Receive Bonus Miles For Checking A Bag With Alaska

When it comes to checking bags, there’s not an airline that’s better than Alaska. They have a 20 minute checked baggage guarantee, making them the single most efficient airline I’ve flown when it comes to checked bags.


Alaska is continuing to innovate checked bags, and is now letting you tag your own checked bags at home… and they’ll even give you bonus miles for trying it out!

Here’s how they describe the process:

We’ve taken a whole step out of your check-in process by giving you the option to tag your own bag before you get to the airport and drop it off with one of our Customer Service Agents at a Bag Drop location.

It’s simple, just check in online at, print out your bag tag(s) at home before you leave for the airport, then attach it to your bag and leave it with us at the Self-Tag Express bag drop area in the ticketing lobby. We even have reusable bag tag holder for you to use. You can have some mailed to you ahead of time, or just pick them up at the airport.

Here’s a list of cities which are eligible for self-tag bagging so far.


To give Mileage Plan members a further incentive to tag their bags at home, Alaska is offering 1,000 bonus miles each time you pre-tag at least one bag at home.

The basic terms of the promotion are as follows:

  • Valid for travel between April 20 and October 20, 2015
  • Valid for flights marketed by Alaska Airlines and operated by Alaska Airlines, Horizon Air, SkyWest, or PenAir
  • You can earn a maximum of 5,000 bonus miles per Mileage Plan account through this promotion (in other words, for tagging your bag up to five times)
  • You must credit your flight to Alaska’s Mileage Plan program to be eligible for the promotion
  • Bonus miles should post within five days of the qualifying flight

Bottom line

This is an awesome promotion, especially if you’re a Mileage Plan elite member and get free checked bags. You now have an incentive to check a bag, given that you’ll get 1,000 bonus miles per one-way trip (up to the 5,000 mile limit).

Would you check a bag (unnecessarily) for 1,000 bonus miles if you knew it would arrive within 20 minutes?

(Tip of the hat to Travel Codex)


  1. @ Sean — No: “You must credit your flight to Alaska’s Mileage Plan program to be eligible for the promotion.”

  2. I’m flying on Alaska this weekend, but I currently have my AA account connected since I have gold, so I get the free bag check. If I switch to credit to Alaska, can I still check for free or no? I assume no, since if I switched and tried to check bags online it would then charge me?

  3. @ Everybody Hates A Tourist — I suppose you could keep your American number on the reservation, check your bag, and then change to your Alaska number at the gate. Though can’t guarantee that would work for the purposes of the 1,000 point bonus.

  4. @Lucky I might as well, since I don’t think my fare class will get full AA miles on one leg of the trip anyway. No matter what I’ll get the free bag, best case I get the free bag, full miles, and the bonus. Thanks!

  5. I’m traveling on an award, flying AS SEA-SFO, then connecting to EK in J class. 1.) will I have to pay to check a bag? 2.) will I get the 1,000 mile bonus?

  6. @ Robert D — Tough to say. Not sure that itineraries involving partners can be self-tagged, but if they can be then it should be possible.

  7. This makes complete sense… Esp the reusable bag tag holders. I never understood why checking in, after already checking in online, took so much time. Esp with B6 where they don’t oversell flights to begin with.

    I’m assuming they’ll just back-bill you for overweight bags. Either way, not bad.

  8. Data point: Promo works on award tickets, or at least those ticketed with a partner. Received 1k bonus points on an award flight booked with Avios. Replaced the BA member number with the Alaska member number during online check-in and and selected the option for online bag tags. No charge for the bags since it was first class. Miles posted within 24 hours of the flight/48 hours of the online check-in.

  9. Great idea, but it does not work if you have a connecting flight. It is only good on direct flights. I found out only after inquiring to customer service when I could not print my bag tag on-line.

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