Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card Discontinuing First Friday Bonus In 2016

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The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card is one of the best all around credit cards, not only because it offers double points on dining and travel, but in particular because those Ultimate Rewards points are so valuable.

In addition to offering double points on dining, they’ve had a promotion for a couple of years — called First Friday — whereby they offer triple points on dining on the first Friday of every month when paying with the CSP.


As such it’s not really a game changer, though it did make paying with the card more fun on the first Friday of every month, and I think it was smart from Chase’s perspective — it jogged peoples’ memory to use the card on a specific day, and hopefully keep using it similarly after that.

This is just a reminder that Chase will be discontinuing the 3x points First Friday promotion as of 2016. I don’t view this as a huge deal one way or another. It was a nice promotion that earned me some bonus points, though wasn’t really a game changer for the card as such.

On one hand I’m surprised they’re discontinuing it, though my guess is that it’s simply because the promotion wasn’t gaining much traction, so it wasn’t worth promoting anymore.

Dining is more rewarding than ever before

For what it’s worth, in general I think we’re better positioned than ever before for earning bonus points on dining. All three “major” transferrable points currencies have cards which offer double points on dining, including:

On top of that, as far as business credit cards go, the Ink Business Cash℠ Credit Card also offers double points on dining. While the points accrued on that card are cash back, in conjunction with the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card those points can be used as “premium” Ultimate Rewards points, which can be converted into airline miles in any Ultimate Rewards airline or hotel transfer partner program.

Which card do I use for dining spend?

I’m a big fan of all three major bank-issued transferrable points currencies, and have six figure balances with all of them. So which card do I use most for dining?

For what it’s worth, my valuation of the transferrable points currencies is as follows:

  • American Express Membership Rewards: 1.8 cents per point
  • Chase Ultimate Rewards: 1.8 cents per point
  • Citi ThankYou: 1.6 cents per point

So at the moment I’m splitting dining spend between the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card and Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express. My non-US dining spend is going on the former, while my choice otherwise comes down to whether my balance of Membership Rewards points or Ultimate Rewards points is greater.

Which card are you using for your dining spend nowadays?

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  1. Lucky on 7.16.15: “For what it’s worth, in general I think we’re better positioned than ever before for earning bonus points on dining.”

    Lucky on 7.7.15: “It’s rare to find a card that offers double points on dining, which is a key expense for many people, so that’s a win right away.”

  2. Meh – I never made a purchase I otherwise wouldn’t have made on the first Friday of the month so hardly a benefit loss to me.

  3. Sure it may not be a huge benefit, but any benefit that goes away sucks. I’ve been able to take advantage of this benefit more than a handful of times including some 4 digit dinner bills.

  4. I love my Sapphire, but I gotta say..

    – No more annual points dividend
    – No more travel partners in the gutted UR mall
    – No more 3x dining on Fridays

    Death by a thousand cuts?

  5. As long as you got the card before they discontinued the annual dividend, you still get the 7% dividend through the end of this year. So in that sense, the CSP is clearly better than the AmEx Gold for all dining through the end of 2015.

  6. Watch out everyone, I bet the days of Ink 5x at office supply stores are limited. It is pure speculation, Chase seems to feel that they have been too generous recently and that bonus has a big target on it.

  7. Just another reason to dump the card and I did
    They stopped caring about the relationship from the corporate side
    added to that
    BA is severely devalued United is severely devalued and now Chase Sapphire is devaluing
    And awards are tough to get
    Hotel program transfers maybe but not great value for certain just meh
    Ultimate Rewards website going down the toilet
    The end result I am in Citi Prestige and Citi Thank You card high spender
    Now that gift cards are 7 dollars each and limited to 200 dollars each I highly doubt that Ink has any huge liability for their 5 points per dollar earn in fact its almost a yawn now IMHO
    Once they kill that it will make perfect sense to be with Amex. I dare them to try
    Chase is falling fast.
    A nod to their generally good customer service though the one feather in their cap
    My next card is a 3% cash rebate card

  8. @ Reader 1999 — Wow, very interesting. Have never experienced that before… but very smart!

  9. I’m thinking the exact same thing as James — 7% annual dividend, 3% First Friday, and the UR mall has been abysmal lately.

    I know Chase wants to maximize profits, BUT it’s a 2-way street. We want to maximize our points and their value. They’re forgetting that it’s no longer Chase vs. Amex. Citi’s made some real inroads. Ultimately, Chase is forgetting that WE have what they want (transaction fees, possibly interest for those who aren’t careful), not the other way around.

    If they cut anything else, I’m cashing out my points and I’m gone.

  10. Lucky-
    Whats the best way to blow out some ultimate rewards points in your opinion? I’ve got 150k and I know you would not think twice about dropping it on a reward in first class somewhere but Im looking for value. So I guess what im asking is what is the most efficient use…

  11. @Reader1999: very interesting. I’m wondering what type of technology they’re using to get into the radio of the offending car, if it’s DAB or something else.

    My car is equipped with a somewhat similar system (Bosch Mobility Solutions, just about every toy they offer). If someone starts tailgating my car, my car automatically starts slowing down and increasing the following distance to compensate for the reduced reaction time the driver behind me. Usually the offending party takes offense to my car’s decrease in speed and passes. The closer they get, the more it slows down.

    Similarly, it’s constantly measuring the speed and distance of vehicles around me and won’t let me get too close to the vehicle in front of me. In fact, we had to teach it what a drive-thru was. I guess they’re not terribly common in Germany, thus it thought these were toll booths and would maintain an appropriate distance for that instead.

  12. @ Mike — I’d say Korean Air SkyPass for travel in Korean Air first class, as well as Singapore KrisFlyer for travel in Singapore first class, are two fantastic uses.

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