Best 45 Minute Flight Ever? “This Makes Cathay Look Like Easyjet!”

I’ve reviewed a good number of first class products on the blog over the years. And I’d argue I’ve reviewed just about all the world’s best products — ANA, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Etihad, Japan Airlines, Qatar, Singapore, etc.

But there’s one airline which has developed a heck of a reputation, which I’ve yet to fly. So we drew straws here at One Mile at a Time to see who would have to suffer through it, and Nick lost. šŸ˜‰

He flew said airline this morning, and simply sent me the following email:


I can’t even.
I want to move in.

This makes Cathay look like Easyjet.

I am in love.

They even gave me something breakfasty!!!!!



In fairness, Nick is a SkyTeam flyer, so I’m sure he would have also considered China Southern first class to be a “game changing” product if we had flownĀ him in that instead (“they even served me apple juice in a martini glass and week-old pastries… before takeoff!”). šŸ˜‰


Stay tuned for Nick’s full review!


  1. You can click the picture and see the file title. I won’t say which airline it is, though.

  2. Looks like Garuda’s first class product, so I’m guessing the London-Amsterdam route. The next question would be was this flight the only one taken or part of a larger itinerary? Because reviews of Garuda’s newest products are few and far between…

  3. Suffer through it? Sounds like Nick didn’t suffer! I’m guessing Garuda, but I could be wrong.

  4. Garuda is a real game changer now. They are the latest airline to receive a 5 star sky trax rating, and is the only Skyteam member in the 5 star airlines.

    So it’s in the same league as NH, SQ, CX, OZ, QR! (MH is under review this year…..) Not surprising.

  5. It’s Garuda. You can see their logo on the antimacassar in the first pic and on the napkin ring in the second.

  6. LOL apple Juice in martini glass. Yes Garuda is one heck of a 5 star airline. One of my fav products out there, not to mention the hot flight attendants.

  7. So, how does one redeem for that short segment? And, how is Garuda’s economy class service within Asia? Anyone?

  8. Definetely Garuda lol. @John: It is very good. Just got off GA899 from CAN to CGK in 738 Y, delayed for 5 hours due to late inbound flight due to a fire in CGK. They gave us a 100 yuan dinner voucher per person. They also gave us welcome drinks and small amenities kit on a freakin 4 hoursish flight. Food was okay (as expected from China). The crew was all smiles and attentive. Definetely deserves the 5 star ranking.

  9. C’mon guys. It’s China Southern. You can see it plainly printed (a little out of focus) on the menu in the last photo.

  10. It’s GA! šŸ˜‰

    They’re awesome! Even in J for short hops. Ground services in CGK for international J beats SQ for friendliness & great service. It’s my choice when flying into or out of Indonesia.

  11. China Southern – which is on the menu AND logo on the hot towel
    although why would the file names say Garuda-Indonesia….

  12. @Rich and @Jerry – I don’t suppose neither of you realise that the China Southern photo is used simply to illustrate lucky’s last paragraph?

  13. I too was entertained by “antimacassar”. Thanks Al. šŸ™‚ I never knew until just now (when I looked it up) what macassar is.

  14. The first two photos are from Garuda Indonesia: the seat with glossy wood panels, and the champagne served, they serve both Billecart-Salmon CuvĆ©e Nicolas FranƧois Billecart (the one shown) and Laurent-Perrier RosĆ© NV. Garuda has an excellent first class product. There is considerable demand on the Tokyo to Denpasar route and the Japanese are raving about it, it’s competing with Japan Airlines first class also on the same route. The third photo is from China Southern. And yeah, I laughed on the ‘apple juice in a martini glass and week-old pastries’ part. Everything’s out of place at China Southern.

  15. The third photo is CS, first two are GA. Look at the text above number 3 about china southern, it was just to prove the point about the juice and pastries.

  16. The problem with skyteam is you can’t fly partner’s first class. Even if you have each sky team members own miles, it’s a nightmare to redeem the award. KE you need to fill out an application form, and call it “bonus seat”, GA you need to physically go to a ticketing office to apply for it, and as for AF, Tiffany had said enough.

    There is no fun in mileage game with sky team.

  17. @John: Garuda in economy is great! Matter of fact I am writing this post waiting at Jakarta airport for my flight back to SIN.
    I commute SIN-CGK-SIN every other week, and also do quite a bit of domestic flying within Indonesia (Surabaya, Solo, Semarang, Medan) for work.
    Have to say service is great, aircraft are new, just overall a good product with an affordable price tag – almost all routes compete with the likes of Air Asia Indonesia, Lion Air etc.
    For example, I paid SGD 444 (approx. USD 330) for SIN-CGK(stop)-SOC (stop) / SRG – CGK (stop) – SIN. Good price for a 4-segment flight, considering I was able to sit in exit row in all of them as well.

    Will be flying to Australia early August and I am intrigued to fly them longhaul also over SQ (my “normal” preferred carrier of choice). Unfortunately they have very limited international routes and it seems they are cutting down further.

    Garuda definitely gets a thumbs-up from me!

  18. @ JOhn — Unfortunately there’s no good way to redeem miles for the short segment. You can book through Garuda’s own program, but it’s not a good deal. Best off just paying.

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