Video Of Paris Hilton Thinking Her Plane Is Crashing

It’s not often I feel bad for Paris Hilton, though this might be one of those cases. The heiress/businesswoman/video star was recently in Dubai for the opening of a new hotel. She was apparently invited onto a flight for an aerial tour of Dubai, which was really part of an Egyptian prank shows… supposedly unbeknownst to her.

Once the plane takes off all kinds of things go wrong, to the point that she thinks she’s going to die. Here’s some of the footage:

And here’s an Australian TV segment about it:

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t find pranks involving you thinking you’re going to lose your life to be funny. It’s one thing to fall victim to a mild prank where you’re worried, but when you get to the point where someone thinks they’re going to die, well, that’s just cruel.

All that being said, call me a conspiracy theorist, but I almost feel like Paris Hilton may have been in on the setup. She doesn’t strike me as the type of person who would get on a plane like that for an aerial tour without there being anything in it for her. So is it totally out of the realm of possibility that she knew exactly what was going on and played along because they knew it would make a great story? It’s a great way for her to generate goodwill, since I’d guess just about anyone feels some compassion for her after seeing that.

Am I the only one who thinks she may have been in on it? Anyone find the prank funny?


  1. You had me going when I read “Video of Paris Hilton Thinking” but lost interest when I saw it didn’t end there.

  2. I am not a fan of Paris Hilton but she is a saint and genius compared to the likes of some ppl u see on tv today….including that one family that has an african american fetish….kinda like when people have yellow fever in asia LOL (yes I do not care if my comment in racist)

  3. @Jay… Learn to type and spell while you’re at it, but you’re probably too busy being racist to make the time.

  4. That is awful! Yes, few people care for Paris Hilton but I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. This goes beyond a prank!

    As much as I thought I would laugh at this clip, upon watching the video one can only think of themselves onboard any flight going through distress.

    Just awful, and mean spirited!!

  5. @ Lucky, in the US, this “prank” would clearly qualify as an actionable tort in just about any state, and a slam dunk one at that. And generally, if I’m running a TV or radio show, it would make sense not to tee up a legal action when the potential plaintiff’s last name is “Hilton.” They have the money to completely bury your legal team. No idea what the law is Dubai/Egypt on this.

  6. That could give her real anxiety about flying for years. Something like that happened to me and I went from enjoying flying to being anxious with every little bump for years. If I were her I’d sue them for everything they have or until they were bankrupted with legal fees. If it were me I’d pummel the guy into the next week.

  7. If this was indeed a legit prank then that was totally taking it too far. I love a good prank as much as the next guy but surely the line must be drawn when the prank involves tricking someone into thinking he or she is going to die.

    Having said that I wouldn’t be surprised if Paris was in on it from the start.

  8. @Rob: In that part of the world, especially in the Gulf states, the tort laws are unheard of. They can void the contract they sign with you with impunity. You won’t prevail in court if you are foreigner suing the locals. I am not aware of any other developed countries whose tort laws promote frivolous lawsuits like those of the US.
    @ Lucky: Paris Hiltion is not a Hilton heiress. The chain hotels were sold to the private hedge fund, I think Blackstone but unsure, years ago. Her grandfather built the empire but her father is not as a savvy businessman. Having a wife like Kathy and four kids like theirs will surely run the empire to the ground. Paris received only $5M from her grandfather which already went kaput.

  9. This is legit…it’s a show that pranks Arab celebrities (not sure how Paris got involved) and sadly, is doing great in the ratings and tending on social media (how sad for us Arabs if this passes for top local entertainment). The only good part is watching the pissed off celebrities attacking the obnoxious host once they land…

    But yeah, I don’t know what is more sad, the fact that someone came up with a dumb show like this, or the fact that so many people watch and enjoy it (there is even a Lebanese version of the show also).

  10. I met Paris one year ago when she was playing her “Birthday GIG” around the world, and happened to end in the island I live for a couple of days. We have a very nice Cupcakery and we were chosen to cater the sweets to Ms Hilton party. We were excited at first, it was such a big spotlight for our brand.

    The comments I`m about to make are absolutely true. Paris was one of the most kind and lovely person I have ever met in this industry. She really liked the Cupcakes, *yay, I guess*, and she went to the point of inviting me to her dressing room just so she could thank me for baking her Cupcakes and a Cake for Birthday.

    In the dressing room, the had two brazilian waitress that could not communicate so weel in english. She asked their names, as well as every other name in the room, and would address to you calling you by name, multiple times. She was polite, kind and amazing all the way. I honestly couldnt believe I didn`t met a very spoiled girl acting like a diva.

    Just before actually entering the party, she asked everyone if they wanted a picture with her, of course at this point everyone wanted a picture with her.

    This is just an insight about how my perspective changed when I met her. She even flew economy from São Paulo to Florianopolis, in GOL, c`mon, thats awful. She could have requested a private jet.

    And one this is for sure. She is building an empire of her own. I respect that.


    Paris Hilton is making noises about suing the people involved. Don’t think she’d be doing that if she was in on it. Given what globetrotter said above, she may not succeed in local courts, but if they have any assets in the US, she could try to go after those.

    @globetrotter – “I am not aware of any other developed countries whose tort laws promote frivolous lawsuits like those of the US.”

    Except a lawsuit wouldn’t be frivolous in this case.

  12. Her celeb status has been on the wane for a while now …
    Time to spice it up PR wise
    Interesting where she’ll be in 5 years ?
    to the Kadasahians of the future, Lord help us !

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