Earning Starpoints For Multiple Hotel Rooms Per Stay

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While I live in hotels full time, I don’t accrue as many elite qualifying hotel nights as you might expect. I’m primarily loyal to Starwood and Hyatt. Yet between the two chains I don’t get anywhere close to ~365 elite qualifying nights.


I finished last year at around 150 elite qualifying nights with Hyatt, and about 85 elite qualifying stays with Starwood (I had so many more nights with Hyatt than Starwood because I spent a lot of nights at the Grand Hyatt Tampa, which is my preferred hotel there).

Anyway, while I usually almost exclusively travel alone, the past week or so I’ve been in Germany, traveling with family and extended family. And I’ve been loving staying at Starwood properties.

Previously I had only rarely booked multiple rooms, though this time around I’ve been traveling with three rooms the entire trip.

Starwood’s policy is that they’ll issue Starpoints, elite stay credit, and elite night credit for up to three rooms per stay. Here’s the official Starwood policy on earning points for multiple rooms:

How many rooms can I earn credit for per stay?

Members can earn Starpoints for up to three rooms per stay when 1) each room is paid for by the member and all
charges are settled at check-out; and 2) one room is occupied by the member.

For example, at the Westin Frankfurt I booked two rooms for four nights and one room for one night, and for that I earned three elite qualifying stays and nine elite qualifying nights. Best of all:


That was all awesome to begin with, though the part that really pleasantly caught me off guard is how great the properties I’ve stayed at have been about honoring elite benefits for multiple rooms.


For example, both the Westins in Frankfurt and Munich offered club lounge access to all three rooms in my party. Technically they only have to honor it for one, so they were definitely going above and beyond by offering it to everyone in my party.


Bottom line

As someone who’s used to traveling alone, it sure is nice to see how great the experience can be when traveling with others. Not only is earning elite qualifying nights/stays at triple the pace awesome, but the fact that both hotels went above and beyond to honor some Platinum benefits for all three rooms was great as well, though it’s certainly not something I’d expect in the future.

Taking care of those traveling with you is a fantastic extension of a hotel loyalty program. Travel with my family is the type of travel that matters most to me, so it’s great when those stays are rewarding, rather the ones I care much less about. At the end of the day I don’t get much value out of club lounge access if my family can’t use it either, so getting access for everyone was a huge perk.

I’ve already requalified for Platinum status with Starwood, and should easily make 100 night Ambassador status. The four elite stay credits and 10 elite night credits I started the year off with thanks to the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express and the Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express will help.

Which hotel chain do you prefer to stay with when booking multiple rooms? What has been your experience with getting at least some elite benefits honored for multiple rooms?

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  1. Lucky,
    I am trying to choose one hotel chain to stay loyal to. Which chain would you recommend based on the general service level?

  2. Hah, you just had to throw that last sentence in there, didn’t you 😉

    But yes, love Starwood’s policy on booking multiple rooms when traveling with friends and family with no status.

  3. I booked multiple rooms at a RI this year and received elite credit + points for all of them. They delivered arrival gifts to all the rooms too, but that was definitely an anomaly since my plat gift rarely shows up for ONE room. Ultimately, so much of this is dependent on the staff/management but that was definitely a pleasant surprise!

  4. i’m just curious about the Priceline aspect of your hotel habits. i haven’t used them since their early days and was put off by the “name your price” functionality. i tend to use hotels.com (welcome rewards can be useful for redemptions in asia) or rocketmiles/pointshound more recently.

    is there a particular aspect of Priceline that’s better strategically?

  5. I think the policy is stay and night credit for only one of the rooms but points for all, so your nickname seems fitting here!

  6. How did you like the Westin in MUC, Ben? Imo it’s a bit old fashioned and not in the city centre, but still the best value for money 5* house here:)

  7. @Larry,

    No. As he stated, this is the policy:

    “Members can earn Starpoints for up to three rooms per stay when 1) each room is paid for by the member and all charges are settled at check-out; and 2) one room is occupied by the member.”

    Him getting all the stay/night credit is exactly what is supposed to happen. I’ve been doing the same thing recently with 3 rooms for the past month or so.

  8. @ Philip — I think you’re spot on. It’s a bit old fashioned and not centrally located, but for the purposes I was in town, I didn’t need to be in the city center. If significantly cheaper, I quite like the Sheraton across the street as well.

  9. @ Larry — In this case official policy is definitely stay/night credit as well as points for up to three rooms. 🙂

  10. @ pavel — I simply use it for the “name your own price” function. If I have a quick overnight and just want a cheap/decent hotel, then I find it’s often the best bet.

  11. @ R — Where do you mostly travel to and how many nights a year would you say you spend in hotels?

  12. I usually travel between 50-70 days a year. Don’t usually travel a lot to North America and most of my travel is centered around Asia, Europe and Australia.
    Thanks for your help

  13. This topic is dear to my heart. I took my dear friend and neighbour to Thailand for her 80th birthday. L’Orchidée Phuket followed by Sofitel So Bangkok. The latter was exquisite. Lacroix! sweety…

    I’ll see your Sheraton in Germany and I’ll raise you green tea éclairs.

    I took two rooms, one deeply discounted prepaid, the other through a Sofitel Premium Offer thru Amex Platinum. I’m Accor Platinum thru Amex PLT. The hotel conferred Exec Floor status upon me and my two guests for our 5-day stay. It made ALL the difference. For me, part of the thrill was the fact that the status that got me this valuable privilege (afternoon tea in the 25th floor lounge was our lunch, Happy Hour in the lounge served as dinner, the $30pp breakfast buffet, comped to us, was magnifique) came up with the rations. Accor Platinum is one of the “enrolment required benefits” of Amex PLT in Canada.

    Back to Lucky’s point, my companions relied on me to make this trip work and Sofitel’s decision to give the goodies to all in my two-room party was a welcome, unexpected, generous surprise.

    When in Bangkok, I’d encourage anyone to get Accor Platinum status and stay at the Sofitel So Bangkok. It’s a riot.

  14. @Lucky – great highlight of another great SPG benefit. I’m ~75 nights away from Lifetime Platinum with SPG, and this benefit has been a big driver. My wife and I have a small house in the center of downtown without much room for guests. When family stay in-town, we typically put them up in hotels. I’ll “stay” in one room and buy a few additional rooms. I’ve always received Platinum gifts for each, and all are given the elite benefits such as lounge and/or breakfast, internet, etc. In a prior career, I would travel often with colleagues who don’t travel, or rather hate to travel. I’d make it easy for them by booking rooms together and having the SPG nights credited to my account. Of my 400+ SPG nights, I’d say about 25% are from these additional rooms.

    One additional thing to note. While I haven’t booked more than three rooms at one time recently, back in 2009 and 2010, I often received credit when booking 4+ rooms per night, upto 7 for one corporate function.

  15. I’ve booked multiple rooms when traveling with family or non-traveling colleagues and have always gotten the stay/night credits (even for booking as many as 5 rooms at a time). I have had almost no luck in getting the other Platinum benefits though – welcome gift/points, lounge access, internet, etc. I’m consistently told that those perks are only for the primary room (mine). Maybe I’m picking the wrong hotels. Great perk if you can use it though.

  16. Lucky, I’m interested in the Germany aspect of your post. I have two trips to Europe this year, both which start in Germany and having already seen Munich and Berlin wonder if there is any other locale that you think is right up there in the must see category. We will be travelling by train.

  17. Why do you keep pretending that you ‘live’ in hotels – you spend a heck of a load of time mooching off your parents at their home. For a grown man you sure must make them proud

  18. I stand corrected. I had thought a lurker said something different on FT. But happy to be wrong in this case.

  19. As a point of data, the Le Centre Sheraton in Montreal, CA was very strict about the lounge access. Booked 3 rooms this past May for a weekend and was completely shut down when guests of the other 2 rooms attempted to access the lounge. One other gating factor to multiple room stays is that the SPG member really needs to check in, otherwise I think the hotels are less likely to provide the Platinum benefits. Also took me about 2 weeks to get points credit for the 2 rooms where I did not check in, even though I had booked and pre-paid for the rooms through spg.com.

  20. Ben – So I am a lifetime Gold SPG member and I am aiming to get to be a lifetime Plat. I love the SPG program. However this year, I have not had a chance to do much travel, but it has been awesome that free redemptions count towards either stays or nights.

    However this year my travel has been rather thing, but thanks to your blog I have racked up 300k in credit card churning !!

    Andrew F.

    Need your advise on SPG.. based on my current estimation I will be at 10 stay or 25 nights – any suggestions on how to get to the magical 25 stays or 50 nights, without spending a ton of money ?

  21. @ Vicky — Lots of fun places in Germany! What are you looking for — cities, nature, etc.? And you looking to only stick to Starwood, or interested in mixing it up?

  22. Great post Lucky! 🙂 Question: Could a member conceivably be awarded the elite gift three times in one stay, if booked as three consecutive reservations on three consecutive nights?(e.g. Mon, Tues, Wed)?
    It would require a checkin/checkout daily, but that’s worth it for the bonus if it would be honored. What do you think?

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