How Soon Do The Hyatt Visa Free Nights Post?

My wife recently applied for and (barely) got approved for The Hyatt Credit Card. Our thinking was that we’d use the two free nights on our Babymoon in Aruba where the rates at the Hyatt Regency are rather pricey. Of course, the fact that the signup offer is really good right now — $50 statement credit, 5,000 points for adding an authorized user, in addition to the two free nights — didn’t hurt either.

Since that trip is coming up in July, we were kind of in fire drill mode to see how quickly we could get the free nights to show up in her Hyatt Gold Passport account.

It turns out that it’s fast. Very fast.


June 5th: Application

She applied on June 5th and was not instantly approved. She called immediately, provided some more information, and was told that because of the number of Chase cards that she had open, it would require approval by a second level manager. (Again, she doesn’t have more than a handful of Chase cards.)

They didn’t mention any issue with regards to how many other cards she has applied for in the past two years, which again isn’t all that many.

June 15th: Approved

We didn’t hear anything for a while. I was getting nervous. But then she logged into her Chase account, and sure enough, the Hyatt card had been added to her account. Within a couple of hours, she also received an approval email from Chase.

I asked her to call Chase and request the credit card number over the phone so we could put the $1,000 spend on the card. Of course, they declined for security reasons but did offer to expedite the cards via 2nd day air. Fair enough.

June 16th: Hyatt Visa Arrives

The cards actually arrived the next day, a day ahead of when Chase promised. Interestingly, we also got another set of cards three days later, presumably because they had already sent them before we requested expedited delivery.

June 16th: Purchases Made

I completed the spend by purchasing $1,000 of Costco gift cards online. (Actually, I bought $1,025 just to be safe.) I figured Costco was as good a place as any as I don’t think it’s part of any of our regular bonus categories.

costco cash card

June 19th: Charges Post

It looks like Costco didn’t actually charge the card until three days after the order. I guess the card isn’t charged until the order ships? Chase actually posted the transaction on June 21st.

June 25th: Free Nights Post

The free nights showed up in her Hyatt Gold Passport account in the afternoon. (They had not been there when I checked in the morning.) Her Hyatt status was upgraded to Platinum even faster, but I don’t recall the exact date.

Hyatt credit card free night awards

Now That’s Fast

I had read that the two free nights post about 10 days after the qualifying spend is achieved. In this case, it seems like it was more like six days, considering that the three days that Costco sat on the purchase shouldn’t count. Overall, that’s pretty impressive given that I don’t really expect to get the signup bonus until I’ve at least paid the credit card statement.

In hindsight, it seems that ordering cards from Costco online might not be the fastest way to get your spend completed because they may not charge your card until three days later.

Using The Nights

I had planned to use the two free nights as part of our Babymoon in Aruba. Heck, that was the purpose of this fire drill in the first place.

But when I went to book the nights, I realized that the Hyatt Regency Aruba actually makes the Hyatt Olive 8 Seattle look like amateurs in terms of how they manipulate award inventory. I, mean the Hyatt Olive 8 at least tries to make it look like they are out of standard rooms by putting them all in packages.

The Hyatt Aruba doesn’t bother with such subtlety — they’re selling standard rooms on the night in question at the Hyatt Daily Rate, all the while saying that they don’t have any rooms available on points. Lovely fellas. 

hyatt aruba
Hyatt Regency Aruba

I suppose I should take the advice I gave to Nick and reach out to the Hyatt Concierge on FlyerTalk or maybe Jeff Zidell himself since I guess he is interested in hearing about such cases. Or maybe I’ll write more about the issue later.

But for now, we found a charming place on AirBnB that we’re actually quite excited about.

I’m sure we’ll have plenty of opportunities to use them in the next year.

Bottom Line

My wife applied for The Hyatt Credit Card in order to get the two free nights. They posted about six days after completing the spend. Although we won’t get to use them as I had planned, I’m still impressed at how fast they posted.

The information for the Chase Hyatt Visa Card has been collected independently by One Mile at a Time. The card details on this page have not been reviewed or provided by the card issuer.


  1. Stupid question. Why did you not check availability prior to applying for the cards? This feels like a school boy error mistake

  2. Johnny — Yes, availability was there on June 4th. Not on June 25th.

    I guess you think that the nights must post the same day that you apply for the card?

  3. Great hotels like that have nothing when booking less than a month during the summer. Sometimes you have to start 6 months ahead to be assured a room, like I should have done for the Koloa in Kauai, which no longer had rooms in 2016, 3 weeks after I got the points to book. Best to have points or certs in the bank first.

  4. Travis,

    I just applied and was approved over the weekend. Still waiting for my card, but when I do receive the certificates, I want to book at the Andaz Maui. However, reward inventory is nowhere to be seen. I’m looking for Jan/Feb 2016 and even closer out, all I’ve seen was weekdays in November. They aren’t listing any Hyatt Rates rooms for sale. I know there’s been a lot of talk about this, esp with the Olive 8 incident, but do you have any recommendations for this incident given that I’ll only be a Platinum and will not get to a Diamond? Thanks!

  5. Just coming to this very helpful post now.

    @Travis – When are the certificates good for. Exactly one year? One year from the end of the month they’re earned? Thanks.

  6. I added my wife as an authorized user for this card. Can she redeem the free nights for a stay without my presence?

  7. @ Jerrie — The reservation has to be made in the primary account holder’s name (that being said, if you make it in your name and add her as the second guest on the reservation, that might be fine).

  8. Did you add an authorized user? If so, did the 5000 points post as advertised? If so, how long after adding the authorized user or using the authorized user’s card or after meeting the spend? Thank you.

  9. Just another data point: Mine posted even faster–activity posted on 2/9, nights were in my account on the morning of 2/11.

  10. Travis,

    Just wondering: Did you see any evidence whatsoever of this before the nights posted? In other words: When I click on Rewards Details on the Chase website and look at my rewards history, it just says “You have no rewards history to view for that period.”

    I had a little over $1k in charges post on March 2nd, it’s the 7th now – I realize that’s under the amount of time it tells you, but it seems to be a little on the longer side considering the anecdotal turnaround discussed here. Starting to sweat it a little bit, as a 30th birthday trip I’m gifting my wife later this month is hinging on being able to use these nights.

  11. I hit the required spending limit for the two free nights 3 months ago. I finally called Chase and after spending a lot of time on the phone, they said that there was an error in their system and that my two free nights will show up in my Hyatt account within 5-10 days. I am hoping this is true. Just an FYI for anyone else that may have this issue.

  12. Thank you Jose. When they credited the 2 free nights were you given a full year from that date to use them?

  13. When I asked Chase about the 2 free nights posting this is what they said:
    We reviewed your credit card account and confirmed that
    the offer you inquired about is get 2 free nights at Hyatt
    hotels worldwide, after you make $2,000.00 in purchases on
    the card in the first 3 months after account opening. As
    you have met the spend requirement, we’ll post the bonus
    to your account 6 to 8 weeks after the billing cycle in
    which you qualify. ( Spent posted July 3rd, statement closed July 8th) Opened card June 22nd while the 2 free nights offer was still going.

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