JetBlue’s Spot On (And Hilarious) Flight Etiquette Videos

Airplane etiquette is something which seems to be getting worse and worse over the years.

It seems that not only passengers feel that way, but also the airlines. Over the past several months, JetBlue has uploaded a series of videos about flight etiquette. Today JetBlue released the last video of the series, and they’re spot on as could be. Not only are the videos hilarious, but hopefully they subtly nudge some people about “proper” plane etiquette.

Here’s Episode 1, entitled “Take A Nap:”

And Episode 2, entitled “Make An Exit:”

And Episode 3, entitled “Overshare:”

And Episode 4, entitled “Pack A Snack:”

And lastly Episode 5, entitled “Board A Flight:”

The last one, which was just uploaded today, is probably my favorite of the bunch.

What a brilliant series from JetBlue. It’s not only entertaining, but hopefully also educational (to some)!

(Tip of the hat to Wandering Aramean)


  1. The last one is pretty funny but airlines are the ones to blame for that behavior. On airlines that board by zone, being in front of the line (when your zone is called) could mean have your carry on on board vs having it gate checked. Airlines do not enforce carry on policy and passengers take advantage of that boarding with monster bags and packages.

  2. About packing snacks on planes, I’ve actually never done so. Actually, I have once packed some mini pretzel sticks on a United flight, but the FA told me to put it away (she said it wasn’t allowed). What are the rules with snacks on a plane? Does it depend by the airline, or is the general rule just to be polite?

  3. The first half of that last one with the Inception sound was really funny. Last half, not so much.

  4. @betterbub. Really? A United FA told you you couldn’t bring on board your own snack? I find that hard to believe even for UA which once had an FA lie to me and told me no infant meals were on board, contrary to the previous FA who confirm our order was on board.

    But what is really needed are videos and announcements like on Japan Airlines which have FA’s announcing in English and Japanese to “be mindful of the passenger behind you when reclining” and “to not talk on your cell phone as it may disturb your neighbors”. Talk like that in the US will have people screaming about civil liberties, entitlement to recline, freedom of speech, etc.

  5. @askmrlee

    It was indeed true on a flight from Hong Kong to Chicago, where I didn’t feel like arguing my case and I just put the baggie of pretzel sticks away. The FA wasn’t rude at all about it, but was firm, and I didn’t bother to ask any other FAs if the rules stated were indeed the rules listed.

  6. How about the way some people dress on flights these days? Pretty sad reflection on our society.

  7. @betterbub – yikes! I once brought an entire pizza on a Southwest flight, and shared with neighboring passengers. The FA played a joke on me at first telling me very sternly that it was a safety hazard and that she had to dispose of the pizza. I sheepishly said, “I understand,” then she started cracking up and told me to enjoy!

    I wish Southwest and JetBlue flew internationally. 🙁

  8. What is “the proper way” to “make an exit”? I thought that it was appropriate to not wake someone else up and just sneak through the front?

  9. Funny videos.

    While I agree the behaviour of the sleeper in the first clip was atrocious I feel the young lady could have moved to the vacant seat!

  10. Low cost airlines in Asia don’t allow. passengers to bring food on flights. If the FAs see it happen they’ll tell the passenger to eat it quickly and make them feel bad. I’ve brought my filled water bottle on board without the FAs mentioning anything, though. I’ve never heard of a US carrier banning it, though.

  11. @ Jay — I tend to think you should wake them up if you really have to go, as you don’t want to end up having them wake up mid-accidental lap dance. Perhaps the bigger issue in the video was the amount she was drinking. If I’m in a window seat I try to control how much I drink a bit more.

  12. @ betterbub — I’ve never heard that before. You should absolutely be able to bring on your own snacks.

  13. Awesome that someone is addressing these issues. Please make one based on the middle seat space. I have experienced in some way each of the topics you’ve videoed. I want to see your take on the person in the middle seat. Shouldn’t we have at least the 2 arm rests. Usually the case is neither arm rest. Ill be looking for a new video. Another one could be on carry-ons, some people really abuse their privileges regarding what and how many bags they can carry on.

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