La Compagnie Introduces MyCompagnie Frequent Flyer Program

By now you’re probably aware of French all business class airline La Compagnie, which operates flights between Newark and Paris/London.


La Compagnie has just announced that they’re introducing a loyalty program, called MyCompagnie. And if you register for MyCompagnie by June 30, 2015, you’ll earn a welcome bonus of 10 points. Here’s how they describe the program by email:

Discover MyCompagnie, our new fidelity program, and cumulate points with every La Compagnie flight you take.These points can quickly add up to tickets on all our routes. The good news: if you activate your account by June, 30th, we will credit you with a welcome bonus of 10 points. What can we say? We’re feeling generous.


So how does MyCompagnie work?

Earn points with MyCompagnie

MyCompagnie offers a fixed number of points per trip, regardless of whether you fly one-way or roundtrip. The number of points you earn is based entirely on your fare class:

  • Earn 5 Points per Full Flex ticket
  • Earn 3 Points per Semi Flex ticket
  • Earn 2 Points per Best Buy ticket
  • Earn 1 Point per Promo ticket


That’s an interesting way of issuing points, since they award the same number of points whether you fly one-way or roundtrip. On one hand that seems a bit odd, though on the other hand it’s not necessarily unreasonable, given that on a per segment basis, one-way fares are typically significantly more expensive than roundtrip fares.

Redeem points with MyCompagnie

Now the big question is about redemption costs, an area in which MyCompagnie is pretty straightforward:

  • 2o Points are required for a one-way ticket
  • 40 Points are required for a roundtrip ticket


One thing La Compagnie doesn’t clarify is how many seats will be made available for awards. Given that a vast majority of their flights aren’t full, I would certainly hope that points can be used for just about any seat on the plane.

So the sign-up bonus of 10 Points is actually really generous, since that’s half of a one-way business class ticket.

MyCompagnie program terms

The above is interesting in and of itself, but what about the fine print? I’ve read through the general conditions of the MyCompagnie program, and based on that it seems like:

  • Points are valid for three years from the date they’re issued. In other words, points seem to actually expire three years after when they’re issued, and not after three years of inactivity. So that’s a fairly restrictive policy.
  • You can retroactively earn points for flights you’ve taken as far back as July 2014.
  • When redeeming points, you’re still responsible for “taxes, fees, and surcharges” (hopefully not any sort of fuel surcharges).
  • Award bookings have to be made by phone through La Compagnie’s call center.
  • You can cancel award tickets up to 24 hours in advance for a cost of €50 for a one-way or €100 for a roundtrip. Within 24 hours of departure you can’t get a refund anymore.


Is La Compagnie’s MyCompagnie rewarding?

I’d say MyCompagnie is reasonably rewarding, depending on the type of traveler you are.

If you’re booking Full Flex tickets, then four paid one-way tickets is enough for a one-way award ticket.

Meanwhile if you’re booking Promo tickets, you’d need to book 40 tickets before you got a roundtrip award ticket.

The 10 Point sign-up bonus is quite generous, though, assuming you can fly La Compagnie enough in the next 36 months to earn the rest of the points needed for an award. And for that matter I think it’s smart of La Compagnie to offer such a big sign-up bonus, since it has the potential to engage travelers more.

So for a new all business class airline they could have certainly gone with a more generous program, given all of the other disadvantages of flying with them (them frequently canceling flights, their limited frequencies, etc.).

That being said, many similar airlines in the past haven’t had loyalty programs, so this is certainly better than nothing.


Bottom line

Kudos to La Compagnie for being a bit innovative and launching a loyalty program, even if it’s not the most generous in the world. But ultimately a loyalty program isn’t going to be La Compagnie’s unique selling proposition, as it’s an area where the legacy carriers offer plenty of value.

Instead, La Compagnie’s unique value proposition continues to be that they offer a (somewhat sub-par) business class product at close to economy prices, so are a fantastic value for anyone traveling on their own dime between New York and London/Paris.

Now we just have to see whether the points or the airline expire first. 😉

What do you make of La Compagnie’s new MyCompagnie program?


  1. I’ll break my own rules again and award my Best Comment of the Day prize to the post itself for this little gem: “Now we just have to see whether the points or the airline expire first.” Very well done indeed.

  2. Hi Lucky,

    Enjoyed your blog on the Maldives . . on the subject of points, I just missed out on the bonus offer with American that ended on the 12th.

    Do you think they will run another offer before year end and will it be as good or better than the last. I really wanted to shoot for the 90 / 50 level but ran out of time . . Procrastinators of the world unite . . maybe tomorrow.

  3. The “accumulate points” picture you posted above seems to suggest that you earn points per flight, not per trip/ticket, though I agree the subsequent “one-way or round-trip” language makes that somewhat confusing.

    But, either way, not such a terrible value. Great for people who fly these routes often and might want to bring a spouse along for one trip, for example, or small business owners who are flying on their own dime.

  4. Hi Lucky/anyone

    Do you know if you are able to transfer points? If no not even between family?

    Thanks, Oliver

  5. I hope you don’t mind me cross-posting. I also put this on your post:

    Hi Ben,

    I think we are approaching the time where you must consider taking the position of making a stern “No FLY” recommendation to your readers for La Compagnie!

    After reading up on La Compagnie regularly and seeing the great number of cancellations and headaches it is causing, I can’t see how anyone can recommend an airline, not knowing whether you will be on a flight or not, or whether it will be canceled with almost no notice at all. I don’t think it matters whether the flight is an exceptional value, the staff is extremely pleasant or you can start out on their frequent flyer program with 10 credits. If you can’t rely on an airline to transport you, what good are they?

    Perhaps some people have such flexible schedules that they can go any time the airline wants to put them on a flight, but I imagine the vast majority of people make hotel reservations, have time commitments, utilize positioning and connecting flights, and assume they will be flying within a few hours of their scheduled departure times, as opposed to a few days.

    You, yourself, have questioned from the beginning whether La Compagnie can even sustain its business model for any significant period of time. You wonder what is wrong with their management. You call them an operational nightmare! Perhaps this is the beginning of the end.

    So Ben — at what point do you think it is reasonable for a frequent flyer guru such as yourself to form an opinion that an airline is too unreliable to fly, and if so, should you share that opinion with your readers?


    They’re over their heads if they think they can get millions of members!

  7. If you get the same number of points for a RT as OW, would’ve been nice if RT award was the same price as OW 😉

  8. @ Craig — I totally agree, and think I’ve done my fair share to criticize them and call them out for their deficiencies, more so than anyone else. But I do also think they have a unique position in the market, and offer something which no other airline does. I don’t think they’ll survive and if I reliably needed to be somewhere wouldn’t book them. But that doesn’t change the fact that they offer a great value proposition if they actually operate a given flight.

  9. Hi,

    I have just received a email to say my flight has been cancelled (B0006) Luton to Newark on Friday 7th August.
    I have contacted them to ask for a full refund on both my departure and return flight as I no longer want to fly with them.
    They have initially told me it will take 30 days for the refund, I am currently waiting to get this confirmed in writing.

    Is the a certain time frame in which they must process the refund? I presumed it was 7 days?

    Also has anyone has received a full cash refund for cancelled flights yet?

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