Earn Bonus American & British Airways Miles For Transatlantic Travel This Summer

While summer is a busy travel season for leisure travelers, it’s historically a slow travel period for business travelers. That’s why we often see great summer business class fares, since those seats might not otherwise be sold. Using a few tricks we’ve even seen transatlantic business class fares dip below $1,000 per person this summer.

So it’s not unusual to see carriers offering promotions to incentivize premium cabin travel, particularly in summer. The oneworld alliance is back with their “usual” summer promotion for premium transatlantic travel, and it has the potential to be quite lucrative.

Earn bonus American AAdvantage miles

American AAdvantage is offering up to 115,000 bonus AAdvantage miles for three transatlantic roundtrips.


The basic terms of the promotion are as follows:

  • Valid for travel between May 7 and August 7, 2015 (previously booked tickets qualify)
  • Valid for travel on American Airlines, British Airways, Finnair, Iberia, OpenSkies and US Airways
  • Valid for flights between the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe
  • Registration using promotion code NA015 is required prior to travel

The bonuses are as follows:

  • 20,000 bonus miles after your first first/business class roundtrip, or 5,000 bonus miles after your first premium economy/full fare economy roundtrip
  • 40,000 bonus miles after your second first/business class roundtrip, or 10,000 bonus miles after your second premium economy/full fare economy roundtrip
  • 55,000 bonus miles after your third first/business class roundtrip, or 15,000 bonus miles after your third premium economy/full fare economy roundtrip

All in that means you can earn a total of 115,000 AAdvantage bonus miles after three roundtrips, which is an average of ~38,000 bonus miles per roundtrip. If you managed to snag one of the super cheap business class fares between New York and Paris, that potentially puts it in range of being a “legitimate” mileage run.

American Airlines 777-300ER business class

Keep in mind that this stacks with the other promotions American is presently offering for paid premium cabin travel, including:

For the purposes of the transatlantic promotion, here are the eligible fare classes:

*Includes First Class and Business Class fares booked in F, A, P, J, R, D or I; Full-fare Economy Class fares booked in Y, B or H on American Airlines or US Airways marketed flights; First Class or Club World (Business Class) fares booked in F, A, J, R, C, D or I; World Traveller Plus (Premium Economy) booked in W, E or T; Full-fare World Traveller (full-fare Economy) booked in Y, B or H on British Airways marketed flights; Business Class fares booked in C, D, I or J; Full-fare Economy Class fares booked in Y, B or H on Finnair marketed; Business Class fares booked in J, R, C, D, or I; Full-fare Economy Class fares booked in Y, B or H on Iberia marketed or operated flights; Biz Bed (Business Class) fares booked in J, R, C, D, or I; Prem Plus fares booked in W, E, T; Full-fare Economy Class fares booked in Y, B or H on OpenSkies operated as British Airways flights.

Earn bonus British Airways Executive Club Avios

As is the norm when these alliance promotions are being offered, British Airways is running a “mirror” promotion of the American offer, also offering up to 115,000 bonus Avios after three transatlantic roundtrips.


The terms of the promotion are virtually identical, with two major caveats:

  • With the American AAdvantage promotion, travel booked prior to registration still qualifies for the promotion. With the British Airways Executive Club promotion, you must register prior to booking, meaning previously booked itineraries wouldn’t qualify for the promotion.
  • With the American AAdvantage promotion, there are no residency requirements. With the British Airways Executive Club promotion, you must be a resident of the United States, Canada, or Mexico, to participate.

British Airways business class

Bottom line

This is a fantastic promotion, especially in light of the ever-decreasing margin we’re seeing between the cost of economy and business class. I do think the American AAdvantage version of the offer is a bit better, both because previously booked travel qualifies, and also because I value AAdvantage miles quite a bit more than Avios (especially in light of British Airways’ recent devaluation).

Due to my schedule I wasn’t able to lock in any of the cheap business class fares between New York and Paris, though you can bet I’m keeping an eye on business class fares now, in hopes of taking advantage of this promotion.

Do you plan on taking advantage of this oneworld bonus for transatlantic travel this summer?


  1. There is another difference between AA’s and BA’s T&C as well: BA states that Executive Club Members must be residing in the United States, Canada or Mexico, while AA does not mention country of residence. Is this something overlooked by AA?

  2. @ Jan — Great catch. Post updated, thanks. My guess is that the T&Cs are correct, and the BA promotion does indeed have residency requirements, while the AA promotion doesn’t.

  3. I booked a cheap BA biz flight from Copenhagen and the first flight falls in here. Seems it would only work with AA since it was booked prior… Would changing my frequent flyer program to Aadvantage allow me to get this bonus through AA? Flight was booked through BA.

  4. Is this only a redeemable mile bonus, or does it also include Elite Qualifying Miles?

  5. Flying BA’s World Traveller Plus later this month. Only getting 5000 but I’ll take it!

  6. Lucky, just to clarify, the bonus only applies if each roundtrip originates from the US (not Europe) right?
    So any roundtrip from Europe to US won’t get the bonus? Kind of sucks for those of us who don’t live in the US.

  7. Ben – Thanks for the heads up on this and everything. I really enjoy your awesome site. Question: Before this promotion, I booked 2 bizclass r/t NYC-Paris. One AA and one BA/OpenSkies. I’m BA Silver and no status on AA. I was going to credit everything to BA to get 100% Avios bonus for Silvers. But with AA applying this promotion retroactively (and BA not), I feel like I should credit the Paris trips to AA and get 60k AA bonus. Still scratching my head where to credit my First class DXB-AUS in Nov (thanks!)…but I guess these are high quality problems. Hope to see you in the air one day soon.

  8. Lucky, thanks for this post. However, it seems the price jumps to $2200+. Did I miss anything to find the right price?

  9. Ben – every time you use that pic of BA Club World I’m totally creeped out by the guy staring at you over the dividing partition.

  10. @ Victor — I actually think at least for the American promotion, a roundtrip originating in Europe would still qualify. Don’t quote me on it, though.

  11. @ Blake — Yep, if you change your frequent flyer number to AAdvantage you should be fine.

  12. hi ben
    i am a member of aa advantage miles and not a member of british airways miles, i booked this round-trip from nyc to paris on the british airways website, but want to credit my regular flight miles to aa, can i also get this bonus on aa???

    thank you, john.

  13. @ john — You can absolutely credit the trip to American AAdvantage and then qualify for the bonus. Just add your AAdvantage number to the reservation.

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