Which Hotels Are Eligible For Citi Prestige 4th Night Free Hotel Benefit?

Update: This offer for the Citi Prestige® Card has expired. Learn more about the current offers here.

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Yesterday I posted in detail about the fourth night free hotel benefit offered by the Citi Prestige Card. It’s potentially an incredibly valuable benefit, which even outweighs the other great perks on the card (of which there are many). As I explained, I’ve used the perk four times in the past month alone, saving me close to $1,000 (once the credits fully post).


There’s a method to making the booking process as easy as possible, as I explained in yesterday’s post.

However, one common question was regarding which hotels are eligible for the Citi Prestige Card fourth night free benefit. Carlson Wagonlit Travel provides this benefit on behalf of Mastercard Travel Services, so the hotel has to be part of their “network” of hotels in order to be eligible. This includes a vast majority of “major” chain hotels, and even some independent hotels.

But is there any way to tell which hotels are eligible without phoning up the Citi Prestige concierge? It seems like the answer is yes, per a brilliant comment left by reader Ron:

You can check out which hotels work with the deal by going to cwtvacations.com and clicking on hotels then picking your city. Not all cities or hotels but plenty of options including some smaller, local places. Worked fine for me with upcoming trip bouncing around Europe.

That does indeed seem to do the trick. Just go to cwtvacations.com and click on the “Hotels” tab on the front page.


You’ll be prompted to enter the destination, check-in date, and check-out date. Optionally you can enter the hotel name (which could help if you want to find a specific hotel, though I find that feature sometimes doesn’t work correctly).


On the next page you’ll be prompted to clarify the state/country which you’re trying to book.


The results page gives you a few options for sorting the hotels — you can sort by price, hotel name, distance, star rating, etc.


A lot of people were asking about which luxury hotels are bookable using this benefit, so I decided to test out a few properties.

The Burj Al Arab in Dubai is part of the network:


As are the Peninsula and Mandarin Oriental properties in Hong Kong:


As is a Ritz-Carlton in Hawaii:


As are the Park Hyatt and Bulgari in Milan:


As is a Four Seasons in Bangkok:


In general it seems like even luxury chains — Bulgari, Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, Park Hyatt, Peninsula, Ritz-Carlton, etc. — participate in this offer.

I’m actually going to go on a limb and guess that there are more hotels that are eligible than what’s shown online. The above website is pretty terrible, especially when it comes to sorting hotels. Though I suppose it’s better than nothing, especially for those who don’t yet have the Citi Prestige Card.

Bottom line

The Citi Prestige Card fourth night free benefit does work at a vast majority of chain hotels, and even at many non-chain hotels. This benefit is truly a game changer for anyone who frequently stays in hotels for at least four nights at a time.

Even without this benefit the card would be so valuable, so this is truly something which puts the card over the top.

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  1. Yeah, the CWT website sucks. I looked up a hotel I wanted yesterday. The results showed “Rooms available from $xxx.xx”, but when I clicked the link to view the available rates, I received a message saying that no rooms were available. This was for a booking 11 months from now, and the hotel website shows tons of inventory. I repeated this several times for various dates, and got the same result each time.

  2. Thanks for the tip?

    How often is the fourth night free average rate over the four days significantly lower than an AAA or AAARP rate?

  3. I have tried the Carlson vacation website, presumably not updated since 1999, and it had some hotels for Georgetown/Penang, Malaysia. I was not interested in those so I called the Prestige concierge line and within a few hours I had a new list emailed to me that had some additional hotels that were not on the website. They seemed fine, but a little bit too business oriented. I booked a smaller B&B instead through Expedia. However, I felt the Carlson selection was adequate and if I were looking in a larger city (like KL) or for a less quaint hotel, I probably would have booked one of the hotels offered with the 4th night free deal.

  4. I found out even 4th night free, the rate is still more expensive than other online booking. I haven’t found any better deal for 4th night free since I got the Prestige. Any help? I tried to book 4 nights at Atlantis Bahama in August. Their rate is way higher than Oribtz or cheaptickets. No benefit for me

  5. Amanoi isn’t on the vacations website, but the agent was able to book. FYI. Definitey other properties available. Same goes for Mukul in Nicaragua.

  6. I just got a confirmed reservation at the Ritz-Carlton Berlin using the 4th night free benefit. It was a “stay five nights get the fourth free” on the club level which means I’ll still get the fourth night free. Five nights for the price of three at the Ritz…not too shabby.

  7. @ RNP — It should be whatever the best available rate is on the hotel’s website? Is Orbitz/Cheaptickets cheaper than the hotel’s site directly?

  8. @ Gene — Assuming the goal is simply to use the Citi Prestige fourth night free benefit, there’s not actually any upside to trying to price hotels. You’ll pay whatever rate the hotel is charging directly. The only upside of using the site is seeing some of the participating properties.

  9. Beachfan: According to reports, CWL can indeed “see” AAA rates, so that would work. I’m not sure about AARP rates, but my limited experience is that they don’t beat AAA rates.

    The real-world issue for me would instead be whether non-public rates (e.g., corporate or negotiated rates) that CWL can’t “see” would work out to be cheaper in the end or not.

  10. I’ve booked a hotel using the 4th night free benefit that does not appear on the CWT website. I believe any hotel can be booked by CWT that offers a commission to travel agents, not just those listed on their hotel directory on their site.

  11. @David — I was about to post the same thing, haha! It is now the Anantara Siam. However, Four Seasons is building a new property in Bangkok, expected to open in 2018.

  12. inusually get good government discounts on IHG properties and four nights with that discount is still cheaper than fourth night free with the Prestige.

  13. Their website is third world……..horrible waste of time…….and again no Relais and Chateau………worthless in France……..

  14. @Steven – Actually Steven, the rate I got at RC Berlin stated clearly on the website that it was non-commissionable and it was booked by CWT without question.

  15. Lucky – The 4th night free does not work for the SPG chain (: With the new promo of stay 5 nights get a weekend free, I was thinking of doing some ‘mattress vacation’ (is that the right term!!) given the fact that you pointed out the incredible deal to PHX for $99 and the Sheraton Tempe prepaid rate for for $74 .. The Citi Prestige came in at 99$ + taxes which after the 4th night free = $74. The biggest kicker was booking in Europe. I was looking at Venice and the difference booking directly on the SPG site and getting it via Citi concierge was a whooping difference of Euros 100 per night (on prepaid rate!) which if you do the math, = Citi padding the rate so the net benefit to the consumer of Euro 400 is ZERO !!

    What am I missing when you tout the benefit of the 4th night free ? Would love to hear your thoughts on the above examples I’ve provided.


  16. @ Andrew F — It works on the published flexible rates, pre-paid rates, AAA rates, etc. Are you maybe seeing some sort of promo rate on the SPG website? If so, it indeed wouldn’t be bookable using this benefit.

  17. Lucky. FYI. This is not a benefit at all. Tested it again within the US, using your own example of Sheraton Tempe . Conceirge rate was 109$+tax and even with the 4th night free it was no way close to match the prepaid rate Of $74
    Andrew F

  18. @ Andrew F — Hmmm, do you have some sample dates, and is this the Sheraton Phoenix Airport you’re talking about, or another property?

  19. Hi Lucky. Called the Conceirge for 2 hotels. Sheraton Tempe, Az and Westin in Venice Italy. Rates provided for Tempe was 109+taxes, vs SPG prepaid rate of 74 (dates Aug 8 to Aug 11).
    Westin rates quoted was Euro 605 vs SPG prepaid rate of Euro 405!! ( dates Oct 1 to 5)
    If you do the math , even with the 4th night free, Tempe is 84$ and Westin Italy is Euro 453 !

    As a further test , I made flex booking on SPG site and still it came out cheaper. .78$ for Tempe, and Euro 435 for Venice Italy.
    So my thoughts are I will pay for 5 nights in Tempe, and use the Sheraton promo of free weekend for Venice. .is that possible?

  20. Is there a way to leverage this with the corp rate code?
    I have corp rates @ $100 and the cwt rates are $400. Any getting around this?

  21. Lucky:

    Do you know if fourth night free would work on a rate where the hotel is already offering a free night? The Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas has a “Suite Sensations” rate that includes the fourth night free. If one could book that using the Prestige free night also, one would be able to get a suite for the regular room rate for four nights. Thanks.

  22. Have they changed this? I tried this and it seemed to redirect to res.funjet.com when I tried to do a hotel search. A giant city like Paris turned up only 76 options…. omitting most of the major chains etc Great if you want to book a Best Western

  23. @Nola- I don’t even see The Mandarin listed on the CWT site. Did you call someone at CTW or concierge and found out this was one of the hotels? Check the site now and I don’t see it there.

  24. @Dan. I did not. That trip was cancelled. My experience has been that the fourth night free works at most hotels, though. I’m about to use the benefit for my second time at a major chain and have a trip scheduled using the benefit at an independent hotel abroad also. This is probably the best benefit of any travel card. Blows AX FHR out of the water.

  25. @Nola- with this booking at the independent hotel abroad was it listed on the CTW site? I agree getting a free night is great however the AX FHR seems to have a lot of 5 star properties with offers attached. Sometimes they are free breakfast, wifi, late checking upgrade etc… I have not used either yet but for example the Mandarin was listed on AX FHR site and not CTW. Thus I am still in the mode of – does this mean it’s not available to book with CTW if it is not listed on their website?

  26. @Dan– I think the key is whether CWT can book the hotel and enter its travel agent number. I did not check the website in advance. I just told the citi agent what I wanted and they connected me through to the Cwt agent, who actually found a slightly better rate than the discounted rate I found at the hotel website.

    I will check CET to see if this hotel is listed but I don’t necessarily think that is the key. The website likely doesn’t constitute the world of hotels they can use–but does constitute their favored hotels. Their booking engine/GDS should have access to more properties. @Lucky will probable be better able to explain this than I.

  27. First, I couldn’t get the agent who answered to transfer ME to the travel advisor. He insisted on being the go-between. Then, they could only find a rate of 330 Euro for a room that Hyatt’s website has at 234 Euro (for all standard rooms, those specific dates, Hyatt rate and AAA and AARP rates all the same). So frustrating. I’m going to try again tomorrow, but I don’t know how to get them to let ME talk to the TA.

  28. OK… I get that we’ll earn points and nights for the duration of the stay for the full price. What about elite perks such as Hilton Diamond if booked with CWT? Will Hilton still honor the perks and benefits of an elite membership? I know that Hilton will not give you free wi-fi if you booked via a 3rd party site and not on their site. Thanks in advance for your help/answers!

  29. Booking with them is terrible; they only match rates “publicly” available meaning offered through AAA or the hotel directly. For a trip in August, I see the Modern in HI for $272 on Trip Advisor, $279 on Expedia/Orbitz and everywhere else, but they want me to pay $349 to book with the hotel direct. How does that make any sense? Even with the fourth night free, for a five night stay I come out ahead booking through Orbitz with their 15% off coupon they’re offering. I applied for this card for this trip and it turned out to be a huge letdown. I wish I knew the rate before I applied! 🙁

  30. I wanted to give an update to anyone using the service. I wanted to booked a B&B in Newport RI and after I got the rates I called the new Citi Prestige concierge line at 5pm to give them the details. The next day Citi emailed me saying they are looking into booking the hotel. Not wanting to wait and it being a small B&B hotel (which told they will not hold the room) I called the Citi number back. Citi called the B&B and they were put off by the attitude of whatever Citi said. The hotel told my wife they don’t pay commissions to booking sites and Citi made the impression they were a booking agent. However my wife called the hotel to explain the free night benefit the credit card gives. We had to do a conference call with Citi and the B&B in order for it to all go o.k. Thereafter we received the notice from Citi with the free night details. A lot of work for the whole thing but happy we are getting the 4th night for frees do this was not a big hotel chain.

    Anyone else have any experiences?

  31. Website is now dead. Doesn’t show a single hotel in New York or anywhere else I search for that matter.

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