$25 In Free Uber Credit For All Users – Act Fast!

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Update: Code appears to be dead. Congrats to those who got in on the deal!

Via The Points Guy, new and existing Uber users can get $25 towards rides in the US and Canada by adding “roamwithuber” to your Uber account. This promo is geared towards Rogers Mobile customers, but seems to be working on all accounts.

Some people are reporting issues with the app, but if you can get to a desktop computer you can add the code under the “Promotions” tab:


Once you’ve entered “roamwithuber” you should see the credit listed.


If you aren’t already using Uber, you can get a $20 credit by signing up for Uber here and we get a credit as well.

$45 in credit will cover many flat rate trips to/from airports, so even if you don’t think you’ll use Uber in the near future this is a great time to sign up.

I don’t expect this to last more than a few hours (if that), so existing users should add this to your accounts quickly!


  1. When I first saw this earlier this evening (long before TPG posted it) I thought about writing about it just in case. Last time this deal was around (also with Rogers in Canada) Uber removed the code from ineligible (eg US-based) accounts. Figured this one would go the same way.

  2. @ Tiffany — thanks for the heads up. I must not have been quick enough — get this message: “Promotion has a redemption limit and too many users have entered the code”

  3. @ Gary Leff — Good to know, I guess if it doesn’t pan out it gave us all something fun to do for twenty minutes 🙂

  4. @ James W @ Ivan Y @ Ashley — Are you using the app or the desktop version? Will update the post accordingly.

  5. This code has been floating around for months. It hit Slickdeals.net back in January. I redeemed it on 1/22. 🙂

  6. The uber roam code is already at capacity. The code doesn’t work neither on the app or the website. That went quick!

  7. It was applied to my account when I entered, but I’ve taken 2 rides and it hasn’t been applied to the actual ride. Unclear if it will actually work

  8. I don’t know why Tiffany believes this is for US rides. This has existed for months and only applies to rides taken within Canada (technically part of a Rogers promotion along with code “roamlikehome” which has long expired)

  9. just missed it! And ironically have literally just landed from Toronto, which I don’t visit often and used uber A LOT!! Had my First Lady uber driver in a cool yellow Mini!

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