make my reservation..my body tingles in anticipation…

    AHHH HA!! they are back up to 25,000 points a night already and it’s not even August yet!

    HA! IHG wins again!! You tricky hucksters! So sly…giving me false hope. 🙂

    Those bean counters over at IHG must be getting some twisted sick enjoyment over this me thinks.

  8. Not sure why IHG even does this because the hotels on the list clear up so fast you never knew they were available. Why make a list and take them off so fast?

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