AMAZING DEAL: Cheap First Class Tickets From Dubai To US!

Via FlyerTalk and View from the Wing, there’s an amazing first class fare filed between Dubai and Austin.

The fare is fully refundable and published by British Airways, and actually allows you to fly quite a few different airlines, including Etihad, Qatar Airways, etc.

If you’re looking for a straightforward routing, you can do Dubai to London to Los Angeles to Austin for under $1,500 in paid first class:


Looking for more miles? How about Dubai to London to Los Angeles to New York to Austin for just a couple hundred extra bucks:


Otherwise for a similar price you can fly Swiss first class, which is a product that can’t be booked with miles (unless you have elite status with Miles & More):


Or if you fancy an in-flight shower, you can even get a segment on Emirates, booked as a Qantas codeshare:


It does seem like the transatlantic flight has to be on oneworld, but for the flight between the Middle East and Europe you can fly any carrier.

This fare won’t last, so if you’re interested in booking I’d recommend doing so as soon as possible. Depending on the type of routing you’re looking at taking, this is potentially bookable on the websites of American or British Airways, or through an online travel agency (Expedia, Orbitz, etc.).

So, who’s taking advantage of this amazing fare?


  1. Why would anyone want to book a one flight from DXB when this is not helpful for folks based in US ?

  2. If anyone is interested in flying to LAX instead of Austin, this can easily be done as everyone has to grab their luggage and clear customs in LA. Just drop the last leg.

  3. looks like the deal is dead. I had a hard time even booking the flight, went all the way through to get my confirmation # and it said there was an error and to call customer service. They had no record of it, then they transferred me to the sales department and the line was disconnected.

  4. Just booked and ticketed it. Qantas to LHR on A380, then LHR to LAX on 747. $1600 bucks. Already booked Seattle to Dubai using AS miles at 72.5k to go over. $124 LAX to SEA

    Burn some , earn some

  5. @ matt.
    I agree…. hell, they don’t even provide Krug there. The World As We Know It Is falling apart. Tragedy upon tragedy

  6. Awesome deal! My vacations for this year is pretty much done and scheduled so I took a pass on this deal. I didn’t know you could book Swiss First on this though! Wow! Other than Flyertalk, how would you know Swiss F is included given LX isn’t a member of oneworld. Do LX and BA have codeshare/partnership of some sort?

  7. Whatever job all you people have to just jet off to Dubai to sit in F to Austin for no reason let me know OK!

    Then get me a good divorce attorney.

  8. @ Joey — They don’t, but often when you’re looking at “true” full fare tickets you can fly just about any carrier. And in this case it just takes a lot of trial and error to figure out what’s really allowed.

  9. @ mYGAME — I can guarantee you plenty of US people found it helpful, as I know lots of people based in the US who booked this fare.

  10. Alison – yes it was $1600. The best thing about the fare in the fare rules is that it is fully refundable.

    Gonna enjoy my shower to London.

  11. Lucky, I end up booking two trips, but want to cancel one later on. Is this deal fully refundable? TIA

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