Heartwarming Video Of American’s Youngest Pilot (For A Day)!

Earlier in the week American released a beautiful video of something they worked on with Make-A-Wish, to make a young boy’s dream of becoming a pilot a reality… at least for a day.

Check out the video:

It really is amazing how many people/departments came together to make this truly special. Kudos to everyone involved. It can’t help but warm your heart and restore a bit of faith in humanity.


  1. There’s a foundation in The Netherlands that does this all the time, Stichting Hoogvliegers. To give an example, this was at Eindhoven Airport: https://www.stichtinghoogvliegers.nl/fotos-en-tv/187/eindhoven

    This Amsterdam/Schiphol last year: https://www.stichtinghoogvliegers.nl/fotos-en-tv/176/schiphol (this year it was cancelled due to bad weather).

    I used to be a volunteer with them for 4 years. It’s really great to see all those children having so much fun!

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