Silvercar Referral Program Improved

Silvercar is the innovative company that actually makes renting cars fun.

As I’ve explained in the past, they have only one kind of car, an Audi A4, and it comes with a bunch of cool features. This includes free GPS, wifi, satellite radio, fair toll tracking, and a fair fuel plan.


I shared my experience with renting from Silvercar at LAX a couple of months back.


One of the other cool things about Silvercar is that they’ve long offered a referral program, much like Uber, whereby both the person referring and the person being referred get a bonus after the first qualifying rental.

The system has been a bit tedious, though. If you referred people you’d simply receive a Prepaid Visa Card by email at the end of every month, which you could have delivered electronically or by mail. You’d never actually know which referral the card was from, as it would just give you a reward for the number of referrals without attributing them to rentals.


Well, the good news is that Silvercar has greatly improved the simplicity and transparency of their referral program.


Per the Silvercar Blog:

Today we kick off an all new referral program to give our Silvercar peeps a better experience when you send friends our way, because let’s be honest, the last one kinda sucked.

This one focuses on better discoverability, transparency and speedy payments.

Here’s how it works:

1. Find your code in your Silvercar profile on our desktop website under “Referral Program.”

2. Share your code with whoever you want, we don’t care how, just do it.

3. Once your friend books a reservation with Silvercar, you’ll get an email letting you know you’re one step closer to payday.

4. When your friend completes their first reservation, you will both get an email within 24 to claim your $25 rewards via Paypal from “Silvercar” No fees or hidden charges.

This is a huge improvement:

  • You’ll receive an email once someone books a reservation using your Silvercar referral code
  • Once the first rental is completed, you’ll receive an email within 24 hours to claim your $25 reward
  • Now payments are made via Paypal rather than using a Prepaid Visa Card


Kudos to Silvercar on this huge improvement to the referral process.

If you haven’t yet rented from Silvercar, simply go to the sign-up page on, and enter the “Referral Code” at the bottom of the page. If you’d like to use my code (which I’d of course be incredibly grateful for) it’s BSCHLAPPIG, though feel free to post yours below as well, and someone else can use it.

Bottom line

Kudos to Silvercar on this improvement. Renting from Silvercar is already a joy, their referral program is awesome, and this only makes it even better.

Have you rented from Silvercar yet?


  1. damn, I deleted a promo code rewards email last week thinking it was spam! Wonder if they will issue me a new one

  2. I’m glad Silvercar found a way to give you an excuse to pimp your referral code so you can get more free money by writing garbage content for the blog! I can’t wait to see the deluge of postings about Silvercar all over BoardingArea that are basically identical and just an excuse to push the bloggers’ referral codes!

  3. @J – If you are reading this blog it’s probably because you enjoy at least some of the content. Keep in mind that to produce this kind of quality content, Ben can’t have a regular job and has to stay full time in hotels and has to travel millions of miles. All that to produce quality reviews that we can enjoy while sipping our morning coffee. While he of course accumulates lots of points, as he said before, travel is not free and he still has to pay for a lot of expenses. Expenses which are necessary to keep this blog interesting.

    And to do that, he has to monetize his blog. If there wasn’t any monetization of content being made here or on BoardingArea, I bet we would see a lot less quality content.

    Think about it: without monetization, he would have to get a day job, on which he would have to spend 40 hours a week + commute time. All those hours not into the blog, and all those hours not flying or trying out hotels. We could maybe get a review of his office building lobby….!

    I think it’s much better for us that he monetizes his content!

    Keep it up Ben!

  4. I used Silvercar for the first time last month on a vacation to Palm Desert, CA. Rented from LAX. It was, hands down, the best rental experience ever. That A4 is ridiculously fun to drive. Unlimited mileage, Wifi hotspot and nav system included, the works. It was also pretty sweet to just drop it off and not worry about gas (they fill it up at market rate, then have a single $5 refueling fee). To top it off, turns out I’d left something in the car and realized it when I checked in at LAX. The guy drove the car back to the departure level just to drop it off. Can’t say enough good things about the experience. Feel free to use my code, DCALDWELL, if anyone wants.

  5. I’m genuinely curious to know how Silvercar, at $60/day, is really better than a rental car you can get on Priceline – by naming your own price – for around $15/day. Heck, I’ve gotten a mid-size for $11, in LA over a 3-day weekend. All the “amenities” seem to be easily replaced by my iPhone in a much cheaper rental…

    GPS? iPhone/Android phone with Google Maps or Apple’s sub-par version
    Satellite Radio? iHeartRadio, iTunes/iTunes Radio, Amazon Prime, Pandora
    WiFi? Phone as a hotspot, or just use your phone
    $5 Refueling? So you’re paying $5 to avoid filling at a gas station; not sure that four minutes of my life is worth $5, but YMMV

    So what does $60/day really get you aside from an A4? . My rental cars are merely for transportation, so is the $60 just to look cool? Serious question to those that have rented

  6. @ Adam — In many cities you won’t get rental cars for $15 per day, at least on weekdays.

    Ultimately everyone values things differently. It’s the same reason there’s a market for Rolls Royces and for used cars with 200,000 miles on them. If all you care about is getting from Point A to Point B, then there’s zero value in a nicer car.

    But I think the point with Silvercar is that it’s reasonably priced luxury. For someone that values avoiding the hassle of renting cars, it’s a reasonable premium to pay for that kind of service.

    But to each their own, for sure…

  7. My main reason for going with Silvercar was that I was going to Denver in the winter and needed 4WD. SUVs were more than Silvercar’s A4 which has AWD (especially cheaper with a promo code). It was a great overall experience and will have me considering them even if they’re more expensive in the future.

  8. Does anyone know if insurance coverage through Amex works with Silvercar? I have an Amex premier gold rewards card, which is what I usually use for rentals – will their coverage be valid with these rentals?

  9. It’s posts like these that turn me off OMAAT.

    I generally have a lot of respect for Ben as his original content is way higher than most blogs,he lives in hotels and likes Hello Kitty. Respect bro.

    What spoils it is a copy and paste post that is so out of tone with the usual voice. “Silvercar is the innovative company that actually makes renting cars fun.” Really? You value your blog so little that you’d let some PR newb put words in your mouth. I’d give it more credence if it was “OMG Silver car is fabz like Tayswitftz”, or “Silvercar are cars that are silver, and suck less than Herrtz or Avis”. Hell, if you prefaced it with “Here’s a sponsored post that’ll give me free rides”.

  10. @ 21h21j — While I appreciate the feedback, I’ve never spoken to a PR person at Sivercar, and I actually do find renting with them to be fun.

  11. Hey @lucky – I used your referral code but they are asking for your email. Could you help us both out and give me your email to get us both the $25?



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