Etihad Changes Terms On 25% Citi Transfer Bonus

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the 25% bonus which Etihad Guest was offering when transferring points from Citi’s flexible points currency.

The promotion was a bit different than transfer bonuses we’re used to with other programs, since usually it’s the transferrable points currency which offers the bonus, meaning the bonus is reflected at the time you make the transfer. In this instance, however, Etihad was offering the bonus once the points had been transferred to the account.

Quite unbelievably, it looks like Etihad has changed the terms of the promotion. Etihad is now claiming that the transfer bonus is only available to UAE residents.

Here’s what the original promotion page stated:


They’ve quietly updated that page to this:


As you can see, they’ve changed “when you transfer your CitiMiles” to “when UAE cardmembers transfer CitiMiles.” To clarify, this wasn’t found on a website specific to the UAE, but rather on their generic English website.

This is pretty low on their part, especially since the same page has an overview of all the countries from which you can transfer points:


I certainly hope they’ll honor the bonus for those that already transferred points, though given that this is a Middle Eastern carrier and they rarely have any accountability, I wouldn’t count on it.

Did you transfer points from Citi to Etihad Guest under the assumption that you’d earn a 25% points bonus?

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  1. I transferred 100k Thank u points and got 100k plus 25k additional a week later. No calls needed

  2. I live in the UAE and it surprises me that they do not have a cobranded card with any foreign bank. Only ADIB and ADCB.

  3. Lucky,
    As of recently, all your topics are about Etihad and Emirates .. as if all your reader want to go to the ME. Why don’t you do more posts like you used to, such as availability trends for LH, AF, BA … or why there is not any saver award on Delta,AA ? What about trip reports ? why such an obsession with ME airlines ?

  4. @ samjess — I’m writing about the fact that the transfer bonus which I originally wrote about isn’t actually a thing. I’ve written about transfer bonuses to Air France and British Airways as well, and will certainly do what I can to write about their award trends more in the future as well.

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