Ginormous Jerk Alert: Video Of Guy With Gun At Airport

Earlier I posted about the guy who showed up at Atlanta Airport with a fully loaded rifle to drop off his daughter, simply because he could. Clearly he was trying to cause a scene, given that he was photographing and videotaping his “excursion,” and even submitted it to a local news station.

As he explained it, “if you don’t exercise your rights, the government doesn’t have any hesitation taking them away.”

While I respect that approach in general, I’d argue:

  • Exercising your rights in such an extreme way is more likely to get them taken away
  • I’d counter “if you don’t exercise your rights then they’ll be taken away” with “what would happen if everyone did what this guy did?” — would you feel safe if everyone in the public area of an airport had a fully loaded rifle? I certainly wouldn’t…

What I hadn’t originally seen is that the guy with the rifle uploaded a video to YouTube of him walking out to the parking lot being “followed” by the police, which makes him look like a super-mega-ginormous jerk.

Here it is:

Funny enough he claims that the police is performing an “illegal act” and that they should “know the law.” For someone so well versed on the law (knowing that he can take a loaded rifle into an airport), he sure has a liberal interpretation of what’s otherwise “illegal.” According to him, monitoring a situation and ensuring everyone is safe is considered “harassment.”

And I also can’t help but laugh at the fact that this guy is all about free speech and exercising rights, yet he has disabled comments on the YouTube video he uploaded.

Personally I have to say kudos to all three officers in the video. They’re professional, calm, and don’t give in to this guy’s games. I hope he does “report” the officers to the Atlanta Police Department, as he says he will, so these officers can be commended.

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  1. What did he expect? That no one would bat an eye and that he would be in and out without being noticed? I think people with an arm sticking out of their forehead would have gone more unnoticed than that guy.

    He wanted attention. And he got it.

    I think the officers did the right thing following him out.

    Out of curiosity, is it common in the US to see people walking around with their guns out (other than officers in uniform) ?

  2. What an arse… Clearly just trying to cause trouble in the hope of gaining some attention (which he did get..) It is worrying that people like him can carry guns…

  3. Whether for or against gun rights, acts like this just polarize both ends and make it hard to find middle ground. As a moderate I simply find this act as incredibly stupid.

  4. “If you don’t exercise your rights, they’ll be taken away.” Right. I guess if more people were getting abortions, conservatives wouldn’t be as interested in banning them.

  5. @Marc No it is not, and if someone does carry a firearm they keep it hidden or at least discrete, you really have to look at them to notice. Normally people don’t bring them into public places like the mall or grocery store and if someone does it’s normally someone old and from the backwoods of Georgia that does it just because they can, there’s very little threat of being randomly robbed or assaulted unless you’re doing something stupid around here. And take it from me, I personally am from Atlanta.

  6. The thing that always makes me shake my head about people like this is that they fail to comprehend that we live in a representational democracy. So when he bitches about the big bad “Government” he’s really just bitching about the American people.

    He’s also wrong when he says “If you don’t exercise your rights, the government doesn’t have any hesitation taking them away”… in reality the opposite is true. When enough jackasses decide exercising their rights means bringing a fully loaded assault rifle to an airport, the people will eventually put enough pressure on their elected officials (aka the big bad “Government”) to change the law and make more areas areas “secured”.

    This guy is a clown.

  7. This guy definitely made himself look like a fool, the whole world including his family, friends and neighbours. What a clown!

  8. @Thomas
    People bitch and moan about racial profiling and discrimination, but as far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t happen enough. Statistically, whites and Asians are the least prone to perpetrate shootings. blacks are six times more likely than whites to shoot someone down, so cops should focus far more on the blacks with guns (which are far more common than whites to be illegally possessed) than the whites. That said, this guy is a jackass and deserved to be “harassed” by police

  9. This guy is supremely confused about what the Constitution guarantees him. The main officer had it totally right. Cops don’t need a reason to ask anyone anything. Citizens have the right to ignore those questions if they aren’t being detained and to affirmatively assert their right to remain silent if they are being detained.

    In a non-legal sense, the harassment is mainly the guy with the gun toward the officers.

  10. If you look at this guy’s video upload history, this is his schtick: carry a gun and try to start a confrontation with police.

    Publicity stunts like this have been previously been performed to show the absurdity of a situation—like in the case where large “scary” rifles were allowed to be open-carried… but not handguns?—but that’s far from what he had in mind. All things considered, the cops handled the situation decently.

    There is a bit of irony in the man calling people who become anxious about a man like him openly carrying a rifle at an airport paranoid, but him feeling the need to constantly carry a weapon around the generally non-gun-carrying public.

  11. Amazing composure by the police! I am all about the right to bear arms, but this guy is asking for it and wants attention…unfortunately he is getting it. What a joker!

  12. Lots of people carried guns to the airport that day. Lots of passengers brought their guns with them to ATL and then flew with them on the airplane that day. None of those passengers caused any trouble.

    But this guy just wanted to stir up trouble.

    To bring your gun on the plane, you put it into a hard-sided case that can be locked. You take it to the luggage counter for your airline and ask for and file a gun declaration form. This is ATL, so note that on DL, there isn’t even any extra fee. Then you leave the gun to fly with the checked baggage. It works with rifles and handguns both.

    I want to stress that there were many, many passengers with guns in Atlanta that day, but only one jerk making trouble.

    You can even go to the TSA website and just type in “gun” in the “Can I bring my?” search box. They seize your water bottle and your pocketknife, but you can always take your gun.

  13. @Scott Grimmer

    Its disingenuous of you to imply that cops in the first instance will protect your rights and soft peddle you.

    Of course they will tell everyone they meet that the encounter is not mandatory and that when they demand your ID that you dont have to give it, and that you have to actually invoke your right to remain silent that saying nothing isnt enough, right? Fat Chance.


    Its important to remember that just like the 1st Amendment, you (broadly speaking) dont get to decide who is sufficiently nice and polite enough to be deserving of it. The majority doesnt need protection. I view 1st and 2nd amendment audits/tests as a service that helps everyone. I know that these open carrying encounters with police happen all the time and I very much doubt that these police officers are typical.

  14. Yeah, actually I would feel safer. If anyone had nefarious intent, then anyone can respond. Otherwise if no one could carry and someone caused a dangerous problem, they would not be able to respond or defend.

  15. With a hat tip to ODB, “Lopere” above does indeed win my Best Post of the Day prize. Pulling off that kind of complete non-sequitur with nary the bat of an eyelash takes a certain chutzpah that, today anyway, is good enough to win. It’s been a slow day on the comment front, admittedly.

    On the merits, I do have to laugh at the commenters above and earlier today who think that trying to attract attention or cause trouble is somehow a disqualifying motivation. Um, you all do know that that’s how the Civil Rights movement generally, and the Freedom Rides in particular, worked, right? Here your real point is that making trouble in a cause you think or we all think is good — racial equality — is ok, but making trouble in a cause you think is bad — the Second Amendment — is not ok.

    That’s fine. But don’t pretend for one second that hoping to cause trouble or attract attention is the problem.

    What do I think, personally? I think the guy is not exactly the latter-day reincarnation of the strategic genius of Thurgood Marshall and MLK. The whole point of attracting attention or causing trouble is that it has to further your strategic aims. This little stunt doesn’t do that. Not even close! So, personally, I think the guy’s an idiot.

  16. In Australia we have a name for people like that….quite simply he’s a “tool”!!! He obviously fancies himself as the great white hunter. Why else would he “poke the bear” like that? W-anchor!

  17. They have the right to follow him while on public or private(if they are contracted by land owner) property. If they don’t harass him then there is nothing wrong. Police Officers should respond that it is their duty to assess risk and patrol accordingly. In their eyes, a guy walking ‘aimlessly” around with a weapon, trolling for attention is significantly higher risk than the average person going about their business.

  18. Reminds me of the people that deliberately drive to border checkpoints with the intention to refuse to present ID when asked if they are US citizens. I support the right to open carry and to refuse to present ID. But it’s the battle with local law enforcement and border patrol agents that makes these people douchy when they should be confronting politicians.

  19. Absolute idiot. Hope he tries to file a complaint with the Atlanta Police Department so he can be laughed at.

  20. Yes I WOULD feel safer if lots of ordinary citizens brought loaded guns to the airport, school, mall, what have you. Check out the mass murder locations for the last 10 years. The psychos always pick a “guns not allowed” location like a school or a mall. Then they can fire away, knowing there is no one who is equipped to stop them. When was the last time some sicko walked into a police station and started firing away? Or a shooting range? Never….

    The only time a wanna be Front Page anti-hero has been stopped from a mass killing in a mall is when there is an off duty policeman, or someone illegally doing a concealed carry, that stops the perpetrator in his tracks.

    And as for “if you don’t exercise your rights, the government doesn’t have any hesitation taking them away”, I’ve got a handful of 3 letter examples: TSA, NSA, IRS, EPA, DOJ….

  21. [I’d counter “if you don’t exercise your rights then they’ll be taken away” with “what would happen if everyone did what this guy did?” — would you feel safe if everyone in the public area of an airport had a fully loaded rifle? I certainly wouldn’t…]

    I don’t own a gun and never have owned one, but this “universalizability” argument is specious.

    There is no Constitutional right to “feel safe,” whatever that may mean to any individual.
    That’s the same sort of argument police use when they pull the “officer safety card” after shooting someone who didn’t deserve to be shot.
    Yeah, I think the law is stupid.

  22. If you’re operating within the law, who cares? A fair amount of people carry openly in my state. No big deal. Sheep gotta get over their gun fears.

  23. I wonder how many of the people complaining about this guy being an idiot (which I agree with, although I support and agree with his right to do this) are the same people screaming about TSA “abuse” when they are asked to state their names going through airport security checkpoints.

  24. “Check out the mass murder locations for the last 10 years. The psychos always pick a “guns not allowed” location like a school or a mall. Then they can fire away, knowing there is no one who is equipped to stop them. ”

    “Nine bystanders were wounded by stray bullets fired by the officers and ricocheting debris, but none suffered life-threatening injuries.”

    And those were trained police officers. As opposed to potentially untrained citizens…

  25. (same post-same site-different blog)

    Hello everyone, let me preface by saying that anyone is of course free to respond to me- and either agree or disagree with me. I am not however interested in getting into an argument or swapping insults. (and I say this because I know it’s a such a polarizing issue).

    This is my comment from another website.

    “I have many friends in the ATL who exercise their 2’d amendment rights and either OC or CC- and not a single one carries a long gun as they go about their business because it’s not exactly practical.

    It’s not illegal or unconstitutional for LEO to approach folks and ask them questions. The citizen can elect to engage and answer them; they can remain silent, they can also leave. It falls under consensual interaction. What they can’t do is compel a citizen to answer them or detain them unless they suspect them of a crime- and clearly that’s not what happened.

    The citizen went about his ‘business’ but was unsatisfied with police presence and actually went out of his way to further engage them.

    I am all for open carry rights- and I have to say this was one of the more ineffectual videos I have seen whose intent was to educate the general public or ‘catch’ the police in violation of constitutional rights.

    What I can however reasonably predict is like pretty much every other airport in the US- that Hatfield airport authority will now pressure the state to make open carry restricted on site.”.

    I will also add that pretty much every pro OC (open carry) or 2’d amendment site or group I belong to and read are displeased with this individuals antics.

  26. @Brian

    Why is Robert Hanson an idiot who needs to seek professional help? Because you don’t agree with him?

  27. @Robert Hanson

    Re: “When was the last time some sicko walked into a police station and started firing away? Or a shooting range? Never….”

    Uhhh, I do believe Chris Kyle was shot at Rough Creek Ranch-Lodge-Resort, which is a shooting range….

    So, while they choose *may* prefer “soft targets”, sure. But who’s to say when they went to the expo showing off Muhammed where 3 or so ppl were shot, I don’t think that was a ‘soft target’ since it was already police fairly heavily. So, have to say I don’t agree with your point to imply ‘more guns would perhaps solve problems’.

    Just sayin’.

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