1. It’s your favorite sketch comedy show, yet someone else had to “stumble across” one of their sketches from a year ago?

  2. I just don’t find Key & Peele funny at all. I watch the sketches and get that it’s “humorous” but they just flat out are not funny. It’s like when you understand a painting is “art” because it’s a person’s creative output but you know it’s not actually good. Paint splatters by Jackson Pollack are masterpieces. Paint platters by my 4 year old nephew are “art”. Key & Peele are the paint splatters by a 4 year old nephew of the comedy world.

  3. Totally agree mike. Slap stick comedy just doesn’t do it for me. It’s so juvenile and forced. It’s got enough laughs to fill a 30 second sketch, yet they try to stretch it to 5 times that.

  4. Ben, what’s your opinion about SPG Flights? No blackout dates, anytime – anywhere. Redemption rate is around 1.2 cents / point. You can earn 4 points / dollar spent. It’s at least a 4.5% (4.8% to be exact) return in all circumstances without any hassle.

  5. Pu, while you may not find it funny it is also not slap stick comedy. Like saying you don’t like a continental breakfast because you hate eggs Benedict and smoked salmon.

  6. @ 31583 — I think that’s a terrible value, personally. I value Starpoints at 2.2 cents each, so redeeming them for just over half of that doesn’t strike me as a very good value.

  7. @ Mike — Heh! I suppose it’s an acquired taste, and due to the type of comedy it’s something some will love and others won’t find funny at all. Sorry you didn’t enjoy it.

  8. @ Bob — I live in hotels full time, so I don’t really watch TV. I’ve seen well over a hundred Key & Peele clips on YouTube, though.

  9. Kenk, while it may not be slap stick, his other point is on the money. These sketches are enough for 30-60 seconds of comedy. If they kept them at that they’d probably be hilarious. They drag the joke out for way too long and kill it.

  10. Ben, have you seen the Amy Schumer sketch about the “U” Hotel? “Where it’s all about ‘U'”… I think you will like it…

  11. Hmm… the sketch on the episode was longer and included poking fun at W’s naming for their fitness center… see if you can find the full sketch version…

  12. @dmodemd

    You are thinking of a sketch from Amy’s standup where she is making fun of the W. “Our gym is call ‘sweat’, cause that is what you do there. Amy: Oh yeah, where can I find ‘shit’ then…” Try Season 2 Episode 4.

  13. Why is this funny? Continental is code for “uncooked breakfast”.

    Who seriously believes continental breakfast offered by hotels outside Europe will resemble the cheese/cold cuts offerings associated with the type of breakfast you get in Europe???

    Perhaps the European Union needs to impose Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) to continental breakfast as per EU Regulations 1151/2012 to restrict the use of the term “Continental Breakfast”? LOL !!!

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