The Most Somber Way To Complete Credit Card Minimum Spend?

Reader Carole sent me a hilarious email this morning which I just have to share:

We took out the 150,000 AmEx card with $20,000 spend. We were going to put Antarctica cruise on it but hate not getting 2x points on Chase. Plus if we had to cancel, it would be a real bummer to lose the cruise and the points.

So… we bought our cemetery plots. Gotta love it. Hope we don’t need them for a long time.


Man, that makes the way I completed minimum spend on my last credit card seem like a downright pleasant occasion, by comparison.

So, can anyone compete with Carole for most creative way to reach credit card minimum spend?


  1. I met most of a $10K spending requirement (the Citi Exec 100K offer) by prepaying orthodontia. Prepayment also got us 3% off. I don’t do manufactured spending and so had to get a bit creative. Credit cards are magic!

  2. I bought every bit of scenery for fsx and xplane, as well as planes, I could lay my hands on once, and the month before byilt an incredibly powerful machine, 16gb ram, gtx980, i7 cpu, the whole works

  3. I made a teeny weeny donation to FIFA sometime in 2010. Luckily Visa are one of the sponsors, so they accepted it as a form of payment.

  4. Didn’t know student loans can be repaid with credit cards.

    @ Vladamir Putin — everyone knows that Qataris paid way more šŸ˜‰

  5. I paid for 2 funerals and the airfare, hotels, and rental cars for 8 of the out of town guests. 32k. A pain in the ass, but worth the hassle for the points. Now, for getting reimbursed from the estate . . . (I’m still carrying the debt.)

  6. Cemetery plots? My mother was 7000 miles short of a ticket to Europe and prepaid her entire funeral with her US Airways card.

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