Cheap American Fares To Hong Kong This Fall (Economy & Business Class)

American launched flights between Dallas and Hong Kong as of last summer, which I was really excited about:


I’ve flown the route a couple of times already, and have written a review of American’s business class service from Dallas to Hong Kong and from Hong Kong to Dallas.

Anyway, American has some exceptional fares for travel on their Dallas to Hong Kong flight this fall, in both economy and business class. There are good fares out of many US cities, including just for travel between Dallas and Hong Kong. That’s especially rare, since usually airlines charge a premium when you fly nonstop on a route exclusively served by them.

Sub-$800 economy class fares between Dallas and Hong Kong

American has ~$760 economy fares between Dallas and Hong Kong for travel this fall.


Availability is excellent across the board, so this isn’t a promotional fare available on just a few dates, or anything.


Keep in mind that American Executive Platinum members can redeem systemwide upgrades on all revenue fare classes. Unfortunately there’s not much confirmable upgrade space in advance, though American does prioritize upgrades based on status and then when you waitlist.

So if you’re an Executive Platinum member and among the first people on the waitlist (which you’d be if you’re booking this far in advance), your chances of clearing should be quite good, despite the fact that this is one of the toughest upgrades in American’s system.

American 777-300ER business class cabin

Sub-$2,500 business class fares between Dallas and Hong Kong

If you don’t want to risk the upgrade, American also has excellent business class fares on this route, of ~$2,440 roundtrip.


Availability is also excellent across the board through the fall, starting on August 16, 2015.


Keep in mind that if you book paid business class you’ll earn:

Also keep in mind that if you pay for business class you can use systemwide upgrades to confirm an upgrade to first class. Admittedly American’s new first class isn’t that much better than their new business class, though this is a long flight, so…

American 777-300ER first class cabin

Bottom line

These are some great fares, regardless of whether you’re looking to pay for economy or business class. I wouldn’t count on these fares lasting, so if you’re interested in booking them I’d book sooner rather than later.

If I hadn’t already way over qualified for Executive Platinum status thanks to the great Beijing fares, I’d probably jump on one of these in a heartbeat. Or maybe I should anyway, since I do always love a quick visit to Hong Kong…

Anyone plan on taking advantage of one of these great Hong Kong fares on American?



  1. It is a great flight for me. First time working to achieve Ex. Plat. Flew 3 times last month. Last weekend was weird when I was put on another plan to Tokyo to Hong Kong since the flight from DFW left and I was on a late arriving flight. We were going to Hong Kong Disney but ended up in Tokyo. Missed the flight to HKG for NAR but they explained that there was a Disney there !!!!!!!!! Worked out great. Was able to get back to work by Monday morning with no problem.
    Next week trip is Beijing then my family goes back to Barcalona in Aug. and I start going bacl to HKG each weekend until the end of Sept. I fly over to BCN then to DXB where I got the other great deal from your web site. First Class from DXB to Austin Texas. I hope to meet you some day to get some tips on doing things. I am learning the hard way but I think after my wife, daughter and I get to Ex. Plat. we will see things from a different view.
    Thanks from Houston TX. Jason F

  2. Argh pity it doesn’t work the other way. It’s over US$5,400 for HKGDFW on business class.

  3. @John: No. You would earn actual miles flown in EQMs, 16245 according to gcmap. American has an alternative elite qualifying system, elite qualifying *points*, and you earn 1.50 points/mile in business class. So you would earn about 24000 EQPs. In terms of redeemable miles, if you were platinum or above you would earn 250% + whatever cabin bonus you were entitled to (3500 if EXP or 1000 if PLT), for ~41000-44000 total. But RDMs =/= EQMs.

  4. Ahem.

    This deal is also available on Delta. $2452 all in, roundtrip, from DFW to HKG via Seattle (or, for $5 more, routing DFW-ATL-SEA-HKG if you want to maximize your MQM’s).

    Just a reminder that American Airlines is not the only airline that exists, despite the bubble of bad food and outdated seats that Ben’s been living in. 🙂

  5. Heading there in Mid-September. Even if my upgrade requests don’t clear, I still think long-haul routes like these make for the best mileage runs. So much less airport time and a lower risk for delays – it makes for a much more efficient route to EXP.

    Granted, I’ll take a delay that puts me in BA F anyday…

  6. If I flew AA business 16000 miles and with bonus 24000 miles . How many miles would i get if I had miles placed in my Alaska Air account ? I guess question is do you get bonus miles if putting in Alaska Acct. ?

    Thank You

  7. Nick: Yes, there are plenty of terrible US carriers beside AA 🙂 I’d rather fly with CX to HKG.
    Btw Ben, you could post some of your upcoming journeys as well. I’d be glad to meet you in person during a flight.

  8. Hi Ben, I’m on booking award ticket LHR-AUH, AUH-NRT for first class by AA. It seems to require 70K AA miles from Europe to Asia, but the AA agent told me it needs 85K mike for the route.
    I hope to confirm it from you.
    Thank very much.

  9. Just beware that this is an elite heavy route and has a ton of business class seats but there is a real chance you won’t get an upgrade. That’s not such a big deal on a 3, 4, 5, 6 hour flight but baby is 17+ East to West and 16 hours back. To top that off the economy section has brutal seats in my opinion.

  10. Hey All.

    I achieved EXP status last year, and obviously want to keep it.

    I’m curious as to how to find out about upcoming airfare deals, like the one $450 round trip to Beijing. How are you guys finding out about these? Is there a website you subscribe to? I’d like to get in on the action when these kinds of trips pop up, even for mileage runs.

    I’d appreciate any help or advice anyone can give me on finding these deals before I read about them and they expire. As it stands now, I’m wasting tons of time scouring AA and USAIRWAYS websites looking for the best deals, and it’s exhausting. 🙂

    Thanks Everyone!


  11. @ Donn — What’s your status? You’d get the 100% base miles plus a 25% bonus for flying business class, plus whatever bonus you’d get for your status with them.

  12. @ Joel — It really is very dependent on day of the week and season. In general I’d say DFW-HKG, DFW-LHR, and LAX-LHR are probably three of the toughest.

  13. @ John — You’d end up with 100% of the miles you flew in terms of EQMs, and 1.5x the miles you flew in terms of EQPs.

  14. Thanks Lucky for the heads up. I snagged a couple seats to spend NYE in HKG and am pretty excited! I’ve read your HKG hotel reviews, but still can’t figure out where to stay. Where do you recommend for a couple with a young toddler (we’ve been to HKG a few times before). I have Hyatt Diamond and SPG Platinum status and would plan to use DSUs or SNAs for the stay. I’m really torn and can’t decide. I’ve stayed at the Le Meridien and that’s way too far out. I’ve stayed at Sheraton and it was ok – decent breakfast using the platinum amenity. I also noticed you mentioned GH club would be closed for 10 months so that seems like a risky choice in case construction is delayed. Thanks!

  15. @ Eric — That’s a toughie. If cost isn’t a huge issue I’d probably go with the W. I haven’t stayed there but have heard good things. Otherwise I’d do the Grand Hyatt. They have a makeshift club lounge, and the spread should be as good as always, even if the “real” lounge isn’t open again. The suites are great as well.

  16. I think they are gone already… i check end of December and mid January return and is about 6K round trip.

  17. You should be glad you missed HK Disney. I went to HK Disney a few years ago and it’s horrible because of the guests, namely the mainland Chinese. I was sorely disappointed and shocked at all the littering, pushing, shoving, throughout the park. I’m a Hong Konger myself but I grew up in LA. HK Disney is a very different feel, there is no comparison to Anaheim. One thing I will admit, the jungle cruise in Cantonese was awesome… our guide was downright a hilarious riot and that’s something I don’t get at Anaheim Disney.

    Consider it a win you ended up at Disney Tokyo. Cheers.

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