GIVEAWAY: $50 AA Gift Cards & Amenity Kits

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I am pretty lucky to have an incredibly supportive spouse, who is more than patient with all the shenanigans that come along with this hobby.

The line is drawn at stockpiling amenity kits (and also at mileage running, but that’s a post for another day). He feels pretty strongly about it, apparently:


So, I am giving away amenity kits, pajamas, and some gift cards — just to keep things interesting.


The AA goodies are from our trips to Beijing, so these are the international first class amenity kits. I have three unopened amenity kits (I guess if someone really wants the opened one you can have that too — it hasn’t been touched other than for photos, but I tend to think it’s weird to offer someone an opened gift), and four sets of pajamas (unworn).

I’m also throwing two $50 American gift cards into the pot. Disclosure: These were purchased with my American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card, which now offers a $100 airline fee credit per calendar year.

To enter, just comment below telling me about your weekend! I, obviously, am cleaning. 😉

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You have until 11:59PM Pacific time on Monday to enter.

Have fun, and hope everyone is having fun this weekend!

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  1. How Was my Weekend: Well, it involved me flying to Germany on LH yesterday morning. Unfortunately, it was in Y (but it’s lufthansa, so it wasn’t to bad). Now, however, I’m sick. Overall weekend is a 5 out of 10.

  2. Having a fabulous Pride weekend and making plans to convert our civil union in Vermont for the real thing in Texas !!! Woohoo!!!

    Thanks for your generous offer, even if I do not win… Have a fantabulous week!

  3. Having traveled last week, I did NOT go anywhere this weekend. Hope yours is going well too!

  4. Well funny I took that twice and both my pajamas where taken by my family! Haha. But drf pijamas and gift cards sound good.

  5. Weekend was great. Just booked a flight on LH F through FRA this week. Can never fly LH F or visit the FCT too many times

  6. Great weekend, just getting myself organized for my upcoming 4th of July trip to my 78th country, Costa Rica!

  7. My weekend was full of studying for my medical school STEP 1 exam…dreaming of flying another day. Also hoping my miles upgrade clears before july 9th :).

  8. Weekend was great. Saw George Lopez live last night for the first time. Mowed the lawn this morning and some family friends of ours brought us a wooden patio chair that they made for us. Good stuff!

  9. Travelling around Egypt on the tightest budget there is. Cairo, Alexandria, Alamein, Tanta and Quweisna in 2 days!

  10. Great weekend, off AA transcon back in NY ! the flight aka lie-flat seat itself is an amazing experience!

  11. This weekend has been incredibly hot and dry- temps over 100 and don’t even talk about the heat index. Worked outside each day too. I’m ready to jet off to a cooler climate!

  12. Ironically…I am cleaning TOO…. I have a ton of stuff, mainly old books, to sort through to either donate or recycle….

  13. I was in Berlin this week with some friends from university. We had an amazing week at the Adlon Kempinski. Today (Sunday) we had to fly back home to Zurich. 🙁

  14. Not the best one here. Daughter in and out of the ER since Friday and due to leave for vacation tomorrow. Not happening and air tickets out the window. Well, I get $6 back per ticket.

  15. Have a great weekend! Cleaned, went grocery shopping, started planning for my mistake fare trip to UAE!

  16. Went camping and lake was over its banks, But I waded around and had a great time….took a while to get the campfire going with rain soaked wood, but it did it!

  17. I’m cleaning too – in preparation for leaving for England and Ireland tomorrow with my son. I hate coming home to a dirty house. Though my husband is not going on this trip, so he will be home with the cat and dog. Not really sure the house will still be clean when I return….

  18. I’ve had a great weekend! Flew home from Spain! And are now cleaning my apartment! So I’ve cleaned too! Fun weekends! 🙂

  19. This weekend went to a birthday party for my friend’s daughter. Overall have being staying in watching orange is the new black!

  20. Was my birthday on Saturday, flew to Vancouver to spend time with friends! Adopted a stray puppy there and also volunteered at a homeless shelter for a day! Really great weekend.

  21. My weekend was spent being jet lagged, doing laundry, getting groceries, and all that other stuff you need to do after coming home from an overseas trip!

  22. My weekend was (is) great, as I was in Austria on vacation and just got to Paris today! It’s always a great day to walk around France. 🙂

  23. Pretty good! Rainy over here in Toronto so we stayed in and had a boardgame night. Then this morning went to brunch and an art market.

  24. I had a wonderful weekend celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary with my husband which was on on the same day of the SCOTUS decision on marriage equality. We are now finally legally married in our home state of Texas!

  25. Went to a friend’s birthday party in the beautiful countryside of Bavaria, South of Munich!

  26. Taking care of my wife as she recovers from surgery and planning for next years 18 days in Ireland for our 10th anniversary 🙂

  27. My weekend started off fabulous! I took my friend, daughter and her friend to the Move Live on Tour 2015 show with Julianne Hough and Derek Hough. Wow! What a show! We all loved it and my daughter’s friend went to school with one of the dancers so we waited for him to come out so she could see him.

  28. Had a great weekend in NYC seeing my two best friends in the world who just got engaged last week! Friends & family = best reason for travel. =)

  29. Weekend was good, so far! Now I am packing to go to Florida for the week-my favorite place!

    Thanks for your Blog and your generousity!

  30. Spent this weekend watching the grandkids so our son could take his wife on a surprise trip to Miami for their 10th anniversary; kudos to him!

  31. Weekend was fantastic! Cooked two dinner parties for eight and Planned a last minute trip to Chicago in a couple days!

  32. In between packing, moving between condos in Chicago –> Pride Parade going on a block away, beautiful weather. Overall great weekend!

  33. My weekend was good! Thanks for asking! Germany AND the USA both won in Women’s World Cup soccer, so I am happy!

    (If no one else wants it, I will gladly take the opened amenity kit! 🙂 )

    Have a good week!

  34. I worked night shift last night and again tonight, taking care of my patients on a cardiac stroke unit in a hospital. And I booked a trip to the Maldives for January. 🙂

  35. Planning a trip to India. Also: Bought a car (the dealer only let me put $2500 on a miles earning card).

  36. My weekend was busy but good! My brother got married yesterday, so it was crazy stressful for all of us involved in the planning, but a very good day in the end 🙂

  37. I’m in Australia this weekend. I flew QF8 to get here in J, and in a couple days, after seeing different cities, I’m taking QF7 back to DFW

  38. I have gone to two BBQ parties so far! Life is good, especially after a busy season in public accounting.. 🙂

  39. I drank too much beer and ate too much food at the hop n barley festival and now am incapacitated

  40. spent weekend planning summer vacations using points with ritz carlton and flights by american frim citi cards

  41. I am in between trips and I used this weekend to try to plan NEW trips using points and miles in November and next March. Reading up trying to figure out how to use Thank You points! My husband thinks I am crazy because we just came back from Hawaii using points… I am heading to Chicago next, then Yellowstone and Glacier, then Seattle….all this summer! He doesn’t understand why we need to discuss trips for next year already!

  42. Was not as lucky this weekend. Flew to El Paso on SWA instead of AA. In the middle of nowhere in NM at the moment!

  43. Spent the saturday to make arrangements for a special day and today is that special day so spent the whole with my wife to make her birthday memorable.

  44. spending time reading your blogs while enjoying my strawberry milkshake , great weekend I should say.

  45. This weekend we moved 2.5 hours away to a new city and unpacked a house. Typing this on a break with my napping infant in the other arm/hand. Gift card would be great!!!

  46. I spent the weekend on the phone with AA fixing the schedule of our plan trip to Brazil this fall!

  47. On the non-travelling weekends, I like to explore city I live in and do things I have not done, so this weekend a group of us went to our first local soccer game supporting the NOLA Jesters. It was very interesting and a great summer, friend activity. I

  48. My weekend was awesome, attended a BBQ party at Golden Gate Park on Saturday and went to the LGBT Pride Parade at SF downtown on Sunday!

  49. Currently enjoying a weekend of rare sunshine, all while arguing with BA and American why I should be credited for a diverted flight back to the origin airport.

  50. Pretty chill weekend. On Saturday I caught an early Bdl-Dca and spent the day touring, with return home in the afternoon. Now sunday…I slept for most of the day.

  51. Spent the weekend with some friends and family. It was a good one. Still need to plan for my upcoming trip to UK though.

  52. A good friend of mine visited from ID and it’s always fun to play golf with him. Hope your weekend was fun too.

  53. I spent my weekend drying morel mushrooms – about 16 lbs of it in total. It’s more work than I thought it would be.

  54. Hey, Tiffany! This weekend I have been moving to a new place across town. It’s been slow going. Moving is like doing laundry x50…unless you’re someone who likes to do laundry. If you have any Size Small pj’s that would be nice. Otherwise I’d certainly love and appreciate an AA gift card. Good luck with the rest of the cleaning!

  55. I spent a couple of hours in a car to visit family. Felt much longer than a couple of hours in the air…

  56. Hope your weekend is going well!

    I started out visiting a customer in North Beach San Fransisco on Thursday and had issues. I had to park at a meter b/c the customers parking lot was completely full. At lunch I return to place more coins in the meter to find my rental suv had its back window busted out. I look in the window and see my tool bag and thought maybe a rock was thrown. Upon further inspection in the back of the suv I see my suitcase but my backpack was missing. Yes it was stolen!

    My backpack contained my laptop and my passport. I’m supposed to be on a first class flight to Toronto to visit a customer right now, but not without my passport.

    Friday I flew home and landed in Miami and after landing I realized my car keys were in the backpack also. I had to rent a car and drive up to West Palm to grab my spare keys then drive back to MIA to get my car. It’s been a crazy weekend and feel violated knowing someone has years of my pictures, passport, documents, laptop, and my time! Happy travels!

  57. Spent the weekend watching the last ever navy EA-6B Prowler fly off into the sunset (note thats a metaphor, there wasn’t really any sunset, it happened about 1pm).

  58. I was stuck at home with a bad cold all weekend which was a drag. Winning a giveaway would cheer me up, though! 🙂

  59. I spent the weekend with my daughter, who is nearly four. I love to fly, but I would rather be here with her and my wife.

  60. All I did this weekend was some errands and dinner with mom. Today, I’ll be doing bill pay if i can get off the blogs of

  61. Just got back traveling for work on Saturday, LAX-DFW-CLE so I’m happy to just be home! Hoping to catch back up on some TV and enjoy time on the couch

  62. Saw audience with Hellen Mirren. Envy all of you who have time or job that let you travel that much.

  63. Unfortunately not doing any traveling! Instead I’m cleaning gutters, fixing poor landscaping decisions from the previous owner of our new house, and stripping a gigantic deck so that we can seal it later this week.

  64. I’m cleaning too! Just graduated college and have to unpack before I leave to visit friends in Chicago in a couple of days. Gonna hitch a ride on the AA 787 DFW-ORD, so stoked! Then on to Europe, though not in F as I’m miles- and money-poor–I haven’t earned that kind of pampering yet anyway 😉 Starting work in the fall as a consultant though, so I’ll soon have plenty of money, miles, and status to indulge my long-haul international first class fantasies–can’t wait!

  65. Spent the weekend at cookouts and birthday parties! Thankfully, rain held off until Sunday so Saturday was great in New England.

  66. I am spending the weekend working with final preps for trip to Europe next week. Sure could use this prize to make the travel that more easier!

  67. Winning would should cheer me up. Spent the weekend visiting and worrying about a dear friend who is critically ill!

  68. one of the best weekends of the year .i flew home on SQ A380 suite to see my mom (this is the best part!) and i will fly back on LH 747-8 after three hours in the mythical FRA terminal that mere mornals will never even hear of!
    yay! 🙂

  69. This weekend we are hosting our old neighbors from Chicago at our new home in SW Florida. Also, I am spending my time reading my favorite blog (OMAAT) and waiting for my favorite contributor (Tiffany) to post one of her amazing posts.

  70. Had a great weekend, spent Saturday morning doing work experience, Saturday night working – was a wedding and was great to see everyone happy.

    Sunday morning did charity work for local charity shop, and Sunday afternoon final ever football match for my club I’ve been with 11 years, sad but fun.

  71. My weekend was great! Bussed up to San Francisco one night, then back home the next. It would’ve been nice to fly instead, but the trip was fun regardless. 😉

  72. Relatively quiet weekend — some obligations yesterday, and then a long hike this morning, followed by a gorge-fest at a local deli.

  73. Just booked a last-minute weekend First-Class trip on AA to Maui, with a stopover in Vegas! Gotta love the mileage game!

  74. I am having a similar weekend, mostly cleaning out tons of unnecessary papers and junks.

    I have also been busy ordering a bunch of “useful” supplies online for upcoming “light” home maintenance not least including a proper duster (first ever) to clean out A/C vents which has not been cleaned in a …long time. Ha.

  75. Haven’t been on a plane since February, after flying weekly for the past 9 years, and going through withdraws. But start a new job next week so getting luggage prepped this weekend.

  76. we are moving to Hong Kong in a few months so we spent the weekend selling stuff on craigslist!

  77. I visitted Seoul Saturday, nice city, but the tourism is unfortunally hard effected by MERS. Tours do the DMZ were also cancelled, and in the museums were some interactive things closed.
    Today I took the AZ flight ICN-FCO, where I was suprised that there was also an EY flight attendand on board, in EY uniform (perhaps she has to learn the AZ crew how to become a better airline? 😉 )

    At the moment I’m trying to sleep on a bench at Rome Fiumicino, because my next flight to DUS is tomorrow morning. Normally I could have accessed the Lounge here with my Airport Angel, but the part of the airport with the lounge has unfortunally burned down last month

    Tomorrow after arrival in DUS I have to take the bus to Belgium and then I’m back home 🙂
    A long return journey, but I won’t complain, because I paid just 148 euro for my flights BRU-FCO-ICN-FCO-DUS thanks to an Alitalia error, and I made a nice side trip to Tokyo from Seoul with Avios, and accessed the JL F lounge there.
    I’m just 21 🙂

  78. I love your posts! I am cleaning as well, and trying to stay cool in this hot weather. A first class kit is a dream of mine! I have only had a business class one.

  79. As it’s 38Centigrade in the Okanagan, we ‘flew’ our paddleboard around Lake Kalamalka and then dove into the water to cool off. All in preparation for our fall trip to Negril Jamaica!!!!!!!

  80. relaxing and watching tv. couldn’t get the raffle thing to work so I left comment here too.

  81. Drove to JFK from upstate NY to send my mother-in-law off to Greece. I don’t mind opened amenity kit.

  82. Great weekend at the beach with my wife and daughters – typical British sunshine. Aka rain!

  83. studied, ate everything in my fridge, napped, spent too much time on ITA matrix fantasizing about my next trip to avoid more studying – typical fat, student things

  84. Because she wasn’t feeling well last weekend, my wife took me out for a late Father’s Day dinner. If you ever get a chance to visit West O’ahu. The Monkeypod Kitchen is pretty awesome.

  85. Living the Keys life in Florida!!! Love to travel but stay in paradise in the summer and not fight the crowds!!! BTW it’s hot here!!!

  86. Dodged a few rain drops, dreamed about upcoming trip to France, checked again to see if there are any open seats closer to the front, and researched the AAdvantage Platinum Select MC, the owning of which would catapult me to Group 1 boarding.

  87. Working some extra time for the upcoming long weekend.. It’s a bit boring, but I love the long weekend next week!

  88. I’ve been recovering from working at an Arts camp. I’ve been doing some cleaning and sorting too. It’s been a terribly exciting weekend.

  89. Use BA Avios to book AA award tix to go to my fiancée’s grandma’s 50th anniversary party!

  90. I had a pretty good weekend. Today’s my dog’s birthday, so I’m celebrating with him!

  91. My weekend just started because I worked Saturday. Cleaning, shopping, have to do schoolwork, planning my next trip

  92. Spent nearly the whole weekend looking for flights to Japan and Hawaii. I was interrupted by an urgent request (demand) to clean the yard and garage.

  93. My weekend was great. My 2.5 year old daughter started “soccer” lessons yesterday and she was able to dribble the ball from one end of the field to the other. She was sooooo proud, and her mama too. 🙂 Today, Sunday, I cleaned the house, did 3 loads of laundry and the kiddo went down for her nap without protesting… so all in all, great. I know this must sound boring to some, but next weekend we’re traveling for the 4th of July, so we like to switch up domestic weekends with trip weekends.

  94. Great Saturday with lots of outdoor fun! Lousy sunday under the rain, but spent the afternoon with my best friend’s newborn son! Yay babies!!

  95. Redebtly was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome as an adult and I’ve never in my life not gone this long without a vacation or work trip…the good news is I’ve also never stockpiled so many Amex points. Time to get my passport stamped for my birthday next month. Just have to say I love your blog. I found it at a really low point in my life and I’ve totally been collecting miles vicariously through you. (Even after reading your love for LH lol…) then again perhaps I feel the same about AF with French being my second tongue 😉

  96. Spent the weekend planning for my wedding, selecting wedding photographer and having lunch with friends.

  97. Good, I spent the weekend doing some cleaning out as well. Getting ready for a move soon and planning a vacation as well.

  98. Doing crazy but pretty road trip in a National @golikeapro Impala LTZ. Doing 5 1 night stays at Hiltons for 25,000 bonus points.

  99. I should mention I have a non-travel hobby purpose for the trip, but if I’m doing it I’m getting points

  100. I don’t usually go to Garage sales but went to a neighborhood G.S. and found some Roy Rogers Memorabilia for my husband. Happy Husband!

  101. Relaxing weekend. Oakland A’s game, lounging at home, sunshine and reading in the backyard.

  102. I spent part of the weekend bailing water outside in the pouring rain from a plugged drain, then the rest of the time was spent chasing the sun around and plotting upcoming travel in an effort to hold off screaming and foaming at the mouth from not having a trip immediately upcoming to soothe my creeping claustrophobia.

  103. Just like you I was cleaning like mad because we will be moving soon, and who knew I collected all this junk over the years while I was busy traveling instead of tending to all these domestic duties??? LOL

  104. My whirlwind weekend involved flying up to see my brother for his 40th birthday, we hit the local pub & while having a few drinks got involved with a random stag party by applying copious amounts of womens makeup to the grooms face(who perfectly enough, had on a dress). I’m happy that this weekend, I was able to help a guy get more in touch with his feminine side!

  105. I had a good weekend ….took a quick 3 days away to PV enjoyed the ocean and sun… the rest of the weekend involved unpacking and washing and relaxing !!!

  106. Just got back from 10 days in Siesta Key, yesterday. Spent today being depressed that I’m not still in Siesta Key. Will spend next 2 years devising plan to move to Siesta Key. Thanks to Companion Pass for making the journey point cheaper!

  107. It was a great weekend recovering from a busy week! Looking forward to a short week and long weekend ahead

  108. Just a nice relaxing weekend here at home, planning out a few trips for the second half of the year!

  109. Bumped my head this weekend at work. Was sort of like a horror film. Now I’m rocking the latest style, the double band aid on the forehead. After that happened I decided to buy a ticket to Mexico. Took away the pain 🙂

  110. We went to our niece’s birthday, a wedding reception, AND it’s our baby’s due date so we’re eagerly awaiting her arrival! 🙂

  111. First of all, thank you for the chance!

    I mostly ran errands this weekend, but also had the chance to pick up some especially yummy fruit at the farmer’s market. So, nothing special, but it has been good. 🙂

    I do need to do some travel soon!

  112. Great weekend. First Saturday in several weeks when it hasn’t rained. Actually got enjoy some relaxing time hanging out with friends in the backyard.

  113. It’s over 100 degrees outside so I spent the weekend indoors catching up on shows reordered on my DVR.

  114. Packing for my month long annual trip to Mykonos with my husband!
    ( and trying NOT to freak out about the whole bank closure thing- will they -won’t they accept credit cards etc…)
    BA first ,MIA to LHR, few nights in Mayfair, then the new flight out of LCY to JMK!!!
    xoxo from Miami

  115. Good weekend. Replace new American Airlines Barclay credit card arrived. Called them and told them to cancel it because I didn’t want to pay an annual fee or have a minimal spend they gave it to me for free. No minimal spend required

  116. Movie date with husband of 40 years. Planning activities for upcoming trip to Greece and Turkey – United saver business all the way. Thanks FTU faculty!

  117. I did a Hyatt mattress run this weekend in my quest for Diamond status. I’ve got lots of award nights coming up, and hoping for a little love from Hyatt.

  118. Weekend filled with stay at hotel and keep an eye for promo updates from your site and other.

    Oh and watch V Rossi in action on TV


  119. Went to a Peruvian folk festival which was fun. Next order of business is to look for LAN reviews and routing options to Lima 😉

  120. My weekend has been busy, lawn mowing and also house cleaning. Though most of all, I have been enjoying time with our daughter while her husband is on his way back to the states from Japan by ship (the USS George Washington).

  121. NY rain downpour did NOT soak a BBQ in Matittuck, NY under a canopy led to laughs, down memory lane stories and wonderful food (childhood friends’ get together with our children)

  122. I am cleaning and ditching stuff this weekend, so I shouldn’t really be entering this contest!

  123. Went to IKEA for a new desk and some other fun stuff, which was fun as I love IKEA! Desk is up with the new chair so a nice weekend was had by all in our house.

  124. Spent 2 hours on the phone with AA trying to book a ticket that was not showing up at all on or 3rd party sites, but expert flyer showed 4 completely empty flights on my day of travel.

  125. I spent Saturday packing for a month long European trip and today did a lot of walking in the great outdoors.

  126. Great weekend working in my garden plus a ribeye on the grill. Looking forward to an SFO trip.

  127. Tiffany,

    Thank you for throwing this contest! I had to work yesterday, and today…I slept the whole entire day away..cant ask for more on a Sunday =)

  128. This weekend I went to a large art festival, met with friends, and enjoyed time with my spouse along the Grand River in Grand Haven, MI.

  129. I completely rested this weekend compared with two weekends ago when I was in Cotacachi, Ecuador and the leather stores.

  130. Spent the day going back and forth with the AA Twitter team trying to get flights fixed after a schedule change. At one point (when I responded to a message they sent me within the prior 10 minutes) they seemed to have lost all recollection that they were talking to me and suggested a phone agent was working in my record and that I should keep talking to him/her (even though I never called anyone). Think it is finally sorted out now, but they must have the B Team working on Sundays. Also did some house cleaning / bill paying in between tweets.

  131. Got a 1/32 violin for my 23 months old baby girl, her smile was priceless when the violin case was open! She’s been watching youtube about child violinist every day and really thrilled to own one now =)

  132. It rained all day on Saturday here in NJ. Perfect time staying at home and organizing my receipts from last trip to Fiji.

  133. Since it rained most of the weekend, went to the gym and cleaned/purged house! Bethany Beach tomorrow!!

  134. Recuperating from a 2-week vacation to Oregon. Of course the flight was booked with miles and most of the hotels were either paid with points or earned points. Flew home just as Portland was scheduled to hit 103*. Never thought I’d say this, but it was good to get back to summer in central Texas (where it’s in the 80s today).

  135. I dusted off “The Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring” director’s edition and watched it. #nerdgasm

  136. Are the PJ’s the jail stripped ones or the new ones that are solid black…

    The Black ones have shorter legs.

    Got to love it went everyone puts on the PJ’s and the take off is delayed….

    I have my share of AA PJ’s…..3A. Most of my trips…ORD PEK. 186 /187

  137. My weekend consisted of work-related paperwork and curling up with a good book while occasionally watching the intermittent rain out the window.

  138. Spent my weekend regretting the fact that I was unable to celebrate my birthday in Iceland with friends as i had originally planned. Losing your job sucks!

  139. I did a Hyatt mattress run this weekend at the brand new Hyatt Place Yonkers. I have a few more stays until I requalify for Diamond. It’s not a bad hotel. Everything is nice and it’s right smack in the middle of an open air mall with lots of shops, restaurants, and even a movie theater and supermarket!

  140. Flew LAX to JFK for a one day conference then flew to CLT to see the parents, now heading back to LAX. Only thing that would’ve made it better is if i hadn’t caught a cold somewhere along the way.

  141. I had to go to San Francisco from the Northeast on Friday and decided to go to Lake Tahoe before going home. Things got interesting at the car rental place. Despite having a reservation, Budget was out of cars. They called around the bay area, and they drove me to Emeryville for a replacement car. They only had a Ford Mustang, so I got that car for the same rate as I reserved for 🙂 I had one great day kayaking and hiking at Lake Tahoe, and then yesterday took the new nonstop red-eye flight on Jetblue to JFK using 6,900 points. I got the points last month flying Jetblue BDL-DCA for $25. They have a May/June promotion where you get 7,000 TrueBlue points for signing up for a new Jetblue account and taking your first flight.

  142. Have ben researching and booking for a family trip to Yellowstone Park this September.

  143. Mileage run to Mexico City on American Saturday returning Monday. Great First class price of $500 from LAX. Rained all day Sunday. Stayed in Marriott Reforma on Saturday night using points. Switched to Hilton Reforma on Sunday to get the double points and 5,000 point bonus thanks to one of Lucky’s posts. Tired as heck though. Heck I’ll take an opened amenity kit. Ha ha

  144. Spent the weekend celebrating the marriage equality ruling and Pride in NYC with close friends. Truly a great weekend!

  145. I spent my weekend explaining “this thing of ours” to my MUCH BETTER 1/2 and and successfully pulling her in. She understands the cc game. She’s even in to helping us get status on AA starting w/ a surprise Hawaiian wedding anniversary (Sept ’15) and the CHI DO afterwards (after this.we hung out w/ our 11 y/o grandson and then decided we needed a vacation).
    I’m trying to upgrade us to 1st Class so the AA gc’s would be extremely nice.

  146. Weekend trip to downtown Chicago from the burbs with the kids (ages 7 and 9) to take in the Art Institute of Chicago, Maggie Daley Park playground, and swimming at their uncle’s condo by Millennium Park, and dinner. Good times!

  147. A fairly uneventful weekend for a change, my other half was visiting her parents so I hung out, cleaning, playing games, and getting attacked by wild cats… I’ll leave the wild cat story up to your imagination.

  148. I went to my brother’s engagement ceremony (traditional Taiwanese couple) and got asked to plan their honeymoon to France next Feb. Pretty excited since all the skills I learned are pretty much from this blog! go you! and big thanks! haha.

  149. worked a 20 hour shift on a go-live cutover weekend. #consultantlife
    Still made sure to take time to read OMAAT.

  150. Hey Ben,

    I worked in the hotel and serve the costumer best service I do my best.
    Also have American guest in my hotel this weekend, there a very kind.

    Nice Greetz,


  151. Wow, my weekend?

    Saturday morning, woke up early to cook everyone breakfast, then went kayaking out at the reservoir with my son & his Boys Brigade company. Grabbed a quick lunch before rushing over to watch my daughter’s camp concert & then me & my brother’s family had a scrumptious dinner at a great Korean restaurant. Again, I overate!

    On Sunday, went to Church & had a much needed siesta after lunch. Went out shopping & ended up at an Australian BBQ for dinner. Came back & prepped the kids for school.

    A satisfyingly fulfilling time with the family. Hectic, yes but never a lost moment.

  152. Well, sitting in the rain looking for mileage runs with a schedule that will work. Sadly, not great success but at least I’m trying.

    Good luck to all.

  153. I spent the long weekend enjoying the primitive beauty of Cambodia – Koh Rong island specifically. Gin clear, neon green water that is bioluminescent (the water glows at night when you splash). Google it – the scenery looks like a screensaver. Come soon, it’s developing quickly!! Cheers!

  154. Weekend started Friday with a trip to my favorite Cuban hole-in-the-wall for a sandwich and fried plaintains with garlic sauce. Spent the rest of the day crying with joy at my internet feed. Saturday met up with a longtime friend I hadn’t seen in a few years and met his new boyfriend. Took a glorious, hot-day nap.

  155. First half: awesome Indigo Girls concert with my wonderful little sister.
    Second half: colonoscopy prep.

    First half was way better. (But, less effective way to detect colon issues.)

  156. We had a huge party at my parent’s new Christmas Tree Farm in Vermont and celebrated Christmas in June!

    It was especially great to be in the Green Mountains since my home in California is so brown and dry right now. Using two US Airways companion passes to get my family out here was nice, too 🙂

  157. I spent Saturday painting my soon-to-arrive daughter’s nursery and Sunday preparing decorations for next Saturday’s baby shower.

  158. This weekend I traveled from Colorado to Dallas after spending a weekend hiking and white water rafting.

  159. I enjoyed a weekend at home with my family getting some work done around the house, and today I led worship for three services at our home church, which I love getting to do when I’m home.

  160. I’ve been in Colombo for the weekend! I redeemed American Airline miles to fly business class from Kunming, China to Honk Kong to Colombo, which is amazing value because AA categorizes Colombo as being in Asia 2, but Cathay acts like it was an international flight, so I got to try Cathay’s business class herringbone seats for the first time! I booked a cheap CMB business class flight to New York on Qatar, which I take tomorrow!

  161. I drove to the outlet mall with my wifey and bought a rocking chair for our nursery. Can’t wait to have the baby and travel with her!

  162. Spent the weekend in Seattle for a wedding (from NYC). Flew first class and staying in hotels all on points. lots of this is from knowledge I gained from you!

  163. Dreaming about my next trip…. Burma? Bali? Belfast? Bora Bora? Belgrade? … It doesnt matter as long as its somewhere.

  164. Spent the weekend up all night with a newborn, then painting all day in the new house! Zero time to relax!

  165. Spent the weekend meeting up with friends. Needless to say, I’m glad the coming week is a shortened one because of the 4th of July!

  166. This was a busy weekend: two birthday parties, one apartment searching to move in a few weeks and all the bureaucracy implied with the last needs before starting a new job.

  167. Started planning for my Europe Vacation with my gf, celebrated birthdays for 2 friends, and watched another ask for permission from his GF’s father.

  168. Weekend was fantastic, didn’t do too much except lounge around, though I did start the process of piecing together a trip for next year.

  169. Spent time with my mom before I dropped her off at the airport, as she’s off to Europe to visit my sister.

  170. Not much just spending my time with my amazing special son, he is 15 months old. We decided “Well I decided for us” to go to LAX today to watch the airplanes take off and land, while mommy works. Its amazing that at 15 months old, my son knows what airplanes are. I think he has a bright future in the airline industry.
    Every time he sees a airplane takeoff or land, he points and says in baby talk, airplane. Its so cute to see.

  171. I went to my nephew’s graduation, and I packed for a weeklong trip to go to a family wedding.

  172. Started reading “100 Places in France Every Woman Should Go” this past weekend and pining for France since it’s been awhile I’ve been there. You may like Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” if you are cleaning. 😀

  173. Weekend was great! We did a mystery room, and we managed to unlock the room! Plus, we had dinner at db Bistro Moderne. Can’t get any more geeky yet sophisticated at that!

  174. I spent my weekend looking up two award seats to South Africa and Tanzania in September from US. I was able to put one way tickets on hold through United and one way tickets on hold through AA yesterday. United got ticketed an hour ago. Now waiting on the phone to ticket AA ones. Hope it all works out!

  175. Bike ride around Lake Washington (preparing for the 2015 RAMROD), planning for August trip to help rebuild in Nepal.

  176. Well, we are having breakfast in Bratislava on a River Cruise (Avalon Affinity ) we got at bargain basement price, having done the hop, skip and jump to Vienna from DFW (LHR, TXL) on AA miles. Air Berlín finally delivered our luggage the next morning. We are helping wonderful friends with limited finances see the world showing them the tricks we have learned from you.
    Thank you. You truly make all our lives better

  177. Watched the NHL draft round 1 which I recorded and later that day, I went to the “Fare Thee Well: Celebrating 50 Years of Grateful Dead” reunion concert at the Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA.

  178. Pretty good 🙂 no complaints. I saw The Water Diviner, and it was pretty good. I enjoyed it.

  179. Spent my weekend looking into what cards I wanted to get for next month! was considering the American Advantage Card or the Hyatt card. It would be great to get this for my girlfriend 🙂

  180. I ran around this weekend for finding the best price dishwasher for my home. Finally got it price matched at best buy and used their credit card for the most reward percentage.

  181. I spent the weekend working my first few days at a new commission position in my store, and I sold two $1600+ mattresses! I was honestly getting really scared and nervous about this new position, but having already sold some mattresses and established rapport with some other interested customers, I feel a lot more confident!

  182. Had a long day with clients and staying at a Holiday Inn on points 20 miles from home… On Monday, we glam it up in Las Vegas! Looking forward to see what the Hyatt-MLife status match brings

  183. I spent the weekend doing Italian-English translations for a tourism website. It wasn’t the most exciting weekend, but every penny counts towards our trip around the world!

  184. My weekend was spent working a few baseball games and smoking some good cigars with friends, all while thinking about getting some travel booked for the next few months. I really want to hit that next level of status with AA, so these gift cards would be a great help in making that happen!

  185. Just went to the ordination as a monk of one of my friend and visit anti human trafficking center.

  186. Took by 5 month old labrador to obedience class and he did an excellent job (best in class), then took him to the dog park for a play. Then back home to clean the house, and bath the dog.

  187. I attended a mega birthday party and ended it by working. All good though as I have a 4th of July trip. Thanks for the giveaway!

  188. I spent my weekend at the airport for weekly flight. Unfortunately it is not as glamorous as it is for Ben (delayed flight, economy, last to board, no lounge)! LOL! Someday I will have status…

  189. I spent the weekend biking around Atlanta (just moved last week) and exploring the food scene!

  190. Went to see Newsies. High energy choreography and athletic, handsome men. What was not to like? 😉

  191. Pretty okay, recovering from a surgery but keeping myself busy with all of the get-well-soon chocolates 😉

  192. I had to work, and if I went into details about what I did at work, there would be major news when there shouldn’t be

  193. I have been quite interested in diversifying my hotel lifetime status. With almost double the qualification of Marriott Lifetime Platinum, I have just dusted off my old Hilton status where I never went past Silver. Now on a Platinum challenge and let’s see if I can stand breaking in a new chain 🙂

  194. Couldn’t do much outdoors as it rained ALL weekend. Can’t say I remember with any clarity what I did indoors —–

  195. Birthday weekend! Spent the day with my toddler Friday, dinner at Momotaro with my parents Saturday and a romantic dinner at Salero with my husband on Sunday. Everyone spoiled me! Now it’s back to reality…

  196. Went to Galveston for the weekend for a friend’s wedding. Never been there before and it an interesting town. The Strand is pretty cool, with a decent nightlife.

  197. My wife + I went to a wedding, where my kid brother was the best man. He lives in Seattle and came for 2 days, and now I’m thinking of surprising him sometime in September (or October). He actually gave one of the greatest best man’s speech I’ve ever heard. I thought he was going off on a tangent, but he was actually able to bring it together quite nicely. Actually brought a tear to my eye.

  198. Unpacked, getting over a mini jetlag, went through pictures of my holiday in Indonesia, Singapore and Korea. Filtered through lots of pictures from my Asiana suite 2K, just like yours.

  199. Great weekend!! Missed Father’s Day last week, so this was the two days to do it. Getting up early to watch the sun rise over Kailua Beach. It’s no wonder this is considered one of the best beaches in the WORLD. Fresh coffee complements the morning view. It’s time for a food crawl. Starting the day with a run to Leonard’s Bakery for fresh malasadas (made famous on Hawaii Five-0). Next stop, Honolulu Fish Auction, where we watch the day’s catch being sold and next door at Nico’s to share fresh fish and eggs. A short stop in Chinatown to share hot char siu buns at Char Hun Sut. Mom wants fresh pineapple so in an hour we’re at the Dole Plantations. It’s getting hot, so in Haleiwa we share Matsumoto Shave Ice. Still hungry so we share a garlic shrimp plate at Giovanni’s. Watch the waves at Sunset Beach, they’re small today compared to the winter. Next stop Kahuku Superette for a great Poke Bowl. Our daughter wants Hawaiian food so we stop by Waiholo Poi Factory and share some of the best Hawaiian Kalua Pig in Hawaii. zFinal stop is Hanauma Bay where swim with fishes. After a well deserved nap. That night we grill steaks by the pool. Sunday is a whole new day! Smoked salmon with fresh croissants and fresh papayas are on the menu. Then a lazy day in the pool with homemade Margaritas. That night we drive into Waikiki for a Japanese Kaiseki dinner to the New Omani Hotel. My wife surprised us by renting a private cabana on the beach. As the sun sets, we toast a happy life together in paradise!

  200. Since the weather is bad, i just spent my weekend playing Flight Simulator X practicing on using the MCDU and reading old flight reviews at this site.

  201. Flew out to visit my girlfriend in Minneapolis – US Airways ROC-CLT-MSP, upgraded both segments, flight out of CLT was a bit bumpy but the lasagna was acceptable (no warm cookie though :/). Been hanging out, eating foods and playing Super Mario 3D World and seeing her show and playing trivia. Great weekend. Staying here and working through the fourth of July weekend, then heading back next week.

  202. Spent the weekend working on some freelance work I had picked up and also planning my next big trip.

  203. Spent the weekend cleaning the house while the wife was away, hope my efforts don’t go unnoticed when she returns.

  204. Saturday flew SCL-BOG-PTY with Avianca in J (first time ever on AV, and probably first time in 7 years on Star!). First time to Panama City, as well, so this is a bit of a mini-adventure! (By the way, if it matters, I’m a HUGE fan of AA’s PJs.)

  205. The weekend was great. Spent time in the sun and by the pool! Glad the horrible flight to Philly turned out for the best. Weather was horrible Sunday! But all clear skies today!

  206. @Tiffany I booked my 5th flight on the American Airlines 787-800 Dreamliner and they have all been in first class. It is a beautiful plane and I love flying on it!! Hope to see a review of it on One Mile at a Time in the future!!

  207. My weekend was great, thanks for asking! I visited my grandma and had a great dinner with my parents. I also laid out by my pool for a few hours. You?

  208. Was at my fiancee’s camp reunion in Wisconsin. A beautiful setting with great, old friends!

  209. I know what you mean about collecting amenity kits. I only have a couple from premium flights and my wife makes fun of me. She does however enjoy the little lotions of course when she needs something like these and she forgot her large bottle. I was on a British Airways flight recently in first without her and I asked very nicely for a female version for my wife and the FA gave me one to bring home to her.
    Sometimes the little things make us the most happy.

  210. I was sick during the past weekend so I basically spent the whole weekend healing… Thank God now I feel better!

  211. I cleaned and relaxed on Saturday and went out to celebrate Gay Pride on Sunday. Had a wee bit too much champagne and now all I want to do go back to sleep. Alas work beckons.

  212. Saturday I unpacked from a trip to Victoria BC, grocery shopped and did laundry. It was back to work on Sunday.

  213. I attended two weddings this weekend. One in Seattle and one in LA. Heading back to SF tonight.

    Decided to split my flights between Delta and Alaska. Didn’t want to tip the scales in the battle for Seattle.

  214. Spent the weekend introducing my mother to her new great grand babies. Four generations in my house – doesn’t get any better than that!

  215. We were in Istanbul over the weekend- it was AWESOME! We ate so much delicious food, wandered around old town, and cruised the Bosphorus. Great city!

  216. I spent a long weekend in Lyon and basically ate and drank my way through it. I’ve heard many a time that Lyon is one of best culinary cities in the world, and quite frankly, my stomach and tastebuds wholeheartedly agree.

    (I also flew to Europe on a J award, so that made it even better!)

  217. I visited friends in D.C. and took pictures on the Supreme Court steps with my boyfriend. #lovewins

  218. Unfortunately, I spent my weekend in bed recuperating from hip surgery last week. Those jammies look really comfortable and the products would come in handy since I can’t shower for a few more days! ARGH! The $50 gift card on my favorite airline, where I also happen to be a million miler, will be put to good use once I’m rehab’d. I want to go somewhere warm but not hot and exotic. I’m open to suggestions…

  219. I had a mixed weekend. First, I had a fantastic flight on EVA Air’s Hello Kitty jet from Taipei to Houston. Then, the following night in Houston at United’s Terminal B after checking in for my transfer flight, TSA agents raided my checked luggage (without cause!), unwrapped all the clear plastic package from brand new magazines (left all the torn plastic wrappings in my luggage) and even stole DVD discs!

  220. Booked Virgin Atlantic Flights to Europe with Delta Skymiles. Made Hyatt and Fairmont award resevations. Did a Staples run to buy VISA gift cards. Did weekend chores and met friends for dinner and a movie. And of course, read BoardingArea!!

  221. Lots of errands, taking advantage of the Hyatt Visa signup offer (5,000pts + $50 credit + 2 nights), and suffering in the near 100% humidity and 90 degree weather in beautiful Hawaii!

  222. Went to Jacksonville on SW points and a Companion pass for a friends wedding! Now to pack up my classroom for the end of the year…

  223. I took my mother to Atlantic City for the weekend from Philadelphia as she had never been. I also looked into using American miles to book a trip for us to India through Etihad.

  224. My weekend was wonderful … a whole lot of time was spent with my nephews and brothers (because I leave in four weeks, for five months in Peru)!

  225. flew to CO to spend the weekend golfing w the father in law in Beaver Creek Could really use the gift cards for wedding season flights!

  226. Ran some errands, went to a bbq/free booze open house at a car equipment vendor’s 10 yr anniversary. Caught up on much needed sleep 😛

  227. Great weekend on the Washington coast with 30 of my wife’s closest relatives. Felt like a cross between the Truman show and English coastal village.

  228. Went to Pride for the first time to meet up with some new friends, then socialized with them the rest of the evening before going house shopping and catching up on my “to watch” media list.

  229. It was good – I spent the weekend in various air-conditioned locations, because it’s SO hot in my house!

  230. Dinner with friends, date night with the fiance, and baseball game with dad…pretty solid weekend!

  231. I flew on Qatar KUL-DOH, spent night in Airport Hotel (review pending), woke up and found I was UPGRADED to BCN!!!! I would LOVE to give a gift card to one of my students!!!!!!

  232. I spent the weeking plotting my trip to Japan and hoping two F awards would open up on the 4th of July (I had two F awards for July 6th) I managed to get them and am now just hoping for a good fun and enjoyable trip.

  233. Cleaned the house! Extended family had been visiting, but they left over the weekend. Phew!

  234. Weekend was great, but too short. Ended up joining some friends out celebrating a birthday on Saturday and spent Sunday getting a massage and napping. Despite that relaxing Sunday, I feel utterly exhausted physically and mentally….I think I have too much going on during the week — day job plus work/teaching/tutoring plus school. :-O

  235. I lost my keys in the river while fly fishing! My car is still sitting by the river…and I am waiting for a locksmith to come make a new key. All worth it though!

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