Book A Revenue Club Carlson Stay Today To Earn A Shipload Of Points

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Yesterday I posted about how this is a busy weekend for Club Carlson members. On one hand, we’re trying to figure out how to burn as many points as possible before the devaluation kicks in tomorrow and our points become worth roughly half as much.

On the other, there are also a lot of opportunities to earn a shipload of Carlson points over the summer. I know, I know, dumping Carlson points is in vogue right now, and nobody wants to even think about earning more. But you should.

Carlson is essentially throwing these promotions at us as a sort of peace offering, so if you ignore them, you’re kind of getting burned twice — once in the devaluation and once for not picking up the cheap points when the picking is good. It’s like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

In this post I’ll summarize all of the currently available Club Carlson promotions and how you can stack them all onto one stay for maximum effect.

The 4 Club Carlson Promotions For The Summer

There are at least 4 different Club Carlson promotions currently running.

30,000 Bonus Points For Next Stay

This is valid for stays until August 31. You must have and use the Club Carlson Premier Rewards Visa Signature® Card. Ben thought it was a pretty cool offer. I agree. This is presumably valid for only one stay.


1,000 Bonus For Mobile App Bookings

This one is valid for stays booked by June 28. Obviously you need to use the mobile app to book the stay. You should be able to get this multiple times. And if you don’t like making bookings on your smart phone, check out my post from last fall about how you can install an Android emulator on your PC. Then you can run the mobile app from there your computer without anybody being the wiser. If you are making a lot of bookings, this can help you maintain your sanity.

5,000 Bonus Points Per Summer Stay

This one is valid for stays between June 1 and July 31. They must be booked by May 31. This one seems pretty bizarre to me and seems to have been ginned up after an even worse response to the termination of the BOGO award night benefit than the deep thinkers at Carlson expected. Ben wrote about it here.


Triple Points

This is valid for stays until June 28. When you combine the base points, the bonus for paying with the Club Carlson Premier Rewards Visa Signature® Card, the 35% bonus for being a Gold member, and the triple points promotion, you should end up earning 77 points per dollar spent. Ben breaks it down here if you’re interested.


One Mattress Run To Claim Them All

Drawing a Venn diagram of the situation would show us that intersection of these four promotions is a stay that occurs between June 1 and June 28 and is booked by May 31. That means you need to book TODAY!



You want to book a stay that lands in the central gray area, and thus qualifies for all four promotions thus earning you that shipload of points.

Let’s imagine a typical stay that costs $100 per night and is paid for with the Club Carlson Visa. That would earn:

  • 7,700 points for the stay, assuming 77 points per dollar.
  • 30,000 bonus points for a stay by August 31.
  • 5,000 bonus points for booking a summer stay by May 31.
  • 1,000 points for booking the stay on the mobile app.

That sums to 43,700 points for a 1-night stay.  

If you value them at 0.4 cents per point, you would have received $175 in points from a single $100 stay. Not too shabby. Obviously if your stay costs more or less than $100, you’ll do a bit worse or better.


I’m Too Busy Burning!

Yep, I understand. But it really might make sense to take a break from BOGO-ing like a madman to book a refundable rate at your local, and hopefully cheap, Country Inn and Suites. Just don’t start a fight over the waffle machine… 


If you absolutely don’t get around to it today, you can still claim all of the bonuses except the 5,000 points for summer bookings.

Of course, the way things have been going, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Club Carlson offer up another promotion to replace that one anyway. They seem to have acquired a points printing machine and they know how to use it…

Do you still care about earning Club Carlson points? Or are you over this program?

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  1. I still think the Club Carlson program is worthwhile, but I now value their points at 0.3 cents (vs. 0.5 cents before). I’ll keep my personal and business cards, and spend enough on them to earn the annual US free night certificate, but they will no longer be my “go-to” card.

    Club Carlson may have achieved their marketing aim with me. Prior to BOGO, I never considered staying with them. Moving forward I will stay with them when it makes sense – for example to earn the kinds of bonus points they’re offering now, and to use awards in expensive cities like London.

    One tip with their mobile app – install BlueStacks on your PC; then download the CC mobile app to it. Much easier to use on the PC than on a smartphone. (HT Lucky for this tip a year or two ago.)

  2. Is the 30k promo the one they announced at the same time they ammounce the big deval / no more BOGO? Trying to figure out if I already earned it…

  3. Phil: In many ways, I agree with your assessment of the Carlson program. I’m keeping my cards, will stay with them some, but am not over-the-top in love with them anymore. I plan to address this in a later post, after the dust settles.

    And glad you liked the post about running an emulator on your PC! That was actually one of MY early posts, so I’m glad it was useful to you.

  4. Keep in mind if you do the app booking you don’t get your 5% Topcashback. With CC points only being 0.3 cents each going forward, any stay over $60 pretax should probably just be booked in a browser.

  5. AnmolG: I used Lucky’s valuation from the past, though I’m sure he’ll update it soon.

    The optionality of the BOGO award night has made it difficult for me to value Carlson points, though I guess I won’t have that problem in the future!

    At any rate, you should decide what they are worth to YOU!

  6. @ AnmolG — Never incorporated that into the valuation since not everyone could apply for a US-based credit card. So it’s really an added perk of the credit card and not the program as such.

  7. Missed the 5,000-point deadline. By following the math above (and assuming 0.4 cents per point), I suppose the break-even is around $170 a night for a room.

  8. I just checked my Carlson account and was given the 5k “Summer” bonus for my 2-night award stays last week. One 5k bonus Award reservation was awarded.

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