Great Deal: Cheap Delta Business Class Tickets To London This Summer

While the cost of economy airfare seems to constantly be on the rise, the trend for premium cabin airfare seems to be exactly the opposite. We’re seeing a much larger range between the cheapest and most expensive premium cabin fares. In my experience, many business class fares are as low as they’ve ever been, as the airlines attempt to sell seats rather than aspiring to only sell full fare tickets and then upgrading passengers to those empty seats.

There’s no area where this has been more evident than for summer travel to Europe. It’s a great time to travel to Europe given the strength of the US Dollar, though economy airfare is still pretty pricey.

That being said, we’ve seen some great business class fares for travel to Europe this summer. I don’t think anything can beat the ~$1,000 per person business class fares we saw on oneworld between New York and Paris this summer.

If you’re a SkyTeam flyer or wanting to travel from somewhere other than New York, Delta has some great business class fares to London Heathrow this summer. Delta has business class fares out of many US markets to London for under $2,000 roundtrip including all taxes, fees, and surcharges (including the pricey UK APD).

For example, I see the fare out of Seattle:


And out of Boston:


And out of Dallas:


And out of Tampa:


And out of Charlotte:


And that’s just a small sampling of the cities out of which this fare is valid.

The basic fare rules of the tickets are as follows:

  • Valid for outbound travel through October 31, 2015
  • 7 day minimum stay
  • Reservations required at least 14 days before departure

The fare seems to just be valid on Delta metal, though Delta features fully flat beds on all their routes to London Heathrow.


They primarily fly 767s to London, which feature their forward facing staggered business class product.


While it’s not my favorite hard product, it’s perfectly acceptable for the short flight, and Delta does generally have very good catering and service.


Meanwhile oneworld continues to have excellent business class fares from the East Coast to Paris. For example, Philadelphia to Paris is bookable for ~$1,700 roundtrip, though that fare can be lowered quite a bit beyond that using a couple of tricks.


Bottom line

Based on the strength of the US Dollar, this is the summer where you want to travel to Europe. And the number of great business class fares we’ve seen make that all the more attractive. If you’re a SkyTeam flyer this is a heck of a deal, given that some of these business class fares are only a few hundred dollars more than economy.


  1. How is the aarp/ ba visa discount trick going to work for AA metal? I thought it was only for BA?

  2. Not sure if I’m overthinking or not, but with a few of these routes it kind of seems like they’re trying to compete against American.

  3. Jesus, those 767s are really old. I always wonder how can these US airlines survive with planes like these. Not to mention the MD80 which should rest in a museum.

  4. Yea, it really does seem to me they are trying to compete with AA. With flights from Charlotte, and their new flights from Philly to London it appears to be a shot across the bow for American Airlines.

  5. Your video ads are getting really aggressive. There are two on the page blaring loudly at the same time, with tiny pause buttons. Is this really necessary?

  6. @31583

    You do know that 767 is still in production right? Granted it’s for freighters and tankers these days. But close to 80% off all 767 build is still flying?

    As to how US airlines can survive flying them? Simple most of the aircraft is old enough that they are payed for or close to it. Applies to both 767 and MD-80, especially now that the fuel cost is lower.

    Most Pax can not tell a B767, B777, B787, A330 or A350 apart, what matters to them is hard and soft product in the cabin and in the airport. Aka do I get a good seat, is the food good and do it get lounge access and fast track security.

    Major costs in running a airlines are crew, fuel, landing fees, maintenance and finance costs for your planes. While a B787 or A350 give you lower maintenance and fuel cost per pax than a 12 year old B767, the finance costs of owning that brand new aircraft is much higher.

  7. @ So noisy — Sorry, that shouldn’t be the case. Will report it to the tech team.

  8. @ Ben — It’s good through October, though the fare doesn’t seem to be valid out of LAX or JFK. If you’re willing to position, though…

  9. @ Alic — The AARP discount works even on codeshares, as long as it’s booked through the BA website. The same doesn’t apply to the 10% discount.

  10. @Alic – As Ben said above, the AARP discount is working on the BA codeshares to CDG. The BA visa CARDOFFERU 10% discount did not work for me though.

    Last night I booked LAX-ORD-CDG-JFK-LAX for $1339 in late August. All lie flat seats on AA metal except for LAX-ORD segment. Booked my family of 3 for just under $4,000, which is pretty remarkable considering that before this deal came along I was struggling to find even one BA award ticket from the west coast to Europe, which would have come with $1,000 in fuel surcharges. The fares are A and I, they will earn 2.0 AAdvantage EQP.

  11. @Another Steve – That’s an amazing fare! I thought the deeply discounted fares to CDG were only valid from JFK? What did you use to find this fare?

  12. @Luis – I booked it directly through the AARP link to the BA site. Briefly last night there were similarly discounted fares originating from LAX, SLC and MSP to CDG. As of this morning I don’t see the LAX or SLC fares anymore, I did not check MSP. The only routings that would get these fares (~$1330) were BA codeshares on AA metal through DFW, ORD, MIA, CLT, PHL and JFK. I think the availability may have been very limited because I even in the 30-45 minutes I was working on it certain flights started to disappear. I did get ticketed though. Initially I booked through DFW on the old J 777, then I booked outbound through ORD and inbound through JFK to get the new J on 767’s. I called BA this morning and cancelled the first trip through DFW, only took about 15 minutes on hold which is great for a call to BA.

  13. Nice job! Yeah i just searched on BA website and it’s showing ~$8k for this flight.

  14. I have read about these Z class fares out of Seattle but have not been able to book them with Delta or using ITA. Just check the same flights/dates shown in this post and fare is north of $4000.

  15. As soon as I saw these deals to London I thought yipee, no more economy hell for me! However…having tried Matrix, Google, Orbitz et al finally called Delta. There were absolutely no fares out there even faintly resembling these. I was will ing to go any day, any month, any time. One stipulation I wanted to stay in the U.K. for 5-6 weeks.
    Zip, Nada Nothing! So in the parlance of my adopted country, America…What gives?

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