Discounted Loews Hotel Stays With Daily Getaways

As I first posted about several weeks ago, Daily Getaways is back earlier than normal this year, and is a great opportunity to purchase hotel points and travel packages at a discount. It’s sponsored by the US Travel Association, and every weekday for five weeks they’re offering discounted travel packages.

So far I’ve posted exclusively about the opportunities to buy hotel points at a discount:

Today at 1PM ET Lowes Hotel stay packages are going on sale, and in many cases I think they represent a good travel value, which is why I figured I’d post about them. Admittedly this is a bit more “niche” than outright purchasing hotel points which can be used for all kinds of things, but for the right person these can be a great value.

The packages available for sale are as follows:

  • Ocean View Suite at Loews Miami Beach — 2 Nights for $1,000 (5 available)
  • Suite at Loews Regency New York City — 2 Nights for $1,000 (5 available)
  • Ocean View Suite at Loews Santa Monica — 2 Nights for $950 (5 available)
  • Four Diamond Loews Hotel — 2 Nights for $325 (20 available)
  • Luxury Loews Hotel — 2 Nights for $275 (16 available)

In almost all instances this represents a pretty awesome value, assuming you’d otherwise stay at one of the properties.

In the case of the three promotions offering two nights in a suite, all hotels do indeed charge at least 100% more for suites than the cost through this promotion, so if you’d otherwise book a suite, that’s quite a deal.




For example, a suite at the Loews Miami Beach goes for $1,139+ per night, so staying for $500 per night is tough to beat.


That being said, there’s no denying the most popular or generally useful items on sale are the more reasonably priced packages for two nights in standard rooms at a variety of properties.

For the Four Diamond Loews Resort package, you can redeem those packages for stays at one of the following four hotels:


Meanwhile for the Luxury Loews Hotel package, you can redeem those packages for stays at one of the following 14 hotels:


All certificates are valid for stays through June 30, 2016.

Bottom line

While not as widely useful as the Daily Getaways promotions we saw for points packages, there’s no denying these packages represent a great value compared to what you’d otherwise pay for stays at these properties. If you’ll potentially have an upcoming Loews stay, this is an offer that’s tough to beat.


  1. The fine print on the Loews hotel say, Single and Double Occupancy. Does that mean that these certs wont work for a family of 4?

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