18 Months Of Hyatt Diamond Status For $600

I gave Nick a bit of a hard time last week when he couldn’t find any availability to use his Hyatt Visa anniversary free night at the Hyatt Olive 8 in Seattle. They were apparently blocking award night inventory for the entire summer. As an experiment, I called up the Diamond Line and asked them to contact the hotel directly on my behalf to request that they open up a room for me on points. They did and it worked.

Some readers thought that I was being an elitist snob by calling in a special favor just to show him up. While that wasn’t my intention at all, I can see how it may have appeared that way.

In the end, Nick was able to book a room on points.  I was very happy for him and look forward to reading the review of his stay. He also made the world a slightly better place by getting them to open up award inventory for everyone else.

Grand Hyatt Seattle
Grand Hyatt Seattle

Anyway, I felt bad about it for a bit. So to make it up to him, this week I’m going to show Nick how he can become a Hyatt Diamond on the cheap by leveraging the many promotions that Hyatt is currently running.

In this post, I’ll outline a plan whereby Nick (and many of you) can get Hyatt Diamond for 18 months at net cost of $600.

This plan is going to leverage several current Hyatt promotions. Here they are in summary:

20% Award Rebate

Back in February, Hyatt announced that holders of their co-branded credit card would get a 20% rebate on award redemptions through July 31. This applies to both outright award nights as well as Points + Cash stays. The full amount of points is deducted at the time of booking, and then 20% are returned about a week after the stay.

Nick has the Hyatt Visa and is participating in this promotion.

Hyatt visa holders get a 20% redemption on points stays through July 31.
Hyatt visa holders get a 20% redemption on points stays through July 31.

Sweet Dreams, Sweet Rewards Promotion

Then this week Hyatt announced their summer promotion called Sweet Dreams Sweet Rewards and it’s actually pretty decent. It’s a targeted promotion, meaning that the requirements are slightly different depending on which one you are assigned (check your email).

For most folks, the general idea is stay either 10, 15, or 20 nights and earn what amounts to 2,000 points per night. Then for each incremental five nights beyond your initial requirement, you earn even more points, up to some cap.

Nick received the “stay 15 nights, earn 30,000 points” version. 

Sweet dreams are nice, but I'd rather have sweet points.
Sweet dreams are nice, but I’d take the points.

Fast Track To Diamond Status

Hyatt had the best status match program of just about any hotel chain for many years. Then it was discontinued. Then it sort of reappeared. And now the Hyatt Diamond Fast Track is officially back and open to the public. All you have to do is call Hyatt Gold Passport at 1-800-228-3360 and request to be enrolled in the Fast Track to Diamond.

In order to complete the offer you need 12 qualifying nights in the next 60 days. If you do that, you are granted Diamond status immediately which is good for the remainder of 2015 as well as the 2016 program year. That means you’ll have Diamond status through February 2017.

It’s important to note that you don’t get Diamond status at the start of the Fast Track anymore, but rather you get it upon completion. You do, however, earn 1,000 bonus points on each of your first six nights. (I don’t quite get why it wouldn’t be the first 12 but whatever….) It’s also worth noting that Hyatt counts points + cash nights count as qualifying in terms of status, though straight up award nights do not count.

Putting It All Together

By registering for the Diamond Fast Track now, Nick will need 12 nights within the next 60 days in order to earn Diamond status. That is conveniently aligned with the end of July, which means he can leverage the 20% award rebate to reduce his costs.

He simultaneously needs 15 nights to earn 30,000 bonus points under the Sweet Dreams promotion. That’s sort of convenient.

So if he gets 15 nights by the end of July he will earn 36,000 bonus points including 30,000 for the Sweet Dreams promotion and 6,000 with the Diamond Fast Track.  He’ll also be Diamond for the next 18 months.


Now let’s see how cheaply we can accomplish this.

Cheap Nights Are Hard To Find

The economy is doing well. Heads are in beds. It’s the summer travel season.

Use whatever excuse you want, the fact is that hotels are not cheap right now. My anecdotal evidence says that the low end properties are up significantly over a year ago, maybe as much as 25%.

Category 1 Points + Cash

Category 1 properties cost 2,500 points plus $50. Some will say that it’s not a great idea to use Points + Cash at these properties, since you could have used 5,000 points for a straight up award night instead. That means you’re essentially buying 2,500 Hyatt points at 2 cents each, which is on the high side. But award nights are not qualifying in terms of earning status, so I would argue that you shouldn’t think of it as buying 2,500 points but rather that you are spending $50 to buy 2,500 points and a night credit. It’s the night credit that we really need, after all.

Oh but wait, there’s an award rebate going on, remember? That means that our Category 1 rooms are really only 2,000 points per night + $50 after the rebate. From here on, I’m just going to assume that the rebate is automatic, since it pretty much is.

Ben values Hyatt points at 1.5 cents each, a number that I find a bit on the low side. But, let’s just go with it. That means that a Category 1 points + cash room is going to cost $50 + 2,000 points or $80. You get all the same benefits on a Points + Cash booking as you do on a revenue night, so one is a perfect substitute for the other. That means that we should prefer to book a Category 1 property on the Points + Cash rate anytime the revenue rate is over $80.

Given the current hotel prices, let’s just assume that $80 is as cheap as it’s going to get.

Nick can expect to stay in a bunch of these for two weeks.
Nick can expect to stay in a bunch of these for two weeks.

Putting It All Together

15 nights in Category 1 hotels, at 2,000 points per night (net of the rebate) and $50 means that the investment is 30,000 points and $750

On the earning side, Nick will pick up 1,000 points for each of the first six nights. Then he will earn 5.75 base points (including the 15% Platinum bonus) per dollar spent on the 15 nights at $50 each for 4,312 points.

And he’ll earn 30,000 bonus points for the Sweet Dreams promotion. That means he will earn a total of 40,312.

He’ll also get 15 nights in a Hyatt, most likely a Hyatt Place or Hyatt House. That could be seen as a benefit or a drawback, depending on perspective. 

The Net Effect

Since he’s spending 30,000 points and earning 40,312, that’s a net gain of 10,312 points. And a net spend of $750.


Put another way, by spending $750 Nick will earn Diamond status for 18 months and pick up 10,312 points along the way.


I like to boil everything down to dollars and cents, so let’s say those 10,312 points are worth $155 at Ben’s 1.5 cents per point valuation.

Now Nick is basically spending $595 to obtain Diamond status for 18 months. Is that a good deal?

Suite at the Grand Hyatt Seoul courtesy of a Diamond suite upgrade
Suite at the Grand Hyatt Seoul courtesy of a Diamond suite upgrade

Is 18 Months of Diamond Status Worth $600?

That probably depends on how much Nick plans to travel and stay with Hyatt over the next year and a half.

He would receive four Diamond suite upgrades for use in 2015 upon completing the Fast Track in July, and then another four upgrades in February of 2016. That’s quite a bit of value.


Then there’s the free breakfast benefit that comes with being a Diamond. We know that Nick has a weekend planned at the Grand Hyatt Seattle in August. If he and his husband plan to eat breakfast there, that’s probably worth $50 per day — he just recouped $100 of the $600 investment on one stay.


Finally, let’s not forget that he’ll have access to the Diamond line.

Category 1 Hotel Availability

I based this analysis on being able to book a Category 1 properties on the points + cash rate. Of course, there aren’t that many Category 1 properties, and the Points + Cash rate has only limited availability. You can check out the list of Hyatt Category 1 hotels here.

Category 1 Hyatt’s aren’t uniformly distributed across the country. If you live in Detroit, Atlanta, Dallas, or perhaps Virginia, you’re in luck. If not, the choices are a lot more limited. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t do a little road trip. Who doesn’t want to hotel hop around Dallas or Atlanta for two weeks in the summer? Or I hear that Detroit is climbing the list in terms of vacation destinations (mostly because it can’t go any lower).

The other challenge is that you can’t check Points + Cash availability on the website. (There is no “IT” in Hyatt after all.) I find this to be a pain.

Spending Points To Earn Points (And Status)

To help limit out of pocket costs, I did this analysis assuming that Nick stays at Category 1 Hyatts on the Cash + Points rate. This requires an initial outlay of 30,000 points.

Sure, he’ll end up getting those 30,000 points back (and more) eventually, but he’s going to have to front those points, so he either needs to have that many Hyatt points already or be willing to transfer some Chase Ultimate Rewards to his Hyatt account.

Can It Get Cheaper?

I didn’t include any bonuses that would be earned on the $750 hotel spend. Or possibilities for acquiring Hyatt gift cards at a discount that could be used to offset some of that cost. But to first order, I think this is a good approximation. Obviously it can also get more expensive if Nick chooses to splurge and stay at Category 2 Hyatts…

What About The Time?

I originally thought that this would take quite a bit of time to check-in to 15 different properties. But it turns out that both the Sweet Dreams promotion and the Fast Track to Diamond are both night based promotions (thanks to two readers for quickly pointing this out in the comments.)  Therefore it should be possible to book a 15 night stay and just check-in once. That could make this really easy.  

The challenge will likely be finding a block of nights during which the cash + points rate is available for all 15 nights. But that’s still a lot easier than checking-in to a lot of hotels! And heck, maybe you can even get some value out of the nights by doing a few long weekend staycations. My family typically picks up  few qualifying stays each summer just so we can chill out, enjoy the pool, and a nice breakfast.

Will This Work For Me?

Probably. The only part of this that is that is specific to Nick is the version of the Sweet Dreams Sweet Rewards promotion that he was targeted for. Most folks seem to have received an offer that awards around 2,000 points per night once you hit 10 or 15 nights, all of which are reasonably aligned with the 12 night for the Diamond Fast Track.

Those that only got the “Stay 1, Get 3,000 Points,” however, might have trouble making this work. 

You also need to have the Hyatt Visa in order to get the 20% rebate.

Hyatt Boston Harborside Suite
Hyatt Boston Harborside Suite

What do you think? Should Nick take the One Mile at a Time Diamond Challenge as outlined here? Would you spend $600 to have Diamond status for two years?


  1. I have the Hyatt Credit Card, but I’m thinking of doing Points and Cash. Could I pay with my Barclay Arrival Card and not be out any out of pocket cash?

  2. Beach Miles: Yep, you can settle the points + cash balance anyway you choose. You could pay with a Hyatt gift card, Barclay card, SPG Business Open (which I don’t think works at HP/HH properties though), etc.

  3. Is it 15 nights or 15 stays that are required to maximize the sweet dreams promotion along with diamond challenge?

    Cheers! 🙂

  4. I thought the diamond fasttrack required 12 nights in 60 days, not 12 stays.
    You are referring to stays many times in your article and even talking about having to check to different hotels many times.

    Are you sure it’s 12 stays?

  5. Gavin & Choco: Good catch! Both the Diamond Fast Track and Sweet Dreams are indeed night-based promotions. That actually makes this a lot easier (theoretically) since if you can find Cat 1 points + cash available for the entire week, you only need to check-in once. (Or could just live in the hotel for 2 weeks!)

    I qualify based on stays, so my brain tends to think about these things in terms of stays. Thanks for noting this! I’ve updated the text, but the equations are graphics which will take a bit longer.

    Thanks again!

  6. How do you know that MGM stays count toward the challenge? I haven’t read the terms but MGM stays did NOT count for the older challenge, so very important to be careful and verify this with Hyatt, preferably in writing.

  7. The 20% points credit is for holders of the Hyatt card…does it mean the stay has to be charged to the card? Has anyone done the math on buying a Hyatt gift card on discount (when offered, frequently 10%) and using a business AX for for 5% rebate? All kinds of combinations!!

  8. MSPswede: You don’t need to pay with the Hyatt credit card to get the 20% rebate.

    And yes, there are a lot of combinations for reducing the cash outlay by as much as 10-20%. One of which involves buying Hyatt gift cards off of Ebay right now at a discount. It’s supposedly legit, but I haven’t looked into it.

  9. Minor observation: with cash and points you have to account for taxes and other fees. The $50 per night is closer to $57 or $58 depending on the locality, but you can defray some of this cost as you mentioned by paying with gift cards purchased at a discount, or with Amex Simply Cash or SPG Business. Keep in mind though, that paying with gift cards will likely require physically checking out as I haven’t found many properties that will let me apply a gift card to my folio at check in or will take the gift card over the phone after check out. Also I believe Open savings will not get you 5% cash back at Hyatt Place or Hyatt House, which are most of the Category 1 properties. But you can get 3% cash back on Simply Cash Amex if you select hotels as your 3% category.

  10. FreeTravelGuy: More excellent point. Yep, taxes aren’t included, so roughly speaking, I guess you could say that the discounts earned by paying with gift cards will mostly just offset the taxes. Which means that expecting each stay to cost about $50 is probably a decent round number.

    I believe you are right about the Open Savings not counting at HP and HH. Never quite understood why, and I tend to forget that. (And have had it bite me too!)

    You are also right about gift cards and checking out. In the past I’ve found that a lot of HP’s really have no idea of how to deal with the gift cards, though supposedly they were going to update their point of sale systems to make it easier. Maybe that’s why I didn’t discuss all the second-order effects, LOL.

    Thanks for the comments!

  11. I am doing the same thing! I already had 5 C&P nights planned for July and August. I just added the remaining 7 at a category 1 by my house. All booked already. In December, I bought $600 worth of Hyatt gift cards when they were on sale plus the Open discount in anticipation of this. Yes it was a gamble that paid off. I will apply for the promotion the end of June. We are going to China for 16 nights in April. Originally staying at Hiltons but just changed them to Hyatt C&P rates. Never stayed in a suite before!

  12. If you use the citi Prestige 4th night free benefit you can reduce your cost 25% and earn 3x thank you points. Santa Fe, NM is $98/night by the way

  13. Hey Ben, just got back from Dubai… Hyatt is running crazy deals for 3 night stays, I think their promotion is called Arabian Summer. I stayed in the brand new Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights, one of the nicest most friendly and prompt hotels I have ever visited. Entry price? Under $100 / night…smoking deal.

  14. So lucky to live in DC – tons of cheap Hyatts on the weekend, both at Dulles and close to the city. Highly recommend!

  15. Travis,

    Really good article. One additional consideration for your Readers – if you do end up doing a few of these nights as straight up paid stays; remember to go through TCB – for the 3% cashback (currently).

  16. I think your headline is a little misleading, as you pointed out, if you don’t live in a city in which there are Cat 1 hotels then your our lay is higher, however, living here in PHX, I was able to plan it out and total cost without using points $870 this is using the pre-pay rate this will work well for our trip to Europe this Aug… Even at $900 its a bargain to get diamond with all the perks.

  17. i’m trying to do this too. a little harder for me because there is only one category1 property within 2 hours of me. And i wasn’t able to just book 15 nights in row. so far was able to book a 3 night stay and a 6 night stay.

  18. Here are the issues that I see.

    Tax- I think that you are looking at closer to $100-$150 as I see it as 15 x $7-$8

    Availability I frankly don’t see a lot of Points plus cash availability, or at least for properties that I want. None for a simple 14days.

    Finally this is to be a once in a lifetime challenge. I would suggest that you only use it when you know that you will truly benefit from it. There may be a better promotion or time later in the future.

    But thanks for sharing.it is always good looking at the promotions and finding value.

  19. Two questions:
    1. Is the Hyatt 20% rebate good for new card holders if i sign-up or only for existing card holders?
    2. Do Mlife properties count towards the diamond fast track still (it did in the past)?

  20. doesn’t grand Hyatt have lounge where you have to have breakfast. I think it’s one of the worst and definitely not worth $50 but maybe I’m reading this wrong. You’re picture above makes it look like the Hyatt Seattle has a diamond member restaurant for breakfast.

  21. Greg —

    1. You only pay the tax on the cash ($50) for a points + cash stay. So yeah, it might end up at $60 all-in, but as has been pointed out many times, I also didn’t factor in various discounts you could get for reducing the cost and thereby offsettting the tax. So again, I think $50 is a pretty good round number.

    2. I said that points + cash availability could be a challenge.So clearly you can’t get choosey about properties “you want” — this is mattress run man!

    3. The Fast Track is a “once per ACCOUNT” proposition if you get my drift.

  22. Danray —

    The policy is that Diamonds get breakfast in the lounge, or if there is no lounge, in the restaurant. But I’ve been to several properties that have a lounge but tell you can have breakfast in the restaurant anyway. The Grand Hyatt KL is one such property, and may just have the most impressive buffet that I’ve ever seen.

    I haven’t been to the Hyatt’s in Seattle, so not familiar with their policies. But if there’s a lounge, I’d probably value lounge access at about $25 per day per person anyway. So either way, the value is there.

  23. Matt —

    I think the registration for the 20% award rebate has passed, unfortunately. Not sure about the M-Life properties on the Fast Track. Will wait for Lucky to chime in.

  24. Choi — yep, you can pay the cash on the points + cash with a GC. Just be aware that many HP’s still struggle to process them. They pretty much always get it done, sometimes they just have to call for support to figure out how to do it.

  25. TJ: As long as you are within the cancellation period, yes, you can cancel an award stay and rebook. I would suggest verifying that points + cash is available first though, as availability tends to be spotty.

  26. Would it be dumb to do this at a Category 2 hotel? I am a bicoastal commuter and usually just grab a room from AirBNB in the 60-80/night range. but this might be beneficial to do provided I can find Category 2 space at the Bay Area Hyatt House/Place and also HR SFO Does that seem like a good idea?

    I have Hyatt Visa + Diamond Fast Track + my promotion is Stay 20 earn 50K

    Any insight would be great!

  27. Jason: Cat 2 hotels are $55 + 4000 points. So you’d be look at 3200 points and $55 per night. In other words, the cash portion isn’t much higher than Cat 1, just the points. And for this reason, some will say that Cat 2 is really a better than Cat 1, because you are (presumably) getting a better property for not much more outlay.

    So 20 nights of this would cost 64,000 points and $1100.

    You’d earn 50,000 points + 6000 points + 6325 points = 62,325 points.

    That’s just about a wash on the points, meaning the cost for the 20 nights would be $1100, or $55 per night, which is below the cost of your average AirBnB night. So I would say that on a straight-up basis, it’s a good deal because it saves money. Then the fact that you get Diamond status for 18 months is just icing on the cake.

    FWIW, we’ve stayed at the HR SFO many times between flights and find it to be an a nice airport hotel with good elite treatment. I’ve used points + cash there before too, but not sure about availability in the summer.

    Oh, and someone should check my math. I just did that analysis in about 30 seconds….

  28. @Travis

    That’s what I was thinking that it would be a wash with the points (which is perfectly okay) but that it would also save a little cash and get me back to Hyatt Diamond as I HAVE to spend the nights being a commuter for 7-8 days per month in SF. I will look into HR SFO as well. Just need to look at my commute time up into the city from there to see if it’s worth it as well. It’s been quite a while since I stayed there.

    Thanks for the insight!

  29. This post is wrong in 2 ways, 1, not counting in welcome points for plat and b, not counting in taxes. The calculation result from the method used is almost correct but since it calculated cash down to cents level it’s quite inaccurate in the maths while the author is trying to show how accurate he is.
    This post is terrible in 1 way. That is, as mattress running, spending $40 per night is quite terrible. A generally smart mattress run cost somewhere from being paid to stay to ~$20 tops. At $40 per stay or night it’s not even worth suggesting. These types of costly mattress run should only be suggested when someone needs to “top it off”. Plus, doing c1 mattress runs on points plus cash are quite terrible as well. The cost per point is 2cents while in category 2-6 the cost per point is 1.5 cent or less. Mattress running 12 times in 60 days on c1 hotels is literally unrealistic as well, unless one lives quite close to one.

  30. Travis, the Hyatt suite upgrades have to be on a paid or cash and pts booking, right? In other words, you can’t use the suite upgrade on an award stay, right?

  31. Herbert:

    1. There is no Platinum welcome amenity. Hyatt used to have something like that, but hasn’t existed for a couple of years.

    2. You are correct in that I didn’t include taxes, as was pointed out previously in the comments. Even 20% tax on a $50 room is a whopping $10. And I also didn’t include all the discounts you can get for Hyatt stays, that have been covered in the comments. Since you can save 10-20% pretty easily, that’s roughly a wash, and thus I tried to keep this from getting too complex.

    3. Do you dispute the end result that it is possible to achieve Hyatt Diamond for a net spend of $600? Do you dispute that that’s a good deal? Because that’s really the bottom line. The fact that these aren’t $40 mattress run nights isn’t relevant. I look at the system, not the parts. (And please do share where you find $40 Hyatt nights anyway!)

    Thanks for stopping by. Appreciate it.

  32. Mary Jane —

    Yes, Diamond Suite upgrades can only be used on cash or points + cash stays. And oddly, there is a different bucket for each of them — a hotel can be making suites available for DSU’s on the cash rate, but not on the points + cash rate, which I think is a little bizarre.

  33. One point to grab:You must have 30k points beforehand to book to 15nts C+P. No way to get it with a zero balance account.

  34. Paul — Yep, that’s why i said you must front the points, either from your Hyatt account, or by transferring in some Sapphire points.

  35. If anyone is in the phoenix area, there are some great paid rates at the HP Phoenix North, if you stay more than two nights and prepay the rate you can get rooms for $72 per night. I picked up a four night stay to round out my 12 nights for $319 (includes tax ) in June.

  36. If my Diamond status is set to expire in February 2016, will I still be eligible to take this challenge? Thanks!

  37. Lucky,

    After reading this and being faced with an issue similar to Nick’s, I was wondering if you might be able to help me out. I have 3 nights booked at a Hyatt next month but have not been able to book one of the nights in the middle (27, 28, and 30 are booked but can’t get the 29th). Availability for the 29th shows up for points only when searching for the 29-31, not the 29-30. I have the night of the 30th booked with points+cash and would like to keep it that way so that I can participate in the diamond challenge and get credit for my points and cash nights. I would also be 2000 points shy if I were to try to book both nights on points only, so that is not an option for me until next month when more UR points come through.

    Perhaps you might be able to ask Hyatt to open up a points night on July 29th at the Grand Hyatt Denver for me. I would really appreciate it and could definitely write up a review or something along those lines in return. I have already reached out to the hotel myself but they were only able to find me a guaranteed rate night at $379, which is certainly a bit more than I am willing to pay to stay a category 3 Hyatt.


  38. Travis,
    Thanks for this. I have a major business trip coming up and will stay for about 40 nights or so at a Park Hyatt.
    I will definitely do the Diamond Fast Track challenge. My problem is that I just signed up for the passport today (June 22nd) so I haven’t received any “sweet dreams” promotions email.
    Do you think it is worth calling customer service and simply ask if I’m eligible for any bonus promotions? I’d really like to max this stay out for me points wide since all paid business trips to this extend are rare for me 🙂
    Would appreciate your input! Thanks a lot!

  39. Daniel —

    I actually had a friend in the same situation — wanting to do the Diamond challenge but didn’t have a HGP account yet, and therefore didn’t receive a promotion offer. I would call Hyatt and ask. I might also PM the Hyatt Concierge on FlyerTalk, as this is a more technical question.

    Frankly,I wouldn’t see why Hyatt wouldn’t want to give you a promotion offer now that you have an account and clearly want to do the Diamond challenge. So my guess is that’s it’s an IT glitch.

    Let us know what you find out.

  40. Travis – this is Daniel again.
    Contacted the concierge on Flyertalk as you said and within the hour was signed up for the 20 nights 50K bonus.
    Thank you very very much!!!

  41. Travis, I’m wondering about a 12-night check-in, mess room, leave, not check-out stay coming up next week. I found a Cat 1 Hyatt I’ll be at and get get a 12 night C+P reservation. I’ll be leaving the area after the first night, so the room will sit empty after that. What are the chances the Hotel will cancel the reservation and ruin my plans when the room is not used for 10 nights?

    I have a 3-night paid family Hyatt stay exactly 12 nights later. How fast does Diamond enable and the suite upgrades become available? Could I finish the challenge on Monday, check into a different hotel on Monday afternoon and use the suite upgrades that night? Plus, my family would get access to the RC so that’s a lot of value for 5 people X 3 nights.


  42. I live in Vegas, and mid-week you can book (via hyatt.com) rooms at Luxor and Excalibur for $39 – $45 /night (not counting the $25 “resort fee” and taxes). Do these count towards the 12 nights for the diamond status challenge?

  43. If you register for sweet dreams late in the process, yes i

    I missed this till now, but have a bunch if stays since Jun 1, once registered, will it backdate to include those otherwise qualifying stays?

    I guess I need to keep better track of these promotions!

  44. Net spending $556 plus the points used (82K points). Sounds like a lot, but we had a great time as a family during the 12 nights spent at Hyatt.

  45. Finished the Diamond Challenge a couple of weeks ago. It seems this only gets you diamond status until the end of Feb 2016, not 2017.

  46. To John,
    I’m not an expert but the lady on the phone said it would be until 2017.
    My guess is that since the Diamond membership is an annual thing they sent you (and me) the one for this year and will do so in the future for the 2017 card.

  47. Wow this has helped me out a ton. I run a few online businesses and spend about $100,000/mo on my credit cards. I teach people how to optimize credit card points through their online businesses. I have the ability to live at Hyatt’s and travel for next to nothing ONLY using credit card points and not spending my businesses profits. I’ll be speaking again at an event Oct. 30 in Orlando 🙂

    Travis, if you read this, please reach out to me. I have something I’d like to show you


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