Go Home Virgin America, You’re Drunk!

Oh man, oh man, oh man! I appreciate airlines embracing pride month — for example, American has updated their social media images to add a rainbow flag, which I think is cute.


But Virgin America just took it to a whole new level with this Tweet:

Before you know it, they’ll add options to interact with them through Grindr and Craigslist as well. 😉

What do you make of Virgin America’s Tweet — funny, over the top, or something else?


  1. I’m a prude, so it’s a bit too much for me. It’s also very … ahem … binary. I tend to think of it as more of a spectrum, or more fluid.

    I love the AA approach.

  2. i am sorry, but i do not understand this post, top or bottom, can this be explained to me, it is good that these companies are accepting gay pride… but what is top and bottom??

  3. I’ve been out and proud since my first Pride march in the summer of 1979. I’m proud to say that I was active with both Queer Nation and ACT UP. Nonetheless, I felt that tweet from Virgin America was just bizarre and wildly inappropriate.

  4. Looks more like some one hijacked their twitter and was playing a prank. The tops to bottoms ratio of 2:3 is interesting though

  5. I find it less offensive than just immature and backwards. It perpetuates a tired stereotype that LGBT sexual orientation equals sexually obsessive. It’s about so much more than that.

  6. @RakSiam – You might have some vers folks who favorited AND retweeted. Just saying.

    I think this is totally on brand for them.

  7. Rather crass to request that folks identify what they do during their intimate moments. What next, favorite if you spit, retweet if you swallow?

  8. @ john Top is the one filled in the hole, Bottom is the guy whose hold is being filled.
    However, they are quite interchangeable.
    Sorry for implication, but that’s all I can say on the internet.

  9. Straight people don’t have month to celebrate that they’re straight- it’s ludicrous that gay people get a month to celebrate. Where’s the fairness in that

  10. I favorited, retweeted and posted on facebook. What does that make me? SHAMELESS! Leave it to a “Virgin” to ask such questions!

  11. @Bill: Straight people haven’t been historically persecuted either.

    @Gene: I suspect if someone tried to start a Straight Pride Month it’d be received about as well as a White Pride Month. There are still double standards after all. Perhaps we can just rebrand June to Sexual Diversity Month and celebrate everything.

    “Straight Pride” is celebrated EVERYDAY at the office when you tell people where you took your wife for dinner and all about your daughter’s recital and son’s football game when no one asked. One month a year with parades and presidential proclamations? You will live…

  13. @ Bill — If straight people had been told for centuries to be ashamed of their straightness (and either put to death or otherwise severely punished for revealing it), then I would totally agree with your assessment. The purpose of pride is to say that we’re not going to hide in the shadows anymore, and that it’s unacceptable for us to tell children that they must suppress who they are in the interest of conformity (because doing so has often led to serious psychological difficulties, or worse).

    (*Though I will say that, unfortunately, some companies think the purpose of pride is to reach a demographic that typically has some extra disposable income.)

  14. crass!!! Glad the only $$ I’ve ever given #Virgin was at their record store buying 1 CD 25 years ago. If that were my company, I’d fire the gutter minded individual who tweeted that.

  15. Even for Virgin, it’s a little too far. The spit/swallow analogy above is spot on — they wouldn’t say it, nor should they. There’s ways to be “down with the cause” and not completely inappropriate for a corporate Twitter account.

  16. There is gonna be the end of the world soon. Too much shit is happening right now. People went crazy.

  17. until there is a trans-species month, and accompanying parades, tolerance and celebration, i view such things as exclusionary, elitist and a painful reminder that i am not accepted by society. now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s hot out and my lady needs a shearing. and, yes, if you must know, i prefer shaved vs natural. baaa…

  18. It does seem to push the envelope but if anyone was going to be this cheeky it had to be Virgin… Back in the day when they were sponsoring the Kenyan Rugby Team, they had huge billboards all over Nairobi that read “We finally got a Hooker to run around with Virgin on their shirt” I thought it was hilarious and exactly the kind of thing that Sir Branson would do.

  19. @Richard

    “I assumed it was referring (albeit cheekily) to where you like to put your carry on!?”

    Pardon the doubleentre , but wouldn’t that depend on just how big the package is? 😉

  20. Well, all it really does is reinforce the stereotype that all LGBT people are obsessed with sex, and that’s the only way we know how to communicate/relate to them.

  21. @Kenny – Completely agree. How incredibly crass and devoid of any class. Is that what identifies gay pride according to VX? Is that what is needed to further the acceptance of the LGBT community?

  22. @ Mateusz — Or just a 9.0 earthquake in San Francisco. That should get rid of most of the gays… rolleyes

  23. Any airline (or business, for that matter) that openly flaunts or supports Pride month will be a company that never gets a dime from me. I don’t hate gay people. Rather, I just don’t give a crap about the LGBT agenda. At. All. And don’t want it shoved in my face. I don’t go around shouting “I’m straight, look at me, give me attention!!” Therefore, keep it to yourself, thanks. These companies that go along with it are giving nothing more than a petty attempt to be politically correct. And PC is killing America and the rest of the West.

  24. Wow, Jesse. You are going to be left with a very small list of companies that you’ll will do business with. Just last night I saw a wonderful Pride commercial from Tylenol. Most of the major hotel chains sponsor gay pride events, or at the very least have very gay-positive advertising. As mentioned by Lucky, American Airlines is a major sponsor of Pride Events. As is Alaska Airlines. And probably most of the other US airlines.

  25. Oh, I didn’t realize that AirAsia wasn’t the only airline who’s not afraid to get a little suggestive.

  26. Maybe it would have created less controversy if they said tweet if you’re a pitcher, favorite if you’re a catcher?

  27. Oh Lucky you’re asking for trouble and for the homophobes to expose themselves. Bad topic! Next!

  28. I think this is definitely the way Virgin America wanted to advertise! The analogy of luggage to sex is just as complicated as carry-ons and stowage places to sex and positions. I just love having to explain these things to uninformed people. You should see the expressions that I get!

  29. @Gene And London, Paris, actually here where I live are many people like this.
    Ok, they can be gays and so on but keep it quiet, please. Don’t share it with other people who are disgusted about it.

  30. @Mateusz – So you continued reading the article from the link in order to feel disgusted & then comment about it. You realise no-one is forcing you to read articles about things that disgust you, right?

  31. Keep it classy VX. Stereotypes and tired clichés are neither funny nor appropriate. Yes it is Pride season and no you don’t need to degrade your brand by sexualizing your customers or your twitter feed. You’re my preferred airline. Please keep it that way.

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