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Last Friday I wrote about how IHG would be announcing the details of their summer promotion this week.

While it took a bit longer than I was expecting, IHG’s summer promotion is now live. The promotion is called “Share Forever,” and it’s valid for stays between May 1 and September 7, 2015.

The promotion is being offered in conjunction with Coca Cola (I get how Coke is all about “sharing,” though I’m not sure I get the tie in for the purposes of the promotion).


The promotion is creative in theory, in that you can earn bonus points for yourself, as well as bonus points you can share with friends or family members. After all, if you’re a road warrior you’re away from home a lot, so it’s nice to reward the people in your life who are impacted by your absence. Here’s a promotional video IHG has about the promotion:

The promotion is customized, meaning there are several versions of the offer out there. This seems to be the norm for IHG promotions nowadays. The earning potential for the “Share Forever” promotion can be anywhere from 68,500 to 115,500 bonus points plus a maximum 58,500 bonus points to share, or keep.

To see which version of the promotion you’re eligible for, go to the IHG Rewards Club “Share Forever” promotion registration page. Simply log into your account with your IHG Rewards Club number and password, and you’ll be presented with your offer.


Upon logging in I was brought to the “dashboard” for my promotion.


I was excited to see text at the top of the page which read as follows:

You’re an instant winner!
Congratulations Benjamin. You’ve won 5,000 points just for registering.
Please allow up to 30 days for your points to be deposited into your account.

I’ll take 5,000 free points — thanks!

My other rewards are as follows:

  • Stay 1 night: earn 500 points for you, plus 500 points to share with a friend
  • Stay 3 nights: earn 3,000 additional points for you and 1,000 points to share with a friend toward a digital download.
  • 4 Nights Above Goal: You and a friend each get 2,000 additional points to use towards magazine subscriptions, merchandise, free nights and more!
  • 8 Nights Above Goal: Earn 8,000 additional points for yourself and share the benefits of your Gold Elite Status with a friend. Enjoy Priority Check-In and 10% bonus points with every stay.
  • 12 Nights Above Goal: You and a friend each get your choice of 25,000 points or a free night.
  • 30 Nights Above Goal: You and a friend each get 30,000 bonus reward points.


That makes my earning potential after 33 nights up to 68,500 points for me and up to 58,500 points to share. And as a reminder, those shared points don’t have to be shared — you can also deposit them into your own account.

You can find the full terms & conditions of the promotion here. Perhaps most noteworthy is that the promotion is limited to residents of Argentina, Aruba, Brazil, Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, the fifty (50) United States (and the District of Columbia), Puerto Rico, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

Furthermore, as usual, only paid stays which are eligible for points accrual are “qualifying” nights for the purposes of this promotion.

Bottom line

With customized promotions like this, the value will vary person to person. I’m thrilled to have received 5,000 points for registering for the promotion, but that may very well be the extent to which I take advantage of this promotion.

While IHG has properties everywhere, I just have a hard time getting excited about the program, given that their elite benefits are underwhelming and I don’t find they have too many aspirational properties. But I know many love IHG Rewards Club, so it’s very much a case of “your mileage may vary.”

What does your version of the “Share Forever” promotion look like, and do you plan on taking advantage of the promotion?


  1. 6.1 of terms and conditions ; Program Participants must complete Offers in sequential
    order starting with the first level.

    Does this mean that each level is associated with separate stays of can I complete all levels with 1 stay of 26 nights (my offer total is 26 nights) ?

  2. Getting an Apache error when I try to log in. Pretty typical IHG IT. I would be mad, but I think we can all agree that we have benefited greatly from their horrible IT over the years.

  3. Interesting. Not only are the points different, so are the ‘goals’ you have to meet to get them. (I also got the 5,000 points for registering)
    Mine is:
    Stay 1 Night 500You/500Share
    Stay 4 Night 4,000Y/1,000S
    3 Nights Above 2,000Y/2,000S
    6 Nights Above 8,000Y/share gold elite
    10 Nights Above 25,000Y/25,000S
    20 Nights Above 30,000Y/30,000S

  4. After 7000 refreshes trying to log in….

    I got a goal of 3 nights – and then some underwhelming offers for going above that. “Definitely” going to stay 33 nights to max out my total (NOT!)

    No bonus 5000 points for me either 🙁

  5. @ Christina — If you have a really long stay then all nights could potentially count towards the promotion.

  6. My goal is 33 nights. They must be f***ing kidding. I’ll be earning a whopping 500 points for my 15-20 nights. Idiots.

  7. Similar to Lucky’s

    Just doing the math — I’d have to do 17 nights and would get 21,000 points + 2 free nights (assuming I didn’t share and valued the free night more than 25,000 points).

    Too much work, especially if the free nights have to be in the Americas.

  8. My offer is 32 nights – 77.5K points for myself and 58.5K points to share – no sign-up bonus. All in all, not bad but not necessarily compelling (already have 1.2 million IHG points). I’m presently, focused on renewing Hyatt Diamond – so that gets first claim for stays/nights. To the extent that a locale does not have a Hyatt, but does have an IHG property (think almost anywhere in Delaware), then IHG gets the business in lieu of Hilton (my other “large footprint” chain I use). So, for me, the IHG promo will be a “target of opportunity”, but not a priority objective. More like a “tie-breaker” between choosing between IHG or Hilton.

  9. Like Stephanie above, I got:

    Stay 1 Night 500You/500Share
    Stay 4 Night 4,000Y/1,000S
    3 Nights Above 2,000Y/2,000S
    6 Nights Above 8,000Y/share gold elite
    10 Nights Above 25,000Y/25,000S
    20 Nights Above 30,000Y/30,000S
    I did not get a 5000 point instant winner bonus.

    The rewards are too small for the number of nights needed – this promo is of no interest to me.

  10. Not anywhere near as lucrative for me as 4Q2014 and 1Q2015 promos. Can earn a maximum of 129000 points for 25 nights. Comes out to 5160 points per night or ~$36 at $0.007/point valuation.

  11. Thanks for the info. Last year, after my first trip to Europe and knowing I would want to go back but could not afford that kind of paid expense per year, I switched most of my loyalty to IHG since they had more properties there than the other chains I had been using. So I am very keen on IHG promotions. Since then, thanks to your site and others, I have really ramped up my knowledge of other points programs so I am not as dead-set on IHG but they are still my primary.

    I signed up and I received a goal target of 12 nights so it’s unlikely I will hit this. I might since I am in the process of trying to figure out where to travel this summer, but most likely I will get the bonus points for the first stay and that will be it. Also, I did not get the 5000 signup bonus points. 🙁 I guess some people really are…lucky…I know…bad pun. 🙂

  12. Mine is not attainable. Disappointing since I have been a loyal IHG customer. Currently doing the Marriott platinum challenge, so I will stay focused on that.

    Stay 1 Night 500You/500Share
    Stay 25 Nights 25,000Y/1,000S
    3 Nights Above 2,000Y/2,000S
    6 Nights Above 8,000Y/share gold elite
    10 Nights Above 25,000Y/25,000S
    20 Nights Above 30,000Y/30,000S

  13. Please guys read thru the blog and please consider how active we are so that we can see that somehow our promo is different from others. NO TWO OFFERS were alike.

  14. Well I have made my 33 nights stay.

    My offer was 1 night -500 points then goal of 3 nights all the way up to final of 30 nights + goal. So I thought that meant 33 nights. But as always with IHG it’s never simple !

    IHG emailed me this below. Implying I need what 58 nights !

    Level 1: Stay 1 night for 500 points to earn and 500 points to share.
    Counted night at Intercontinental Hotel Riyadh was the night of May 1st.

    Level 2: Goal: Stay 3 nights for 3000 points to earn and 1000 points to share.
    Counted nights at Intercontinental Hotel Riyadh were May 2,3 and 4, total of 3 nights.

    Level 3: 4 nights above goal for 2000 points to earn and 2000 points to share.
    Counted nights at Intercontinental Hotel Riyadh were May 5,6,7 and 8, total of 4 nights.

    Level 4: 8 nights above goal for 8000 points to earn and gold elite status to share.
    Counted nights at Intercontinental Hotel Riyadh were May 9,10,11,12,13,14 and May 23 and 24, total of 8 nights.

    Level 5: 12 nights above goal for 25000 points to earn and 25000 points or a free night to share
    Counted nights at Intercontinental Hotel Riyadh were May 25,26,27 and 28 plus the nights of June 7,8,9,10,11,12,13 and 14, total of 12 nights.

    Level 6: 30 nights above goal for 30000 points to earn and 30000 points to share.
    Counted nights at Intercontinental Hotel Riyadh were June 15,16,17 and 18 plus the 1 night at Holiday Inn Leicester last 26th of June, total of 5 nights

    Is this how others feel the promotion works ? I feel a bit duped. IHG I’m off to Marriott if you read this !

  15. Love your site but all the bloggers seem to tell us about perks they get that maybe the rest of us don”t?

  16. @ Justin Hurley — Sorry, I’m a bit confused. What perks do you suspect “bloggers” are getting that others aren’t?

  17. “plus a maximum 58,500 bonus points to share, or keep.”

    How do you keep them?

    I had the same offer as lucky, btw.

  18. @ trevor — When you’re presented with the “prize” you get to pick whether you want to share them or keep them.

  19. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to keep the points that are “to share”. The only option I see for those extra points is to share them through email. I tried to share them to my email and deposit them in my Share Forever account again but it doesn’t seem to work.

    Did anyone else have luck with this?

  20. @Courtney

    I have the same question, now that I reached nearly all my goals in the promotion. There is only an option to share the extra points, not bank them.

    Any insight on how to do this would be appreciated.

  21. Well, i didn’t get any bonus points when I logged in/signed up, so that’s weird to begin with…then when I was signing up for the promotion, on the login page it said my region may not be eligible for the promotion. I live in the U.S…..(though my language is set to France from when I lived there years ago). Pretty sure the U.S. is eligible. 5000 additional points for 5 nights doesn’t sound too bad at all, though.

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