I’m Now Assuming The Dubai First Class Mistake Fare Will Be Honored

Last Thursday I wrote about the amazing first class mistake fare which British Airways published between Dubai and Austin.

British Airways basically left off a zero (or placed the decimal one digit off, depending on how you look at it), and published their one-way first class fare between Dubai and Austin as ~$857 rather than $8,577. The fare was bookable on quite a few carriers, including Emirates, Etihad, Qatar Airways, etc.

I booked one of these fares on a pretty cool routing, which I’m excited about.


Once the fare was pulled, the first question many people had was whether or not it would be honored. Obviously people are keen to find out, since it’s only natural to want to book positioning flights and hotels for Dubai.

Earlier in the week I shared my thoughts on whether or not the fare would be honored.

Well, it has now been over a week since the fare has been pulled, so personally this is the point at which I’d feel comfortable assuming the fare will be honored and booking positioning flights & hotels. I guess British Airways’ approach to this mistake fare is in line with this theory of mine:

It’s entirely possible that British Airways will honor the fare, but just won’t publicly acknowledge it. It could be that this is all we’re going to get. I find British Airways to be a pretty arrogant proud airline, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they don’t even want to admit they made the fat finger mistake.

As I’ve explained before, I’m not one to pout when airlines don’t honor mistake fares (I’ve never filed a DOT complaint), though I do generally think if airlines aren’t going to honor mistake fares, they have the obligation to let consumers know as quickly as possible.

They’re beyond the point where they can argue “whoops, that was a mistake and we’re not honoring,” in my opinion.

I can taste the Krug at the Qatar Airways A380 bar already…!


So, who’s headed to Dubai, and do y’all have the same conclusion regarding how British Airways is handling this fare?


  1. Lucky,somehow BA voided all my DXB-AUS bookings and denied my request to restore them. What should I do?

  2. “Lucky,somehow BA voided all my DXB-AUS bookings and denied my request to restore them. What should I do?”

    Next time don’t be so greedy and spoil it for yourself and possibly everyone else and just book a couple flights.

  3. @David, what is wrong with you? Why are you just assuming the worst of other people? I made three bookings: one for myself and two for friends on the same date. How could you call that greedy?

  4. @ Pablo. Well, it looks like they thought you over did it and cancelled your flights while they honor everyone elses. How did that happen? Maybe you did more than 3 bookings. Maybe they thought 3 was too much.

    And because I know that people like to overdue it and ruin it for everyone else. It’s like the people that complain that bloggers kill deals. It’s the not the bloggers it’s the greedy who overdue it and ruin it where the company has no choice but to kill it and not honor it for everyone else.

  5. David, personally I think your point is extremely flawed. Without giving the benefit of the doubt how could you be sure your assumption is accurate? In this case I think if BA decided to honor it should be all of none. Not cancel this and keep that

  6. @Johnathan. Maybe it is. It wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong. But it looks like that is exactly what happened. They didn’t cancel Luckys booking but they did cancel Pablos. Why would they do that?

  7. @David: That’s the big question, no? Why are you being such a douche about it? He just asked a question.

  8. @Damon Adults are having a conversation here. If you can’t add to it just sit down at the kiddies table and shut up.

  9. Ive already booked my trip there in EY J on the 789. Definitely the fare will stick, I already changed my date at no charge and no issues from BA.

    Thanks again for showing this to us!

  10. I really don’t see booking 3 tickets as over doing it. If that’s the case, should people only book one for themselves? Not allowed to take anyone with them? Heck, I booked 8 tickets to PEK. We are all going. If you know at the time that everyone will go, what’s wrong with that? Now if you go and make 32 different bookings, knowing you’ll just cancel 31 – that’s jacked up. Nothing wrong with booking 3 tickets with every intention of going.

  11. @Travis, I agree, totally jacked up. There’s something missing here. I think he booked more than 3 or they wouldn’t have cancelled them. I read it as, “Lucky, I got greedy, what can I do?” Then it be “all my” to 3.

    @ Johnathan, apparently you don’t know how to spell your own name, lol. Google it. You’ll find Johnathan is a baby boys name.

    @ Chris, yes, thanks.

    Well isn’t this fun.

  12. When Ben gets here he’s going to be really disappointed to see all of you people quarrelling here.

  13. C’mon folks, let’s be nice and give Pablo the benefit of the doubt. Historically if an airline honors a mistake fare they honor it for everyone, regardless of how many they booked. While I’m not for exploiting a fare too much, it’s not an unreasonable question.

    Pablo, where did you book this ticket?

  14. I think there are too many unknown variables here to make a decision. Like when did he book it (time)? With whom did he book? Did he ever get ticket numbers? What stock is he on? Who’s metal was he on for the dxb-lhr leg? What is his routing? etc…

    Until we know these things anything else is just rampant speculation.

    P.S. To the grammer nazi’s fuck off

  15. Ben – thanks for this update. I foolishly didn’t route back via JFK from LAX to AUS – do you think I’ll be able to make this change after I fly the first segments?

  16. @ Craig — No, unfortunately you almost certainly won’t be able to change that after ticketing. Sorry.

  17. @Lucky – I just booked my positioning flight to AMM to visit Petra. Since my ticket is XNB-AUH-LHR-LAX-AUS. Do you think I can forgo the XNB-AUH and just do AMM-AUH positioning award and connect for the return in AUH instead of AMM-DXB to catch the bus to AUH?

  18. Hi Ben

    I was hoping you can answer a unrelated question for me. I am trying to find award availability between HKG to KWL(it’s served by Cathay). However the Avios site doesn’t seem to recognize KWL. Is it the best way just to call the horrible british airways horrible call center? Have you found this issue with certain airport codes?

  19. @ danny — There are indeed some airports the site doesn’t recognize, and in those instances you’re best off just calling.

  20. At least one person posted a TR about using this fare. Question, the fare basis is F1MEOW and it is meant to be flexible. My routing is a more basic DXB-LHR-JFK-AUS routing. The only option I could book on Orbitz allowed for a 2 hour layover in LHR. I would rather a longer layover. Can I change to a different flight on the same day without having the ticket re-priced? Orbitz says no, but I think they are wrong. Thanks!

  21. @ Ryan — Even though it’s a flexible fare, as far as I know it will reprice if you make a change before outbound departure. So I don’t think that’s possible.

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