Delta Comes Out… With First Class Fare Deals For Pride Weekends

It’s no secret here that I’m a fan of Delta, an airline I think has style and substance in spades.

I mean, think about it. Delta is meticulous about serving gourmet food. Its flight attendant uniforms are on point and about to become fashion-forward. Its Delta Studio entertainment selections are heavy on culture and independent films.

Pssst… you guys… do you think Delta might be gay?

Girl runs a tight ship, has a ton of disposable income and she ain’t giving away miles for free, honey. You want an ugly sugar daddy who’ll shower you with first class trips on Cathay? Call American.

Pride Week 2014

Well, what Delta is, and has been for quite some time, is gay-friendly. Delta’s in fact the official airline of Atlanta Pride, New York Pride, L.A. Pride, Seattle PrideFest and Twin Cities Pride, among other celebrations.

Anyway, since Pride Season is almost upon us (Ben’s still picking out his wig and heels, which is why she’s at Kohl’s right now instead of writing this post), Delta has a new promotion offering a First Class fare sale to and from certain destinations for Pride celebration weekends.

Take advantage of First Class savings when you travel to any of six Pride festival cities where Delta will be celebrating this June. You’ll enjoy Premium Boarding, ample legroom, complimentary beverages and exceptional service designed to lift you to Pride in the lap of luxury.

To fly in First, book your travel for two days prior, through two days after the festival of your choice. Purchase by May 23, 2015 for travel to Salt Lake City, Detroit or Los Angeles; or by June 6, 2015 for travel to New York, Seattle or Minneapolis.

As a long-time, proud supporter of the LGBT community, we are pleased to sponsor and offer First Class flight deals to: Utah Pride Festival in Salt Lake City, Gold Corporate Sponsor; Motor City Pride in Detroit, Gold Sponsor; LA Pride, Official Airline; NYC Pride, Official Airline; Seattle PrideFest, Presenting Sponsor and Exclusive Airline; and Twin Cities Pride in Minneapolis, Official Gold Sponsor and Exclusive Airline. For more information on LGBT travel destinations, visit

The sentiment and spirit behind this fare sale is (in my opinion, at least) progressive and fantastic. The nitty-gritty of it is a bit less generous, since in reality Delta seems to be more or less highlighting city pairs with already reasonable premium cabin fares (you won’t, for instance, see a Delta One JFK-LAX fare sale for Pride). Call it lipstick on a fat drag queen.

For instance, for Seattle PrideFest, Delta is advertising “special” First Class fares from Los Angeles at $205 each way for the travel period June 25-June 30.

Sure enough, I priced out a roundtrip itinerary that weekend at $407.20 (a couple bucks cheaper than advertised, even!).

First Class airfares from LAX-SEA for Seattle PrideFest weekend
First Class airfares from LAX-SEA for Seattle PrideFest weekend

That’s a terrific fare, especially considering it’s only a few dollars more than economy fares.

But what would it cost to fly from Los Angeles to Seattle in first class the weekend before, when the big gay Delta fare sale isn’t in effect?

Delta's first class fares from LAX-SEA on a typical weekend
Delta’s first class fares from LAX-SEA on a typical weekend


Now, just to be clear, on Pride Weekend every single direct flight between LAX and Seattle prices out at $407.20 roundtrip in First. Whereas the weekend before, 2 of the 8 daily nonstops price out at $534.70, while the rest are at $407.20.

Let’s look at another city pair. How about Minneapolis to Salt Lake City, for Utah Pride? Delta advertises a “special fare” of $302 each way.

First Class fares from Seattle to MSP for Twin Cities Pride weekend
First Class fares from Minneapolis to Salt Lake for Utah Pride weekend

Sure enough, First Class fares are pricing out at $602.20 for 5 of the 6 direct flights that day, with the 5:20pm departure pricing out at $688.70 roundtrip.

Interestingly, that’s just $6.00 more than the Basic Economy “E” fare. And note here that the “E” fare, at $596.20 roundtrip, is thirty dollars more expensive than a regular, fully-eligible Main Cabin U fare, at $566.20. Can someone explain to me that algorithm?

And how about on a non-Pride weekend?

Non pride fares
First Class fares between MSP and SLC on a non-Pride weekend

The cheapest First Class fare between Minneapolis-St. Paul and Salt Lake City is still $602.20 and is still a bargain compared to economy at $536.20 (at least this weekend, the Basic Economy fare is, as is logical, a bit cheaper). But the 9:01am departure prices out at $1,099.20 roundtrip, and the 11:15am and 7:20pm departures price out at $688.70.

“Bottom” Line

Delta seems to be highlighting some of its “everyday” low First Class fares between certain of its city pairs here through a clever marketing scheme. Total masc top behavior.

However, there does seem to be some effort to offer a better deal on more flights between city pairs for specific Pride weekends, if that makes any sense. In other words, where you might otherwise have to take the 6:50am departure in order to get the best possible deal, Delta is graciously allowing you to sleep off your Stoli-and-soda hangover, fish out your 2Xists from underneath a pile of Diet Red Bulls and free promotional lube samples, and take your trick to brunch before flying home.

To be clear, the “fare sale” is for routes with already low premium fares, with city pairs largely regional in nature (in other words, you’re not going to find a great fare to Seattle from New York from this promotion).

However, if you were planning on flying to Salt Lake, Seattle, L.A., New York, Minneapolis or Detroit for Pride anyway, it’s certainly worth checking Delta to see if you can fly there in style, or at least have your booze intake subsidized.


  1. ROFL!!!

    I wish Delta would offer pride fares on their alliance partner Saudia. I hear Riyadh pride is a riot.

  2. Funny post! I was definitely entertained. Thank you! I was hoping Delta would have pink flights similar to Air New Zealand on the AKL-SYD route right before Mardi Gras.

  3. @Jamison: She gave me the go ahead while she was catching up on RuPaul’s Drag Race on the elliptical!

  4. Ok, now let’s talk to them about increasing the baggage weight allowance to 100lbs per, 3 bags free during IML, MAL, Folsom and Dore Alley. You know all that leather and…metal…weighs a TON. Add in 3 pairs of boots and some other heavy things and we’re all really getting a workout before we even arrive.

  5. “Pssst… you guys… do you think Delta might be gay?”

    Well, a cliched stereotype of what gay people are expected to be, sure.

  6. @wwk5d: Well, Delta’s totally dom topping Alaska right now (and Alaska is secretly loving it), if you want to switch stereotypes.

    [NOTE FOR RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE FANS: I’m referring to the airlines. I have no idea if Delta is kai-kai-ing with Alaska.]

  7. There’s a lot in this post to love. Thanks for making me snort out loud at my desk during a conference call.

    “Girl runs a tight ship, has a ton of disposable income and she ain’t giving away miles for free, honey. You want an ugly sugar daddy who’ll shower you with first class trips on Cathay? Call American.”


  8. Shameless pandering to the SJW flavor-of-the-month for brownie points. Where are the special fares to MLK celebrations in January; St Patrick’s Day parade in Boston; Special Olympics games; Independence Day fares to Philadelphia and D.C.; etc, etct??

  9. @Eric: I’d hardly call Delta shameless in this regard. Its commitment to LGBT equality and civil rights has been long-standing, even before LGBT equality became a so-called “flavor of the month” issue (what flavor do we taste like, incidentally? I hope I get pineapple!). I think a simple Google search like this will make it clear Delta stands behind their words.

    On another note, when Delta announces special fares to Douchebagville for Asshole Day fares, I’ll be sure to clue you in on it.

  10. @Eric: agreed. Delta needs to put fares to straight pride on sale. or the holidays where we celebrate the white male.

  11. @keith: “[T]he holidays where we celebrate the white male” — so you mean every day of the year, then?

    Straight pride, cute. You’re a keeper!

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out of 1971.

  12. @keith: Really? I’m new to this and you never can tell on comments boards just where sarcasm starts and sincerity ends. Anyway, I’m grateful you aren’t actually calling for a straight pride parade! (And god knows it’ll just be a bunch of bros in ill fitting shirts and white sneakers… nothing to be proud about, if you ask me…)

  13. Way to go Nick. Love this post! Just about rolled over with the Ben is still picking out her heels line and the “bottom line” Too much humor for all of the haters out there, likely.

  14. @Patrick no tea, no shade but we all kno Miss Schlapping loves her drag Mother from Haus of Atlanta (rhoa), so a Nene “Reeeaaddd hunnny” gif wuld be perfect…lol

    @Nick – hey girl hey! Are you telling me that Miss thing is a clearance rack diva??? Lol…I thought all her Trade visits to Al-Bakar’s country were yielding some valuable coins, cos hunny those Sahara queens always give “Trump check” teas. Haha

    Always love it when you grace us with ur legendary shade, read & charisma…now let me sashay to my connecting flight

  15. This post made me sad, because Nick is a lot funnier than I am. If I don’t stand out for my sense of humor, there’s nothing else to distinguish me, I guess aside from a formidable familiarity with tax law.

  16. so Brian Kelly of the TPG is a homosexual, and so is our delta loving guest contributor nick, is lucky also gay?
    is it just me or do points bloggers have a tendency to be homosexual

  17. The luck man can tell you if he is gay or not. Those of us that are gay know he is gay. Gays tend to travel in First Class more. We have more disposable income to travel. We like nice things. We do not sit in coach. We do not stay at a Holiday Inn in Singapore. We like day spas. We love pedicures and facials. Oh and apparently we write travel blogs 🙂

  18. For the newbies: Your homework assignment is to work backwards through all the blog entries to the one where Lucky came out. Officially that is…we kind of always knew from his tongue in cheek (or elsewhere) humor. 😉

    Great post Nick!

  19. @Peter: Are you referring to a post where Lucky refers to a certain location based social app? Or are we supposed to be looking further than that?

  20. @Eric It’s actually hard to find. Go back to June 29, 2014 entry about Korean Air Lounge and read all the comments. He thought he was just stating the obvious but I thought it was a cool moment nevertheless. 😉

  21. Nick,

    Your post has a very relevant approach. Lot of businesses are aware of the Pink Dollar/Pound/Euro, get greedy and package highly inflated things accordingly. I like Hilton, but they are probably one of the worst culprits with their Stay Hilton. Go Out. packages.

    But you could not be professional about the topic. Very sad.

    I tried to find one lGbt stereotype NOT reconfirmed by your post but failed. Promiscuous, prone to drink too much and very feminine clearly in the lead. I do worry about you personally – a pile of free promotional lube samples but not a pile of condom wrappers? Do speak to your doctor.

    I must have missed the revamp of the target group for this blog. Fine for you to focus on a specific target audience, but do make it clear. Even more so I am concerned about Nolan (&co). What if he has told all his friends in Idaho about this cool guy who has a blog about premium travel and how to be clever about it? Thanks to your post he might be a bit a sore tomorrow. And not in the way you like it.

    You and Benjamina have to decide where you want to take this blog. Clearly the source of exploring F travel has pretty much dried out. There are plenty of other areas of focus for you – just be frank about it.

    Most likely this comment will have a lifespan of 12 seconds. But that might be better than your regular Bye Felicia comment.

  22. @Samuel001: On the contrary, Sam, I’m happy to keep up your comment in perpetuity so people can see what a cranky asshole you are.

    Also, you may benefit from those free packages of promotional lube — perhaps you can use it to help dislodge the enormous stick up your ass. As for the chip on your shoulder, you should be able to shake that off on your own.

  23. As I feared – Felicia is back in town.

    Feel free to mock me plenty. I stand behind my words.

    You can do better in terms of your blog input.

  24. @Samuel001: Not sure if you know that you’re Felicia in all this, but either way, your comments are almost uniformly cranky and negative and offer very little in the way of adding to the discourse on this blog other than to harumph about how materialistic and alcoholic and caviar-and-champagne obsessed everyone is while you look down from some perceived moral high ground. You’re certainly entitled to do so, but if this blog riles you up so, why the hell do you keep reading it?

    At this point, I’m just going to picture Statler and/or Waldorf from the Muppets reading your comments aloud, since that’s about how seriously anyone should take you.

  25. Let’s move away from the name calling and get back to the focus of the blog entry–Delta. My brother worked for Delta as an aircraft mechanic many years ago and was happy with their treatment even though he worked the 11pm-7am shift every day he went in. Delta offered travel benefits to domestic partners back then and since I lived in the same household, I (female) became my brother’s “domestic partner” and traveled in F several times. I’m not a fan of Delta but kudos to them for being on the cutting edge by offering benefits to domestic partners (regardless of gender) before major corporations were offering them.

  26. Nick, I want to have your babies. (Anyone else like what they can see from Nick’s tiny profile pic?)

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