Hyatt Gold Passport Password Change Required

A lot of loyalty programs have been having issues with account hacking lately. This is largely caused by members using the same usernames and passwords across programs, which  makes it easier for hackers to access multiple accounts.

Hyatt Gold Passport is now requiring all Gold Passport members who sign into their online account with a username to change their passwords.

If you try logging into your Gold Passport account now you should receive the following error message:

The password you entered does not correspond with your username or Hyatt Gold Passport account number. Please check it and try again.

To log back into your Gold Passport account, simply click the “Forgot Your Password?” link.


You’ll be brought to a page which asks you to enter your Gold Passport number and email address, at which point a temporary password will be emailed to you.

Then when you log back into your account, you’ll be able to create a new permanent password.


For what it’s worth, apparently this was specifically prompted by Hyatt Gold Passport discovering that approximately 200 accounts had been accessed by an unauthorized individual, with the purposes of stealing Gold Passport points. Hyatt has contacted all affected members and restored the points to their accounts, so this is a further precaution.

Hyatt will be communicating the need for a password change to members shortly via email and social media. But I figured I’d give a heads up in case you’re confused why you can’t log into your Gold Passport account this morning.

Bottom line

More so than ever before it’s necessary to not be “stupid” when it comes to your online account passwords. Don’t use obvious passwords, and ideally don’t use the same passwords for all your accounts. Personally I use LastPass to manage my passwords,


  1. Geez. Thank you for that. I’ve been bumping my head for an hour wondering why I can’t log in. I figured it was a system issue when I noticed I couldn’t log into my wife’s account either. They should have done a better job at communicating this instead of simply locking everyone out but I assume they’re still on crisis mode. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. I use 1Password on my iPhone. At 10$, it’s not cheap for an iPhone app, but I use it almost everyday and it has make my password managing wayyyy easier.

    I seriously think that everyone should invest in a good password manager. It’s well worth it!

    And it’s not only useful for remembering passwords, but also all those different usernames!

  3. @ FreeTravelGuys — Agreed, would have been nice if they communicated with members before locking accounts.

  4. I did not receive any email that my account was compromised. so i thought I’d check anyway and I could not login to either mine nor my wife’s account. So I requested a new password reset email…. it’s been over 15 mins… still waiting… I just hope my award stays are still in tact..

  5. @Lucky. Yes. I’ve been checking the spam folders… i have been receiving other emails.. but none from Hyatt. I requested it again.. still nothing. hmm maybe I better call them.

  6. It couldn’t have been only 200 people. All of the accounts I manage for my family were affected. Same as the others, I didn’t realize this was happening until I had to reset my password *before* I got the email alert. Terrible communication by Hyatt.

    Also, I use LastPass, so whatever happened here, having a password manager wasn’t enough.

  7. @ David — To clarify, only 200 people have been hacked (apparently), though they’re making everyone change passwords. Not just those who were hacked.

  8. I also requested a new password and I still have not received the link to update the password.

  9. I’ve put in two requests to change password (about 2 hrs apart). No response to either request.

  10. they should give a token 1,000 points for the unnecessary hassle. i had to book something today and had to call in to do it, not knowing what was up.

  11. It’s lame that they make everyone change passwords and still don’t support special characters in their passwords. Way to half-ass it, Hyatt.

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