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I first wrote about the Sheraton Free Weekends promotion in early June, when details of it were first leaked. This promotion is live as of today, and is arguably one of the most lucrative promotions of the summer.


Registration is now open for the Sheraton Free Weekends promotion, which is valid for stays between July 9 and September 30, 2015. Starwood is calling this the richest Sheraton focused SPG promotion in the history of the program, and I think they’re right.


Basic terms of Sheraton Free Weekends promotion

Here are the basic terms of the promotion:

  • Nights can be earned at any Sheraton hotel between July 9–September 30, 2015; regardless of when you book.
  • Book your Sheraton stay via any Starpoint eligible channel to earn your nights and Starpoints.
  • Add up any five Sheraton nights — they don’t need to be consecutive — to earn your free weekend nights.
  • Earn up to three Sheraton Free Weekend Night Awards.
  • Award nights can be used separately or combined and redeemed for any Friday, Saturday or Sunday nights through December 13, 2015, at all Sheraton hotels and resorts.
  • All Sheraton hotel and resorts are available for free night redemption. Choose from New York, Milan, Maui, Los Cabos, Bali, London and more.

For full details, check out the terms & conditions and the FAQs.

How valuable is the Sheraton Free Weekends promotion?

How much value can you get out of this promotion? Well, this is an extreme example, but you could do five nights at a Sheraton in Arizona for $79 per night.


And then you could redeem your free night at the Sheraton in the Maldives, which retails for $500+ per night.


As I said above, of course that’s an extreme example, but there are plenty of other instances in which you can get quite a bit of value out of this promotion. For example, the Sheratons in Waikiki and New York regularly go for $300+ per night:



So when you crunch the numbers, that’s still quite a bit of “return” you’re getting for each Sheraton stay.

My only concern with the promotion is the limited redemption window. The promotion runs through September 15, 2015, and the terms state that it can take 2-4 weeks for the free weekend night certificates to post to eligible accounts (in practice I’m guessing they’ll likely post faster than that).

That means if you earn them towards the end of the promotion, it could be October before you get your certificates, and you have to redeem them for stays by December 13, 2015. Personally I won’t have any issues with redeeming in that timeframe, though it is something to be aware of if you have limited time to travel.

Stack Sheraton Free Weekends with other promotions

What makes the Sheraton Free Weekends promotion especially lucrative is that it can stacked with Starwood’s other summer promotions:


Bottom line

This summer has ended up being much more lucrative on the hotel promotion front than I was expecting, and the Sheraton Free Weekends promotion is one of the best of the summer. While I don’t view this as a promotion which is worth mattress running for, I do think it’s worth going out of your way to stay at Sheratons for stays you’d make anyway. This of course assumes that you’d be able to redeem the free night certificates in the (fairly) limited redemption window.

Do you plan on taking advantage of the Sheraton Free Weekends promotion?


  1. I wonder if the Park Lane London, which I believe is technically a Sheraton though not labeled publicly as such, would count for redemptions for this promotion? If so that could be another great option.

  2. Could you use the Citi a Prestige 4th night free benefit to book SPG stays for this promotion?

  3. @ Chris — Yeah, you sure could. When you use the Citi Prestige Card fourth night free benefit it posts as a qualifying stay for all four nights.

  4. Thanks Lucky for the info…
    Question – I have 14 nights upcoming at Sheraton Zagreb in August.
    2 RMS @ 7 N Each … Both rooms crediting to my SPG Account.
    Think I’ll get credit for 2 WKND Certs?
    LOVE your blog – Keep up the great work! SC

  5. Thanks for info. I will probably go for two certificates this time (5 nights from planned trip – Sheraton Abu Dhabi & Sheraton Dubai Creek), and 5 nights from mattress run – Sheraton Dreamland, Cat 1, about $64-70 as I am based in Cairo).

    @ Lucky, two quick questions:
    1) How long would it take to actually receive this Certs in account after completing 5 nights?

    2) any recommendation or experience on some “inspirational” Sheraton properties? For the moment, I am considering either Sheraton SGS Bankok or Hong Kong Sheraton (those near my home country) but open for other suggestions.

  6. Lucky,

    Do you think that stays at Sheraton sub-brands will count towards the 5 nights? E.g., Four Points by Sheraton, Sheraton Suites, etc.

  7. I take it that these have to be paid nights to count towards the promotion? (even though award nights count as nights for elite status purposes)

  8. Urgh… This promo would be some much more awesome if you didn’t have to stay on reward nights by the end of the year. But if you can combine it with 1000-points for 2 weekend nights, it makes it pretty compelling.

  9. @ jessie — It could take up to a few weeks for the certificates to post, though in practice I think it will probably be faster. As far as redeeming them goes, the properties in Bangkok and Hong Kong are great, though keep in mind rates at them often aren’t that high. So you may not come out that far ahead if you’re mattress running specifically for the purposes of earning the free nights.

  10. My question is will the free nights earned count towards elite status? My guess is yes since award nights do but it’d be nice to know for sure.

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