Two Days Only: LifeMiles Targeted 125% Bonus On Purchased Miles

In early May I wrote about how Avianca’s LifeMiles program is offering a 100% bonus on purchased miles through May 29, 2015.


LifeMiles is offering a total of 120% bonus if you have an account registered outside of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, or the United States. If your account is eligible for the promotion, you should automatically see the increased offer showing up in your account.


On one hand I was sad to not be eligible for the 120% bonus. But it seems like that may have been for the better, since I just received a targeted email, offering a 125% bonus on LifeMiles purchased May 25 or May 26, 2015. You’re capped at purchasing 66,000 “based” miles through this offer, plus the bonus of 82,500 miles. That’s a total of 148,500 LifeMiles for $2,178.


Again, this is a targeted promotional offer, so only members who received an email about the offer are eligible. Here are the terms of the promotion:

Applies only to members contacted by this email. This promotion is available through This promotion applies for miles purchase made between May 25th and 26th, 2015 as the last date of purchase (GMT -5, Colombia). Minimum LifeMiles purchase per transaction: LM 1,000. Maximum LifeMiles purchase per transaction: LM 66,000. Maximum LifeMiles purchase per member per calendar year: LM 150,000 (including bonuses for purchase of promotional miles). Miles must be purchased in multiples of 1,000. Maximum number of transactions per member during the term of the promotion: 1 transaction. At purchases can only be made through the EARN / Buy LifeMiles option. Does not apply with Flexible Redemption (miles + money) during the payment process of air ticket redemption. Each block of 1,000 miles has a cost of USD 33,00*. Form of payment through International credit or debit card. Other Conditions: Applies only to members enrolled in the program before May 4th, 2015. The receipt of the transaction will reflect the total number of miles credited to the member´s account, including the bonus miles and the total charge for the transaction. The miles bought and earned with this promotion do not apply to achieve Elite status. The amount paid for the mile purchase is not refundable. Miles are not endorsable. Miles purchased, once accrued, can be redeemed in accordance with the conditions specified in the LifeMiles Program Terms and Conditions and the portfolio of products and services available for redemption. Not applicable in combination with other promotions. LifeMiles Terms and Conditions apply. LifeMiles is a trademark of LifeMiles Corp. *The price for each package of 1,000 miles varies by country and shopping channel.

The cost to purchase LifeMiles is ordinarily 3.3 cents each, so with a 100% bonus you’re looking at a cost of 1.65 cents per mile. With a 125% bonus you’re looking at a cost of ~1.47 cents per mile.

Up until last year the cost to purchase LifeMiles with a 100% bonus was 1.5 cents per mile, though as of September 30, 2014, LifeMiles raised the cost per purchased mile by 10%. So with a 125% bonus you’re actually paying less per mile than you would have paid under the old pricing.

The catch is that while you’re paying less per mile than you would have paid before they raised the prices, LifeMiles has also devalued their award chart for bookings made as of October 15, 2014. The increases are substantial, though could have been worse, in my opinion.

Still, all things considered LifeMiles is one of the best programs for redeeming for Star Alliance premium cabin awards, given that they allow one-way awards, don’t impose fuel surcharges, and offer Miles/Money awards.

Redeem LifeMiles for ANA 777-300ER first class

Bottom line

While I’m generally opposed to speculatively purchasing miles, if you were targeted for this offer it could very well make sense to purchase miles. LifeMiles are one of the best ways to redeem for Star Alliance awards, and there aren’t any other Star Alliance programs which consistently sell miles at a discount like LifeMiles. This is the lowest price I’ve seen on LifeMiles in a long time.

Were you targeted for the LifeMiles 125% bonus? If so, do you plan on taking advantage of the offer?


  1. Hey Ben, Avianca’s membership in SA makes me think since when the Lufthansa fanboy starts to fancy AAdvantage and CX/JAL ? No Lufty for a while!

  2. I am planning to! However I don’t know if I could grab a good First Class option put of MIA in July… Any ideas?

  3. I was targeted too and I am actually allowed to buy 69k miles (not sure why you are capped at 66k) but I still don’t think I’ll buy. The only decent F award they can get is ANA. I’m not a huge fan of Asiana, Thai or United F.
    The lack of Lufthansa F is a serious problem of this program.

  4. Their award booking engine is an absolute nightmare, and the routings they come up with are horrible. Now that you can’t get any more special fares to GUM or SAW, all that’s left is just bad bad bad. The customer service is horrid and I don’t trust them to not do another immediate devaluation without notice. Of course, now that they’ve seen their sales from selling miles decline so much, they put on promotions like clockwork. Avoid!

  5. @ Antonio C. — Directly out of Miami it will be tough, unfortunately. LifeMiles blocks Lufthansa first class, and that’s the only accessible Star Alliance first class product directly out of Miami.

  6. can i use my LM to book awards for others? thinking of buying some for my parents since i was targeted but not my parents but i’m not traveling (seems like a dumb question but wanted to make sure since i’m not too familiar with this program)

  7. Just checked and I was only eligible for the 20% extra bonus. Ah well. Hopefully there will be a better promotion later this year!

  8. The negatives with LM is not being able to mix classes, no stopovers, few routing options given when searching. The plus is that even with last year’s devaluation at 1.47 cents it’s a terrific buy when doing the math
    on long haul J class fares, and if you’re flexible to where you fly. LM award space N. Am. to Australia showed on UAL at 160K R/T on J. That’s less than $2,400 to fly R/T from NYC to Sydney using LM while cash fares avg. $6,600. True, it’s UAL, but J is better than economy for 17 hours of flying! What’s not to like.

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