Should You Buy Choice Privileges Points Through Daily Getaways?

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As I first posted about several weeks ago, Daily Getaways is back earlier than normal this year, and is a great opportunity to purchase hotel points at a discount. It’s sponsored by the US Travel Association, and every weekday for five weeks they’re offering discounted travel packages.

The promotion kicked off March 23, with several opportunities so far to purchase points packages from hotel chains:

Today at 1PM ET Choice Privileges points are going on sale.


But is it a good deal?

Choice Privileges points promotion:

Here’s a chart with the Choice Privileges points packages for sale:

Number Of PointsPackage CostCost Per PointNumber Of Packages
20,000 Choice Privileges$900.45 cents/point220
32,000 Choice Privileges$1320.41 cents/point655
36,000 Choice Privileges$1550.43 cents/point785
40,000 Choice Privileges$1600.4 cents/point380

You can purchase up to eight sets of points per Choice Privileges account (two of each type of package). This is actually a better price per point than we saw last year from Choice, as they’re now selling points for 0.4-0.45 cents each. Choice points can be a decent deal for hotel redemptions, particularly for international properties.

For example, Choice Privileges points can be redeemed for stays within the Preferred Hotel Group. They have a dozen or so hotels in London, and at 30,000 to 60,000 points per night can represent a good value compared to paid rates, particularly in summer.


They’re not universally a good value though. The Regal Airport Hotel in Hong Kong can be redeemed for 40,000 points per night, and that rate doesn’t come with a massage.

Transferring Choice Points to miles:

Beyond the hotel redemptions, the points can be converted into airline miles at a 5,000:1,000 ratio.


On the low end that means you could indirectly purchase airline miles through this promotion for 2.0 cents each. That’s a decent rate for some currencies, but not a rate at which I’d speculatively pick up most miles under most circumstances.

If you purchase a 40,000 point package for $160, those points can be converted into 8,000 Alaska miles, so that’s a pretty great rate. That being said, keep in mind it will take a while before the points post to your Choice account, and then it will be a couple more weeks after that before they post to your Alaska account, so there’s no instant gratification here.

Which credit card to use?

Keep in mind Daily Getaways purchases are processed by Daily Getaways, and not the program from which you’re buying points. In other words, if you’re using this promotion to buy Choice Privileges points, your purchase will be processed by Daily Getaways and not by Choice (therefore it doesn’t count as hotel spend).

However, Daily Getaways is considered a “travel” provider, so you can still earn bonus points for your Daily Getaways purchases:

Bottom line

If you can be strategic in your hotel redemptions this could be a good deal, particularly at the higher-end international properties. It’s also potentially not a bad way to pick up airline miles, though the only miles I’d speculatively pay two cents each for are Alaska Mileage Plan miles.

Personally I’ll pass on this promotion, though I know it will interest others.

Does anyone plan on taking advantage of the Choice Privileges Daily Getaways promo?

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  1. You can also buy WN points for 1.33 cpm that spend at 1.6 cpm for WGA fares (mostly) and qualify for the Companion Pass… which is a mildly decent play.

  2. 40000 points for $160, when many of their lower end hotels are 8000/night, is 5 free nights!!!!!

  3. @MarkM, 5 free nights?!? You mean 5 nights for $160! 😉 I’d only buy these if I have a trip planned within the near future. Choice points are only eligible to be booked within 30 days if the hotel is in the USA or 60 days if it’s in another region.
    In addition, they expire in 2 years regardless of activity.

  4. there are many reports that ifnyou book those preferred hotel, those may not get honor as hotels dont understand choice points, and will be asked for a last minute rate.

    if it fine to use it at choice hotels if you like comfort inn or rodeway inn..

  5. There is currently an offer for Air Canada Aeroplan Up To 25% Conversion Bonus. That might be useful for some people doing this deal.

  6. Ben, any idea if choice prohibits resort fees from being applied on award stays a la Hyatt?

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