Today Only: Buy Discounted Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Points

As I first posted about several weeks ago, Daily Getaways is back earlier than normal this year, and is a great opportunity to purchase hotel points and travel packages at a discount. It’s sponsored by the US Travel Association, and every weekday for five weeks they’re offering discounted travel packages.

While there are all kinds of travel packages available, so far I’ve focused almost exclusively on the packages involving hotels. These came both in the form of hotel points packages as well as hotel stay packages.

Today Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points are on sale, and I think they’re at least worth a mention.

As a reminder, Daily Getaways packages go on sale at 1PM ET, so if you want to buy Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points, be sure you’re there when the promotion starts.


Should you buy Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points?

Daily Getaways is selling three types of packages for Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points, as follows:

Number Of PointsPackage CostCost Per PointNumber Of Packages
5,500 Hertz points$2524.6 cents/point45
13,200 Hertz points$4283.2 cents/point35
16,500 Hertz points$6984.2 cents/point50

There are a couple of things that are especially interesting about this sale, compared to other Daily Getaways sales:

  • The variance in the cent per point cost of these packages is surprising, as they range from ~3.2 cents to ~4.6 cents each. The reason for this variance is that while the packages are ultimately for points, they’re marketed as being for certain experiences, so I guess they’re hoping some people overlook the actual “details” of each package.
  • They’re claiming some really high “estimated values” on these packages. For example, they’re claiming that the $428 package has an estimated value of $2,640, which seems sort of crazy.

As far as redeeming points goes, here’s a list of Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points redemption rates.


Assuming you’re paying 0.32 cents per point, that’s like paying ~$22 for a free day rental. That seems like quite a good deal in many markets, and presumably there’s also value to be had if you’re after one-way or luxury rentals.

Bottom line

I’m sure this promotion will be valuable to some. I’m still trying to figure out whether it makes sense for me or not.

For those of you that are Hertz fans, what do you value Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points at?


  1. Be warned that not all hertz rental locations will take your points for a rental as well. For example try renting a car for a day in Waikiki using points…

  2. Also Hertz does not allow last minute bookings! 24 hour notice required. That has screwed me over MANY times!

  3. If one rents with points, are there any options for credit card insurance coverage, or would it make sense to take the insurance option?

  4. Also be aware that as of the last time I used points for a rental, points only pay for the “base rate”. The renter still pays the “Airport Facility Charge”, “Vehicle License Fee”, taxes, etc.,etc. … which typically add up to a VERY significant percent of the base rate (particularly when you rent at an airport location).

    On the plus side, you can put those fees on a credit card, thereby getting card’s auto protections.

  5. @jmd001 — I agree this is a challenge and more so, you have to read the small print on your card’s rental protection, since I think some cards specifically say something to the effect of “if you used a certificate to pay for part of the rental your credit card coverage is not included”.

  6. I frequently redeem Hertz points and value them at 15 cents per point (which is quite a bit lower than the example they use in the promotion). You can also partially pay with points, which is a nice feature. For example, if a 2-day weekend rental is $150 plus taxes/fees, I can apply ~500 points such that I only pay the remaining $75 plus taxes/fees. The redemption costs don’t exactly match up with their tables because the points required vary based on what car you choose. But for me, it generally comes out to 15/cents per point. So this promotion seems like a very good deal.

  7. @Robert — how do you find the availability to be internationally?

    I went to Hertz’s site to check the ability to use the points in Paris late this summer, but it says it won’t show anything about the points until the booking page….and it doesn’t say anything about it on the booking page (just dollars pricing). So I changed the location to Vegas to try something domestic and on the booking page it says that I either don’t have enough points (I don’t) or the location doesn’t accept points.

    I don’t often rent cars, but I’ll be on a trip for 3 months during the last quarter of this year and *may* rent cars in Europe and Australia and perhaps somewhere in Asia….so I would consider this deal, but I can’t figure out how to figure out if it’s worth it to me….is there a way to search point availability and point pricing even if you don’t have enough points? If not, like I said, do you find international availability decent?

  8. @Nico unfortunately I’ve never found availability abroad. I’ve only been able to use my points with domestic airport rentals. FWIW the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards FAQ page has a list of countries that take redemption points. You may have better luck calling to reserve abroad. The phone agents are very friendly and, unlike with airlines, have very short hold times, if any.

  9. All of the Hertz deals are great if you can snag one. In my experience, the last four or five times I’ve stayed in Hawaii a week, I’ve been able to use 2750 points to get a Premium car for that week. The trick is you have to call them up and ask for it because the website won’t even let you use points for a week long rental. I can only get just one or two days max using Hertz points on their website for some reason. I totally agree with Robert that the phone agents are very helpful and have they have found me what I needed every time I’ve called.

  10. the price per point seems wrong in your chart. its 4.6 cents/point (or 0.046/point)….not .46 cents/point). by comparison, buying point directly from hertz is 20 cents/point (or 0.20/point)

  11. I went for it. It’s the first time I’ve purchased from Daily Getaways. Adrenaline pumping because I just saw this OMAT post 4 minutes before the sale started. I had to log on to my Hertz account to get my number. I kept refreshing the Daily Getaways page until it said the deal was available, I didn’t know if it would update on its own. I must have tried two dozen times to buy and kept getting a message that all available packages were on hold. Eventually I was able to make the purchase. I wonder if the on hold message is typical when you try to purchase at the very beginning of the sale. 5500 points is very useful to me, I’m in a dense urban area and don’t have a car, so when I need a car I rent one, usually once per month. Each one-day rental is typically $50-75 including taxes, or 675 points. With 5500 points I can get 8 rentals. 8 rentals would normally cost me at least $400, so $252 was a good deal.

  12. Yea! Got the middle package! (This is my 3rd time in 4 years being able to get one of these). For me this a huge value! I’ve needed to rent a lot of mini-vans in Florida last few years. Those can easily run $500+ for one week (not including taxes which you still pay) so I get 3 week long rentals for less than I would pay for a single week. One interesting thing is that the taxes and fees charged to me (which I still pay) have ALWAYS been less when I actually pick up the car than what is quoted online when I book. So for a rental that costs $600 in Florida, I’ve often seen $120 in taxes and fees but only get charged $60-70 ultimately.

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