Today’s Daily Getaways: Buy Hyatt Gold Passport Points For Cheap

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As I first posted about several weeks ago, Daily Getaways is back earlier than normal this year, and is a great opportunity to purchase hotel points at a discount. It’s sponsored by the US Travel Association, and every weekday for five weeks they’re offering discounted travel packages.

The promotion kicked off March 23, with several opportunities so far to purchase points packages from hotel chains:

Well, today is possibly the most anticipated day of Daily Getaways, as Hyatt Gold Passport points are going on sale at a discount at 1PM ET today.

Should you (try to) buy Hyatt points?

As a reminder, the following Hyatt points packages are on sale today:

Number Of PointsPackage CostCost Per PointNumber Of Packages
24,000 Hyatt Gold Passport$2601.08 cents/point95
30,000 Hyatt Gold Passport$3301.1 cents/point35
40,000 Hyatt Gold Passport$4151.04 cents/point15
72,000 Hyatt Gold Passport$7751.08 cents/point15

This will probably be the most in demand day of the entire Daily Getaways promotion, and there are only a total of 160 packages available (compare that to IHG Rewards Club, which had over 7,000 packages available for sale).

So this isn’t really a question of whether you should take advantage of the promotion, but rather a question of whether you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of the promotion. And if you do try and take part in it, to avoid disappointment I’d recommend approaching it as a lottery rather than something you’re likely to win.

At a cost of 1.04-1.10 cents per Gold Passport point, this promotion represents a great value. To me, Hyatt points are worth ~1.5 cents each, so this is a substantial discount.

So which package should you go for? Obviously the 72,000 point package for $775 would be the best option, but there are also only 15 of those packages available.


There’s something to be said for instead “just” going for the 24,000 point package, in hopes of being able to snag one of the 95 available packages.


Or perhaps in terms of consumer psychology, there’s something to be said for going for one of the two middle packages, as most people will likely be going for the biggest or smallest packages depending on how risk averse they are.



Which credit card to use?

Keep in mind Daily Getaways purchases are processed by Daily Getaways, and not the program from which you’re buying points. In other words, if you’re using this promotion to buy Hyatt Gold Passport points, your purchase will be processed by Daily Getaways and not by Hyatt Gold Passport (therefore it doesn’t count as hotel spend).

However, Daily Getaways is considered a “travel” provider, so you can still earn bonus points for your Daily Getaways purchases:

Bottom line

This is in my opinion the most lucrative offer available with Daily Getaways, and I assume there will be lots of competition for the few available packages. Hyatt points are among the most valuable hotel points currencies out there.

On the plus side (for you guys), I’m in the Maldives (at a Hyatt… for which I redeemed points!), so will likely be asleep by the time this offer goes live — better odds for you guys. 😉


Do you plan on trying to take advantage of this promotion, and if so, which package are you chasing?

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  1. Which page do you have to be on to be able to purchase? Do you have to hit the see details button or terms and conditions page. or just be on the page of the offer you want?

  2. Hyatt gold points are so over rated. don’t waste your time or money.
    do something constructive instead, folks.

  3. I haven’t been following the Daily Getaways so this may be a really dumb question but do I have to spend the points from this promotion on the Category and Room specified in the offer. I read the T&C’s and it does say (for example for the $775 offer) that they have to be spent for a room at a Category 4 Hyatt. But award reservations are made through Hyatt so how would they know what type of hotel I spent the points on? Sorry if this has been discussed before.

  4. @ PittDoc — You can redeem them however you’d like. Points are deposited in your account and you can do with them whatever you’d like.

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