Should You Buy Best Western Rewards Points Through Daily Getaways?

As I first posted about several weeks ago, Daily Getaways is back earlier than normal this year, and is a great opportunity to purchase hotel points at a discount. It’s sponsored by the US Travel Association, and every weekday for five weeks they’re offering discounted travel packages.

The promotion kicked off last week, with the opportunity to purchase points packages from three hotel chains:

We’re now kicking off the second week of Daily Getaways promotions.


Today at 1PM ET Best Western Rewards points are going on sale.


But is it a good deal?

Best Western Rewards points promotion

Here’s a chart with the Best Western Rewards points packages which are on sale:

Number Of PointsPackage CostCost Per PointNumber Of Packages
10,000 Best Rewards Rewards$550.55 cents/point835

You can purchase up to five packages per Best Western Rewards account, meaning at most you can purchase 50,000 points for $275.

It’s worth noting that while Best Western Rewards points can be converted into airline miles, the ratio isn’t especially favorable. 5,000 points converts into 1,000 airline miles in select programs. That means if you’re picking up Best Western Rewards points for 0.55 cents each, that’s like paying 2.75 cents per airline mile, which isn’t a rate at which I’d purchase any mileage currency.


As far as free night stays go, they range in cost from 8,000 to 36,000 points per night.


As far as hotel redemptions go, I suppose on the high end it could be marginally worthwhile to buy points. For example, the Best Western Premier Herald Square in New York costs 36,000 points per night (at 0.55 cents per point that’s like paying $198), which is lower than the cost of a paid stay.


But at the end of the day you’re still paying ~$200 per night for a Best Western, which hardly seems like a prize… 😉

Bottom line

I just can’t see any circumstances under which this truly makes sense. I suppose if you’re 10,000 points short of a “premium” reward it could make sense, but otherwise not so much.

Is there some great use of Best Western points I’m missing? Does anyone plan on taking advantage of this promo?


  1. I do have to stay at BW from time to time (no other chains in my area), so I will be picking one up. The $55 outlay, plus the points that I earn normally, will allow me to get a “free” night in this area.

    I’m just getting one though. As you say, it isn’t a great deal. In fact, most of the daily getaways this year are not worth getting, or just “OK.” Plus no AMX discount. Hopefully next year we will get some good daily getaway deals again.

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