Great Deal: US To Europe For $550!

Via TheFlightDeal, American and US Airways are offering some great fares between North America and Europe.

The cheapest routes seem to be between New York or Philadelphia and Amsterdam, but there are also good fares out of other hub cities as well.


A 28-day advance purchase is required, but availability looks decent for travel this fall and next spring.


Finding these fares

The best option is to search on ITA Matrix or Google Flights for the exact flights you’re interested in, then book directly via the airline websites. You can also book using an online travel agent like Orbitz or Priceline.


Does this work in the other direction?

Unfortunately no. Deal fares like this typically only work between certain origins and corresponding destinations. You can’t reverse the order of the cities and get the same deal.

Stay tuned though, as there are often fantastic fares leaving Europe, particularly in premium cabins.

Bottom line

While I have more than re-qualified for elite status this year, I’m strongly considering booking one of these for next spring. This fare is being offered by American, and Executive Platinums receive eight systemwide upgrades which are valid even on deep-discount economy fares, and while these flights have a terrible business class product, it’s still better than Economy.

Even if you’re not an American EXP though, if you’re looking for cheap flights to Europe, this is a great price!

Anyone booking one of these? When are you going?


  1. Decent price, but I’ve spent too much time in the back of US B752s to fly this one. Probably one of the worst Y products over the Atlantic.

  2. @PW It might be one of the worst products over the Atlantic, but actual flight time PHL-AMS is not particularly longer than a PHL-LAX flight. Of course, if not flying ex-PHL with a connection (from another East Coast City) it’s perhaps not such a great trip from the elapsed trip time perspective. Alas, DL/KLM does not fly ex-PHL so this does not surprise me very much.
    @lucky, come back to AMS! 🙂

  3. US/Amsterdam

    OK I found a date in late April at a great price /NY/ PHL/AMS, as you suggested
    when i tried to price at PHL/AMS got a price at double?
    was hoping to add on a LAX to PHL then the bargain fare
    why would they discourage eliminating the wasted NY leg
    I’m AA Plat flyer

  4. @patRICK SMITH, while I do believe it is available PHL-AMS-PHL on some dates… one reason for what you mention is that PHL-AMS nonstop is controlled by AA (nonstop) with no competition from SkyTeam DL/KLM (nonstop) to a SkyTeam hub (AMS). Whereas in the NYC market, AA is trying to grab business from DL/KLM and also UA. (and AA has no nonstop service NYC-AMS) I was actually “slightly surprised” they offered it on the nonstop ex-PHL route.

  5. Thanks for the tip, Ben. Blog readers might be interested to know that flights to selected cities (not Paris) have some very cheap business class return fares.

    I also noticed two things that might be worth your looking into. First, although I am EXP, when signed into my account I could not see systemwide upgrades for any flights, which is unusual. Second, when reserving a flight economy outbound and business class return, an AA webpage I’ve never seen before asked if I wanted to lock in business class upgrades now for the outbound flights — for the same very cheap fare. Could this be the beginning of AA selling upgrades rather than offering confirmable VIP upgrades?

  6. Hi Lucky,

    How do I request upgrade after I purchase ticket? I am looking at the upgrade chart with copay and miles on, I am not elite member, How many days prior to departure would I be able to call to request? Can I request for roundtrip within one call? Or maybe you can show me how to look up upgrade availability, certain kind of fare code? Thanks.

  7. @ Ryan — You can call right when you purchase your ticket, and they can add you to the waitlist. The odds of it clearing are not great if you’re not an elite member though 🙁

  8. I see. That’s fair to elite members. Thanks for your response. BTW I like your icon very much.

  9. Thanks for the complete headline, Lucky… “US to…”!
    Saves us 20% of non-American readers a swath of frustration and wasted time 🙂

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