Sheraton Free Weekends — Richest Hotel Promotion Of The Summer

So far I’ve written about two types of promotions Starwood is offering this summer:


Well, it seems Starwood has yet another promotion this summer, which is unarguably the most lucrative yet. The promotion will be called Sheraton Free Weekends, and will be valid for stays between July 9 and September 30, 2015. Starwood is calling this the richest Sheraton focused SPG promotion in the history of the program, and I think they’re right.

Through this promotion, Starwood is offering a free Sheraton weekend night after every five Sheraton nights you stay during the promotion period, with a maximum of three free nights.

The free night certificates can be redeemed through December 13, 2015. There are no capacity controls or blackout dates on the free nights, so as long as the hotel has a standard room available, you can redeem the certificate for it (much like with points).

How much value can you get out of this promotion? Well, this is an extreme example, but you could do five nights at a Sheraton in Arizona for $79 per night.


And then you could redeem your free night at the Sheraton in the Maldives, which retails for $500+ per night.


As I said above, of course that’s an extreme example, but there are plenty of other instances in which you can get quite a bit of value out of this promotion. For example, the Sheratons in Waikiki and New York regularly go for $300+ per night:



So when you crunch the numbers, that’s still quite a bit of “return” you’re getting for each Sheraton stay.

The best part is that this promotion can be stacked with the other promotions, so with this I’m suddenly seeing a reason to go out of my way to stay at Starwood properties (and in particular Sheratons) this summer!

I’ll post again once registration is open for this promotion.

Bottom line

The “Make It Count” promotion and targeted promotion weren’t in and of themselves reasons to stay at Starwood properties this summer. That being said, this promotion is enough for me to go out of my way to stay at Sheratons this summer.

Kudos to Starwood on this promotion!

How about you? Will the Sheraton Free Weekends promotion cause you to switch stays to Sheratons this summer?


  1. @ Lucky – When you said “the free night certificates can be redeemed through December 13, 2015”, does it mean we can redeem them for dates past that? Just seems strange to only have two and a half months (October 1 – December 13) to use certificates.

  2. Any idea if booking two rooms at a time will both credit for the promo? Also, will Four Points count?

  3. Domestically, the Sheratons aren’t strong enough. If it was Westin, if bite. Also the short redemption period doesn’t work for me. Still, I can see it working for others.

  4. @ Christian — Four Points won’t count, as far as I know. I believe only one stay at a time would count towards the promo, so I don’t believe multiple rooms would count towards it. I could be mistaken, though.

  5. @ Eric — Not yet. I’ll be sure to post again when there is a link, which will probably be closer to when registration opens.

  6. Good promo but not going to change my bookings. Reason it doesn’t really work for me is the short period of time allowed to redeem the free nights plus I started looking at my travel destinations for the remainder of the year and Sheraton pickings are lean in Europe, better properties are LC. Plus in Asia rooms are cheap no incentive to try for the free nights.

  7. I think I am going to do that promo. I have found a hotel that is close to where I live which I can price match and get for under $45 a night(after taxes). I just booked 30 days and will have a small stay-cation.

  8. Not even close to the richest promotion

    Unless you stay at IHG’s very frequently, the targeted promotion you got from them is likely far more lucrative than this.

    The lack of capacity controls or blackout dates isn’t very impressive when you consider that there are not a whole lot of sheratons out there “worth” capacity controlling, and the redemption period is a time when nobody would capacity control anyways.

    Being able to redeem a weekend sheraton night in October isn’t all that lucrative, unless you were already planning to go to the Maldives (but why go all the way to the Maldives if you’re only going to stay at the Sheraton?)

  9. Hyatt Raipur in India has a cost of 56$ a night. Combined with diamond amenity, and this promo you could literally hire someone to help you out.

  10. I have a week long stay coming up in Cambridge, MA and I wish there was a SPG nearby. Currently booked at a Doubletree, but this would be a nice incentive for a stay I have to make anyway.

  11. I just got the starwood email. My stay started July 3 and goes through July 11. how will that work out?

  12. @ Mike Fenster — I believe the nights starting the 9th would qualify, even if it’s part of a larger stay.

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